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15 Frequently Asked Questions About Quartz Countertops

Are you eyeing to install quartz kitchen countertops, yet you still have some questions about it? Luckily, you are in the right spot for we are featuring the top 15 commonly asked questions about engineered quartz stone.

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen island, peninsula, or vanity tops for listing or keeps, it is a wise decision. Nevertheless, if you have to need further consultations or you like to ask for a free quote, then call us at KNC Granite.

Keep reading to discover interesting facts about this amazing gemstone.

1) Are seams visible on quartz countertops?

With the high consistency in colors and patterns, seams will be noticeable for smaller quartz slabs. With that, we advise that you opt for larger slabs to reduce visible seams and achieve a more flowing countertop.

Despite this minor setback, it doesn’t greatly degrade the overall finesse and aesthetics of high-end quartz countertops. Moreover, the usual dimension of quartz and granite slabs is 125” L x 65” W. 

2) What is a quartz slab made of? Where is it sourced from?

The impeccable strength and anti-stain properties of engineered quartz slabs are due to their composition. It is made from 95% crushed quartz natural stone and 5% polymer resin cement-based binders. 

In line with this, the resin binders contribute to its resistance from stains, bacteria, and mildews. Moreover, manufacturers can easily modify the patterns and colors of quartz during the production stage.

Meanwhile, quartz can be mined from different places around the globe. Specifically, some places with huge quartz deposits include Brazil, Arkansas, India, and North Carolina. 

3) Why a lot of homeowners and remodelers use quartz countertops?

Quality and design versatility are the two main reasons why it caught the attention of the locals. Considering it is engineered, there are various colors and styles available in the market, one which can meet your remodeling theme and needs. 

Besides that, functionality is superb for various types of quartz countertops, knowing it’s harder than granite. Meanwhile, here are the other stunning attributes of quartz which is loved by many:

    • Resistant from cracking and dents.
    • Popular colors are available such as white, black, brown, lime green, gray, and beige.
    • It has a non-porous surface, so it can wick off moisture, stains, and water.
    • It is easy to clean and maintain

4) How to clean and care for my quartz countertops?

When cleaning your dark-colored or white quartz countertops, all you need is a diluted dish soap solution paired with a sponge or soft microfiber. Stay away from abrasive scrubbers in wiping off your quartz kitchen and bathroom countertops.

5) What’s the difference between quartz from granite and marble?

Technically, quartz is man-made so you can expect more varied styles and hues from it, unlike natural stones where their styles are limited. Besides that, it is innately resistant to spills and stains, thanks to its polymer resin binders.

Furthermore, engineered quartz is sold in many known brands such as Cambria, Silestone, HanStone, MSI Quartz, and Zodiaq.

6) Is quartz highly more affordable than granite or marble?

Technically, quartz slabs’ prices vary from different locations and suppliers. You will see a great price difference when you are comparing quality levels 3 to 4 between quartz, granite, and marble. With that, quartz has a most affordable price tag than the two natural stones.

7) Can you install an underneath heating system on your quartz countertop?

If your white or black quartz countertops have an overhand, then you can place them underneath a heating mat so that you won’t have a cold feeling in the morning. However, if you don’t have an overhang, then contact your local contractor to install the heating system underneath your quartz countertops.

8) Do you need to seal off quartz slabs?

The polymer resin binders mixed with quartz slabs greatly contributes to its natural anti-stain and anti-microbial properties. With that, there is no need for you to treat quartz slabs before installation.

9) Can quartz countertops resist heat?

Compared to Formica and laminates, engineered quartz countertops can efficiently tolerate your hot kitchen. However, it has a lower heat tolerance when you compare it to granite, marble, and soapstone. 

10) Will quartz slabs discolor?

So far, engineered quartz slabs have a long-lasting color and style, yet when exposed to UV rays, it tends to quickly discolor. Considering this setback, you need to avoid using quartz for outdoor countertops, except when it’s under a shade.

11) Is it safe to use commercial stone cleaners for quartz countertops?

Yes, you can use commercial solutions from hardware or home improvement stores that are suitable for cleaning quartz stone. In line with this, the pH of the cleaning product must be between pH 5-8 to avoid discoloration.

12) Where can you use quartz slabs inside your home?

Some of the popular applications of quartz slabs are on your kitchen island, vanity tops, backsplash, coffee tables, shower/tub edges, peninsula, fireplaces, floor, and walls. Also, get professional advice from licensed remodeling contractors for your quartz countertop installation to avoid mistakes.

13) Single or Double Basin Sink?

In general, there is no problem whether you want a single or a double basin sink for your quartz countertops. Just make sure to tell your contractor beforehand regarding this concern. Also, you’d have to think whether your sink is built-in or underneath your countertop.

14) What are friendly reminders when using quartz kitchen countertops?

When you’re using quartz slab countertops, make sure not to abuse their durability and anti-stain properties, so it can last longer. With that, you need to use wooden boards, hot pads, or trivets when working on your kitchen countertops. Also, always clean your countertop area after cooking.

15) Will you need a professional for quartz countertop installation? – h2

Engineered quartz slabs are dense to carry and install, so you will greatly need a professional to do it. Our trained technicians are well-trained and experienced in using the right tools and equipment for customizing and installing your white or black quartz countertops.

If you need a free estimate or consultation, don’t hesitate to call our office today or visit us on Twitter anytime!

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