5 Design Ideas to Go with Your Brand-New Quartz Countertops

5 Design Ideas to Go with Your Brand-New Quartz Countertops

If you look at any home design magazine or website, you’ll see a ton of content that states quartz is the new granite stone. When it comes to countertops, it seems quartz is now the preferred choice by many.

The emergence of this trend shows the prevalence of quartz’s qualities. Undoubtedly, this is the reason why most people are opting for quartz versus granite counters.

If you’re during planning the countertop upgrade for your kitchen, then you’ll find this guide useful. We’re going to look more into the quartz craze and how you can implement it into your kitchen stylishly.

The Growing Popularity of Engineered Quartz

Quartz Countertops
So, what’s the big deal about engineered quartz anyway? It’s not even 100% natural. Well, although this may be true, it does have the look of a natural stone. Therefore, it’s been a close competitor with granite and marble for many years.

But it’s not until now that people are really appreciating the grand quality of quartz. The composition of resin and quartz makes it a durable surface.

It’s non-porous, which means no worry of stains. The hardness is also quite tough, making it difficult to chip, crack or scratch. Overall, it has a stunning performance that lasts many decades.

If there’s anything 2016 and 2017 showed us, it’s that quartz is on the rise. Both designers and homeowners are choosing this material for their kitchen countertops.

If you’re looking for a countertop that fits any style and décor, then quartz is worth considering.

Now, let’s look at some of the leading tends we’ll find mixed with the installation of quartz counters.

1. Neutral Colors Galore

In most classic kitchens, you’ll find common colors like white and gray. But the future of kitchens seems to be shifting towards more neutral tones. For example, olive, cream and taupe.

These are great complements to neutral color palettes, such as light browns and black. You may even find installing countertops with these colors to be an exceptional addition to your kitchen design.

2. Matte Finishes Over Polished

Kitchen with matte finish quartz counters

The days of using polished finishes are almost all gone. We are now seeing homeowners using matte finishes instead. There are many reasons for this conversion. For one, it reduces the need to clean up behind smudges and fingerprints.

This is especially alluring to homeowners who have children. But the no-sheen matte finish is also an attractive choice for quartz countertops.

Some folks opt for two finishes where along the perimeters of the counter has matte finish and the island has a high gloss and texture.

3. More Color in the Kitchen

Kitchen with blue green red cabinets

Your quartz counters can help make a bold statement in your kitchen. For one, you can go with rich hues, like emerald gene, deep red and Inigo for the cabinetry. Then for the countertops, you can have beautiful contrasting neutral colors, like white, gray or brown.

Going this route gives your kitchen a more fun vibe, which is ideal if you’re young and hip (or just feel like it).

4. Luxurious Earthen Tones

Kitchen with non polished wooden cabinetryThere’s neutral, then there’s natural. There’s just something about nature that continues to drive people towards it. And that’s what we’re seeing with kitchen designs in 2017. There are rich natural woods and botanical  you can implement into your kitchen design.

For instance, you can install beautiful oak wood cabinets with modern fixtures and quartz countertops. Leave the polish at the door and allow the wood to shine naturally with a bit of lemon spray.

This would surely give it an earthly feel that your guests will surely enjoy.

5. Brass Fixtures

Kitchen with brass water faucet

The faucets in your kitchen can really make a difference for your kitchen design. One way to bring elegance and style to your cooking space is to install brass water fixtures. You can also go with a classy chrome and satin faucet.

Shiny brass is a big trend today, but you can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

Other Trends to Watch

Kitchen with under counter appliance storage

These are just some of the many kitchen countertop and design trends we see today. Expect to see more implementations of undercounter spaces for appliances and fewer upper cabinets as well.

And if you are more interested in improving your sink area, why not go with big, practical stone sinks? This can be a porcelain or copper farmhouse style sink. There’s just something about the large single bowls that attract today’s homeowners.

It comes in handy when you have to entertain a lot of guests then wash a ton of dishes.

Bringing the Quartz Trend to Your Home

Interested in installing quartz countertops in your home? We can help. At KNC Granite, we have an extensive selection of stone slabs of all different shades and colors. So, whether you’re going for a kitchen with bright, neutral or traditional colors.

You can come by our showroom to view our countertops firsthand and select them before you buy. We will fabricate the slabs and install them for you. If you’re not sure which brand or type of stone to go with, one of our consultants will gladly assist you.

Some of the brands we carry include Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone and MSI. All our products are backed with warranties. You won’t find these extras with our competitors.

If you live in or around Bethesda, Rockville, Alexandria, Washington DC, Arlington, Annapolis or Baltimore, we can help you. For many years, our contractors worked with homeowners in updating their countertops.

We have natural and engineered stones to choose from, including quartz, granite and marble. Contact us today to get a free consultation to have one of these stones installed in your kitchen or bathroom.

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