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10 Awesome Ideas for Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are often the focal point in the room, but most homeowners are content to put in granite or quartz all around and call it a day. There are lots of options out there, so there is no reason to settle for anything ordinary. Here are 10 designer-inspired looks that can make your kitchen look good enough to eat.

Marvelous marble

marble countertops
Most homeowners are reluctant to choose marble for their countertops because of all the horror stories they’ve heard about how delicate it is. Marble is actually quite durable, and can take more than you might expect. After all, many of the oldest pieces of ancient sculptures today are made of marble. A bit of spilled wine or water spots won’t ruin it, although it is best if you can avoid it by wiping up the mess as soon as it happens.
A kitchen with black or white marble will look fantastic, especially with a double ogee edge profile. Use it all around, including the kitchen island. Make the most of the delicate patina and depth of marble by choosing a honed finish, which will also help in hiding any stains. However, if you are finicky about every little thing, this might be too much for you.

Two in one

wood and stone countertops
Who says you have to stick to just one countertop material? Wood and stone looks great together, and having two different materials can help upgrade the look as well as the function of your kitchen, especially if it is a white kitchen. You can choose a fabulous looking hardwood for the serving and eating area such as dark walnut, and hard-riding white quartz or light-colored granite for the prep areas. You can also choose go for white oak and dark-colored granite.

Curved island

curved kitchen island
Sometimes you have to shake things up a bit, if you have a humdrum kitchen. You can give an all-wood kitchen a bit of a buzz by choosing a vibrant-colored stone such as turquoise with matching backsplash for perimeter counters and the same stone for the island. Instead of the usual rectangle, however, put in a curved countertop.

Black and white

black and white kitchen
Black and white kitchens are classic, but they don’t have to be predictable. You can choose to put black quartz countertops for the perimeter, and marble for the kitchen island, or vice versa. Choose a mitered edge to emphasize the modern look. You can also choose either all-black or all-white Shaker cabinets, but make sure the backsplash is the opposite of the perimeter countertops. The floor can be white or black granite or marble tiles, or you can go off tangent with rich hardwood flooring.

Counter drama

dramatic countertop
If the countertops are the only thing you plan to do replace to update the kitchen, go for the most dramatic design you can find. Keep in mind the general color theme when choosing the stone, but go way out into the stratosphere with it. Some granite slabs can have some dramatic and unexpected features, and you can probably find some eye-catching models from quartz stone brands.

Blue lagoon

vivid blue countertops
Blue is not usually associated with kitchens, which tend to go in the neutral hues such as your basic white and black, or beige, brown, and yellow. However, it can be a fantastic color for countertops in a white or gray kitchen. It is light, fun, and if you choose the right one, dramatic.

Integrated sinks

integrated sink in quartz
Integrated sinks are a wonderful innovation that makes any kitchen look fabulous. It is a sink and countertop in one, made of the same material. The seamless look from countertop to sink makes it seem like a high-end kitchen. Of course, an integrated sink is more expensive than a regular sink and countertop, but it is so worth it. Integrated sinks come in all materials, but for an elegant look, choose quartz.

Simple lines

(countertop with waterfall edge
An open layout and plenty of natural light makes any kitchen look nice. However, to make it look awesome, it needs a bit of a waterfall. Put in a stone countertop with a waterfall edge to lead the eye from the outside in, and focus on the character of the stone. It can be unassuming granite that reflects the flooring, or bold colored quartz that steals the show. The clean lines of the countertop and waterfall edge make a simple, yet profound design statement.

Long island

large one-walled kitchen with long kitchen island
Large kitchens often make it difficult to tie in the elements for a cohesive look. You can do this by putting in a long full kitchen island with maybe two sinks and a cook top that runs the length of the kitchen. Choose one style in quartz for both the island and the perimeter countertops for consistency in color and design. Marble and granite looks fabulous, but natural stones are rarely consistent, so they may not carry over the cohesive purpose of the countertops. Tie in the rest of the kitchen by choosing solid colors that reflect the dominant color of the countertops.

Twin function

dual level kitchen island with a distinctive stone countertop
Kitchen islands are supposed to go in the middle of the kitchen as a way station from the kitchen to the dining room. However, if you have a one-wall kitchen, the island can serve as both a divider for the kitchen from the rest of the home, and a serving and eating area. Putting in a dual island extends the working area of the kitchen if it has a cook top and sink on the lower level and a breakfast bar for the top part. You can make the island serve both form and function by choosing a fabulous stone countertop that ties the kitchen in with the rest of the house.


You can use these 10 awesome ideas for kitchen countertops to help you find the one that you will love. It might be difficult on your own, so consult with a countertop specialist. KNC Granite is just the one for you if you are in the cities of Baltimore, Annapolis, Bethesda, Rockville, Washington DC, Alexandria VA, and Arlington VA.

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