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7 Clever Ways to Improve Bathroom Countertop Storage

Your bathroom is your oasis – it’s where you spend countless hours each day preparing for your long day. Or winding down after a long day. It’s the one place you should be able to relax.

But how can you if this space is constantly cluttered? If you do the research, you’ll find that mess and disorganization is a contributor to stress, so to de-stress you need to de-clutter your spaces.

If you deal with a messy bathroom, especially along the bathroom countertop, then this article is for you. Let’s look at some of the ways you can improve the storage space in your bathroom.

1. Get Creative with Countertop Storage

DIY handmade storage basket on bathroom counter

Now, there are many ways you can make your own unique bathroom counter storage baskets. You can attempt to weave one or use cardboard wrapped in rope.

A quick trip to an arts supply store is all you need to get the supplies to get crafty. And in doing so, you can have a place to store your small bottles of lotion, shampoo, hand soaps, body sprays and so on.

2. Make a Storage System for Your Bathroom Countertop

Bathroom counter with homemade storage bags for tooth brush, tooth paste

If you’re really in the creative spirit, you can make a storage system for all your common toiletries, such as your toothbrush, toothpaste and cosmetics. All you need is some metallic iron-on-vinyl and white cotton fabric. Wrap your metal into a round bin and glue the bottom with a cork sheet or thick cardboard.

Then use the cotton fabric to stuff inside and pour over the sides into a nice design.

3. Use Glass Jars as Countertop Storage

Bathroom with mason jars for holding toothbrushes etc

Now, if you’re not really that crafty, then you can always go the easier route. If you don’t have leftover mason jars lying around, you can buy some for cheap online.

Get different sizes for the different items you must hold. For instance, the 8 oz jars can hold your toothbrushes and hand soap. Then the 4 oz jars can house your q-tips and cotton swabs.

You can cut a hole in the lid at the top, so the metal adds design to the jars. Then for more design, you can try painting the jars different colors to match your bathroom décor.

4. Turn Dishes and Candle Holders into Storage Devices

Bathroom with plate holding cosmetics

If you have a lot of cosmetics on your bathroom counter that you need quick access to, then consider using a plate. Now, we don’t mean just any ol’ plate, but one that’s very nice looking.

However, if you don’t have one as part of your kitchen set, you can buy one online. Try to match your décor with a nice clay or ceramic plate. A bowl would also look great.

Then to add to the design and storage space, you can use a candlestick holder to place another plate on top of the other plate. This will give you a two-story storage space on your countertop.

Use this to hold your nail polish and other small bottles of cosmetics.

5. Buy a Tiered Storage System

Bathroom with tiered metal wire storage system

You can find products for sale that you can buy instead of making it yourself. For example, the tiered storage systems made from metal, wood and other materials.

The beauty of tiered storage systems is that it takes up vertical space, so your bathroom countertop space stays free.

You can use these to hold your cloths, q-tips, lotions and many other products. These make it very easy to organize your bathroom.

6. Use a Wooden or Metallic Tray

Bathroom with wooden tray holding toiletries

Ever seen those wooden or metal trays that resemble a box, but with short edges? These would make great countertop storage devices for your toiletries.

You can paint the tray to give it more pizazz. These trays are available online or you can try making it yourself using wood or cardboard.

7. Put a Small Round Tray for Your Daily Toiletries

Bathroom counter with round tray for cotton swabs

Say your bathroom countertop isn’t that messy. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still try to decorate the surface. For instance, you can get a small round tray just for your basic toiletries, such as your cotton swabs, q-tips and small bottles of lotion.

This is one of the ways you can spruce up your counter if you think it’s a bit too empty.

Buying Stone Bathroom Countertops

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