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6 Advantage of Granite for Countertops

Are you looking for an excellent material for your kitchen island and bathroom vanity tops? Perhaps, you have already considered granite kitchen countertops, yet still having second thoughts about it?

It’s a great thing you came to our place since we are going to feature the best benefits of our expensive and cheap granite countertops for your countertop upgrades.

Moreover, KNC Granite can be your best contractor for your small and large renovations in your kitchen and bath. You can call our office today, so you can talk with our consultants for free.

Without further delays, let’s find out.

1. Appraises the Value of Your Home and Kitchen

Granite has a solid reputation when it comes to kitchen and bathroom remodeling, which is why most homeowners and designers would choose this material.

When you plan on reselling your house in the future, your potential buyer would be more interested in your kitchen being newly finished with a stylish and durable kitchen island. Moreover, the kitchen is the modern center of all houses today, so renovating it is a wise strategy.

Consequently, going for our granite countertop installation would be a wise choice, since it’s very reasonable and it can boost the resale value of your kitchen and the entire house.

2. Friendly For Your Children

Your pantry is not just a place for preparing the meals of your guests or family, because it’s also where you share small talks and spend quality time with them. In line, it cannot be avoided that spills and food debris will be scattered all over your kitchen island, especially when you have kids.

Nevertheless, these issues become irrelevant when you have granite kitchen countertops because it is highly resistant to spills and mess.

Besides that, we can also customize the edge profile of your countertop, so that it is safe for everyone, particularly your children. 

3. Great Strength for Your High Traffic Kitchen

There are various elements such as sharp knives, acidic food ingredients, and heat inside your busy pantry. In choosing your best kitchen countertops, granite is one of the best alternatives because of its undeniable strength. 

Whether natural or engineered granite stone, it has impeccable hardness against scratch, dents, and hot items placed on top. It is a wonderful trait that most homeowners love about this material, making it your perfect partner for a high-traffic kitchen.

Moreover, you can go for a thicker slab if you want your granite kitchen countertops to be more resistant to chips and cracks. It also becomes the focal point in your pantry, where all your audiences can’t help but stare at its glorious appeal.

However, if you are on a skinny budget, then granite tile countertop is an excellent alternative to slabs.

4. Timeless Beauty that Lasts A Lifetime

Besides its unquestionable strength, granite is a classic emblem of beauty and status symbol. When we talk about granite, it’s not just a fad rather a trademark of genuine beauty and elegance for your newly renovated kitchen.

We have various granite countertops colors in our showroom for you to choose which can match your home decor. Among those variations, the two prominent choices of the locals are white and black granite countertops

White granite countertops is an exceptional choice if you want to achieve a fresh chic and modern appeal for your small kitchen remodeling. In contrast with marble, there are different exciting texture and color combinations with granite.

You can expect fine feathery texture and patterns with specks of different palettes surrounding the background of the granite slab. In contrast, black granite slabs are an awesome choice for those who love drama and in-depth appeal.

Also, black is a good choice as well for a modern kitchen and bath, where you can pair that with neutral colored cabinets; and metallic fixtures and appliances.

5. Simple to Clean and Maintain

After durability, beauty, and price, the next factor you can consider in selecting your stone countertop material is its cleaning and maintenance requirements. For the record, granite only needs simple cleaning to keep its luxurious looks and conditions.

All you have to use is a neutral dishwashing solution and a non-abrasive cloth for wiping off stains and spills on top. You can use the same thing for your granite bathroom countertops

Technically, we impregnate the sealants on your granite slab before installing them on your kitchen island and vanity tops. With that, it has excellent resistance to bacteria, stains, and water.

Meanwhile, you can also avail of our affordable granite sealing maintenance for a more convenient solution. 

6. Effective Resistance Against Bacteria and Stains

Like engineered quartz, granite has a dependable resistance against microbes, molds, and stains because its surfaces are sealed already before installation. You just have to avoid abrasive scrubbers for it can peel off the sealant on your granite slab.

With that, you are at peace that your lucrative white granite kitchen countertops won’t be easily stained with grapefruit, coffee, wine; and other food and drinks placed on top.

Looking for A Reliable Granite Countertop Installer?

At KNC Granite, we are your locally operated and owned remodeling contractor to call for upgrading your kitchen island and bathroom countertops. For your free estimates and consultations, call our office or fill out a request form.

You can also schedule an onsite inspection and quotation, so we can give you a more detailed proposal for a reasonable service charge, which we can waive or deduct from your overall cost.

Go for a long-term investment with your granite stone countertops. Call us now!

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