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5 Countertop Choices for Your Kitchen Project for 2018

Your kitchen is your humble abode – it’s where you prep meals for the family. Enjoy meals with the family. And entertain with the family. In other words, it should be a haven you’re proud to show off.

There are various ways you can enhance your cooking space, so that it meets both functional and design expectations.

This all comes down to the materials you select and the overall décor. Together, you can create an atmosphere that’s impressive to anyone who enters.

If you’re currently planning the design for your kitchen, then you may find the following information helpful. Let’s look at some of the trends in kitchen countertops.

1. Timeless Quartz Countertops

Kitchen with quartz counters

Quartz is quickly replacing granite on the scene as the top countertop for the kitchen. In the past, granite reigned supreme and has for the past several decades. But people are shifting away from the granite trend and opting for quartz.

This is a timeless material that will last for many years. It will survive both the test of time and new and emerging trends. Engineered quartz is a great alternative because it has strengths in areas where granite has weaknesses.

For instance, the one pet peeve about granite is that it’s porous. Quartz is non-porous thanks to its makeup. It consists of resin, which seals it, so it’s more durable. With granite, you have to regularly seal it in order for it to last longer.

Although quartz isn’t a cheaper option, over the long-term, you’ll save more money because you don’t have to reseal it or repair it due to stains and cracks.

Today, you can find quartz in many different colors and styles. This gives you more room to play around with the color palette and décor of your kitchen. The color of your counters will really set off the core colors of your kitchen makeover.

And best of all, quartz looks a lot like a natural stone, with veins, specks and all.

2. Sleek Kitchen Countertops

kitchen with all black counters

In the past, stone countertops would only come as they came. Whatever color options, veins and specks they had were what you received. But technology has changed this, allowing homeowners to take more control over the vision of their kitchen counters.

Now, you can get the beauty of natural stones without dealing with the distracting styles we seen over the years. So, if you’re looking for counters with a sleek look, you can get just that. For instance, you have counters with neutral colors and no round particulates.

Another option is to go for counters with a leathered finish. There are many different textures you can choose from to make your countertops more unique and appealing.

You can do the same for your backsplash. No need to stick to the traditional polished sleek look when you can go for matte.

The key is to go for a finish that’s easy maintenance and durable. Polished always delivered issues with fingerprints and smudges, which is less problematic for matte surfaces.

3. Combining Slim and Extra Thick Slabs

A new trend emerging just in time for 2018 is kitchens with a mix of thin and thick countertop slabs. For instance, the main counter may have a thickness at around a half an inch. Then for the kitchen island, it has a thickness between 4 and 6 inches.

The contrast can make a bold statement for your kitchen design. If this is interesting to you, you may also want to consider the floating kitchen countertops trend.



4. Often, Thin Counters Win

Kitchen with thin granite or quartz counters

When it comes to selecting one countertop over the other, more homeowners are opting for the thinner slabs. This is ideal for whatever type of stone or material you use.

You’ll find many kitchens with granite and quartz slabs that are a ½ inch thick. It’s important to find a contractor that can fabricate this for you, so you have a seamless install.



5. Neutral Tones for Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen with gray, beige or white countertops

Now, it’s time to delve a little into the colors chosen for kitchen counters. The shift in this area is going away from the bright colors commonly found in mid-century style homes towards neutral tones of contemporary kitchens.

So rather than finding jet black counters in the kitchen, you’ll see more white, beige and gray tones. And this is likely what we’ll continue to see going into 2018.

The focus of some homeowners is to implement neutral backgrounds to highlight the other colors in their kitchen. For instance, you’ll find kitchens with beige counters and mosaic backsplashes that reach the ceiling to offset the neutral colors within the slab.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t give other tones a try. Neutral is one way to go when purchasing quartz countertops. You’ll find an assortment of other colors you can use as well.

There’s just something about the creativity neutral colors offset by backsplashes brings to the table compared to bright and busy countertops.

Find Natural Stone Countertops for Your Kitchen

At the end of the day, the beauty of your kitchen all comes down to the contractor you hire. At KNC Granite, you get access to a team of experts who can help with the concept and completion of your kitchen counters.

We have a variety of stone slabs you can view right here in our local showroom. This includes those from brands like Cambria, Caesarstone, MSI and Silestone.

Our contractors install countertops for homeowners throughout Virginia, including Rockville, DC, Annapolis, Baltimore and Arlington.

With us, you get quick fabrication and delivery of your countertops – much faster than big box stores.

If you’re planning on updating the counters in your kitchen, then give us a call for your free consultation and estimate!

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