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7 Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Countertops Look More Attractive

What ways are you planning to upgrade the look of your kitchen? Maybe this is the year you will finally get the nerve to make the necessary updates to spruce up your kitchen style and décor.

And there’s no better way to do that than to focus on key areas of your cooking space. The kitchen countertops happen to be one of the most influential components in the design. This means you need to include this in any makeover you’re planning for your kitchen.

However, if you’re at a loss of ideas, then this guide may help. We will go into some ideas for transforming your kitchen counters into with stunning details.

Let’s take a sneak peek!

1. Give Your Kitchen Countertops Detailed Edges

kitchen countertop with edge profiles

It’s not always enough to have a gorgeous but plain kitchen countertop. Thankfully, there are various ways you can make the surface more appealing. For example, adding detailed edges to the surface.

There are many different types of edge profiles to choose from. These edges can really transform the appearance of the countertop, making it more elegant, intriguing and stylish.

Shop around to see which ones you like – you can choose from options like bullnose, beveled and more.

2. Install a Matching Backsplash

Kitchen with matching counters and backsplash

Or consider adding a backsplash that nicely accents your countertops. Either way, you want to breathe life into your kitchen design by emphasizing your countertops with a backsplash.

Your backsplash serves two purposes, protecting your walls and adding style to your cooking space. Some homeowners choose to have the exact same stone and color used for the backsplash, which can look amazing when done right.

If you feel that will be too overwhelming, then you can try contrasting the counters with a lighter or darker colored backsplash.

3. Go with Gray and White Decor

Kitchen with gray counters and white cabinets

When you’re selecting the design of your new kitchen design, consider going gray scale. For instance, you can get gray kitchen countertops and white cabinets. The backsplash can either match your counters or cabinetry.

Some even go as far as to instill white and/or gray floor tile into the design.

4. Go Traditional with White Marble in a White Kitchen

kitchen with white marble counters and cabinets

White will always be the traditional way of designing a kitchen. For many years, this was the go-to color for homeowners redesigning their cooking spaces.

There’s just something about white that looks amazing in kitchens. You can do the same with white marble countertops and white cabinetry. Then if that’s a bit much, you can always opt for a brown wooden kitchen island and tan backsplashes.

5. Two-Tone Kitchen Designs Are Stunning

Kitchen with two-tone colors like tan and dark brown

Some folks don’t really like kitchen designs that are all one color. For these individuals, two-tone kitchens are the way to go. Going in this direction will give you a host of options for the two colors to choose.

For instance, you can go with a dark brown and tan kitchen, black and white kitchen or any other dark and contrasting light color. It’s a good idea to have your counters and backsplash contrast with the cabinets and floors.

6. Light Countertop for the Kitchen Island

kitchen with dark counters and an island

The kitchen island is normally the focal point of kitchen designs. Why not accentuate it by making the countertop a light or bright color that contrasts with the other counters? For example, you can have your regular counters black or brown and then the island counter white or cream.

There are many ways you can make this work for your kitchen design. Consider adding hanging lights over the island to really make the décor pop.

7. Choose Thick Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen with thick granite countertops

Sleek is in, which is why going thick will make your kitchen more outstanding. If you’re one who likes to ride against the wave, then this is a trend you can bend. Going thick is an excellent way to emphasize your kitchen countertops.

This is especially true if you’re going with stones like quartz and granite. The visual it’ll bring to the space is that of heftiness and strength.

8. Install a Farmhouse Sink

Kitchen with stone counters and farmhouse sink

Certain fixtures can really bring out the style of a kitchen. One way to accentuate your granite, marble or quartz countertops is to add a large farmhouse sink into the mix.

You can have it white, contrasting your black countertops. Or you can opt for copper to blend with your brown or tan countertops. Stainless steel sink options are also available, along with various other colors.

Buying Kitchen Countertops from a Reputable Company

As with anything you buy for your home, you want to ensure it’s made with the greatest possible quality. One way to ensure this is to buy from a reputable company.

KNC Granite is widely known for its high-end kitchen countertops made from granite, quartz and marble. We carry products from leading brands, such as Cambria, Caesarstone, Zodiaq and Silestone. Each of our slabs are backed by a manufacturer warranty as well.

Why Buy from KNC Granite?

There are numerous reasons why you should choose to buy from KNC Granite. For one, you’re getting the best products on the market at the best possible prices. Plus, we will cut and install it into your kitchen for you.

All of our contractors are licensed, bonded and insured and have a ton of experience under their belts. Our aim is to appease each customer, which shows through our craftsmanship and professionalism.

If you live in Maryland. Virginia or DC, then we can assist you. Give us a call today to get started with your free estimate!

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