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7 Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clutter-Free

You’re planning to install new kitchen countertops in your home. The idea is to make your cooking space more functional and easier on the eye. In fact, you want it to be so appealing that every visitor you have extends compliments to your wonderful sense of taste.

In this case, you want to ensure that you install a countertop that’s durable, beautiful and high-quality. This is one reason to opt for natural stones like marble and granite, or even engineered quartz.

But whatever type of countertop you decide to install into your kitchen, it’s essential to come up with ways to keep the surface looking great. One way to ensure this is to use good habits to keep your countertops clutter-free.

This isn’t always so simple when you do a lot of cooking. But there is a way to make your job easier. In the following guide, we will go over some neat tips to keep your kitchen countertops free of clutter.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Build an Appliance “Garage”  a Top Your Counter

counter with an appliance garage with doors that slide open

Are you guilty of owning one too many kitchen appliances, many of which finding a final resting place on top of your counters? If so, then join countless other cooking enthusiasts around the world.

But if you’re not one who likes showcasing all your cool gadgets, then you may want to find a place for them. One option is to build an appliance garage. All this take is a special corner and some cabinet-style doors that slide open.

Behind this space, you can place your blender, toaster, coffee maker and other small appliances.

2. Install a Bar with a Basket and Hooks

Basket and hooks for dish cloths and spoonsSurely, there are a couple of smaller items you have sitting on your counters that can use a place to stay. For example, dishcloths and dish towels. You can also free up drawer space by hanging your extra cooking spoons and spatulas.

This set up also makes it easier and faster for you to get your cooking utensils and cloths when you need them.

 3. Add a Spice Shelf Under Your Cabinets

spice shelf beneath cabinetry


Some avid cooks have so many spices that they run out of space in their cupboards. When this happens, you can add a shelf beneath your cabinets just for your spices. This will also showcase your love for cooking.

 4. Hang an Outdoor Wall Planter in Your Kitchen

Wall planter with fruit in it hanging in kitchen


Here’s where you can get a little bit creative with your kitchen design. If you enjoy having fresh fruit every now and then, you don’t have to set them on the counter.

Just add an outdoor wall planter inside and hang it in the kitchen on your wall. You can use it for all sorts of produce, including bananas, apples, peaches and tomatoes.

  5. Nail Shelves to the Side of Cabinets

Tall cabinet with shelves on the side


Vertical space comes in different forms. If you’ve run out of wall space for your shelving, you can always add a few to the side of your cabinets. Use this for your paper towels, appliances, bread and other items you’d normally have sitting on the counter.

6. Install Kitchen Island with Open Storage

Kitchen island with shelves

A kitchen island is great for adding style, appeal and prepping space. But it can also be a way to add more storage to your cooking space.

Look for a kitchen island that has shelving (exposed or not), so that you can enjoy more places to set your additional countertop options.

If you go with an island with exposed shelves, you can showcase your collection of cookbooks or store you pots and pans.

7. Install a Flip-Down Shelf

Kitchen shelf that flips up

If you’re worried about the amount of space a shelf may take up, then why not go with a flip-down shelf? This way, you can use it when necessary and flip it up when it’s no longer needed?

You can use this to hold additional items that may run out over time, such as certain jars of food you may have during certain seasons. Or additional space for pots and pans when you have too many groceries filling up the cabinets.

Installing Beautiful New Counters into Your Kitchen

When you decide to replace the countertops in your kitchen, you’ll want to use the above tips to keep them looking great. But what type of counter material should you invest in the first place?

You’ll find that stone varieties hold up well in the kitchen, such as marble, quartz and granite. These are all quite durable. The natural stones like granite and marble must be regularly sealed to keep the surface tough.

This makes the stone more resilient against stains, heat and scratches. Quartz doesn’t require sealing, since it’s engineered with resin and quartz. The pigments that are added make the color collection more extensive as well.

Why Buy from KNC Granite

At KNC Granite, we have a selection of stone countertops to choose from. This includes granite, marble and quartz. These derive from leading manufacturers in the industry, such as Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria and Zodiaq.

For decades, we’ve assisted homeowners with enhancing their kitchens and bathrooms with beautiful stone counters. All our products come backed with brand warranties. Plus, you can visit our showroom to see our products firsthand.

Choose exactly which slabs you want installed, then we will fabricate them to the specs of your kitchen surface area. All our customers receive a free estimate, which is given at the time our contractors come to your home to take measurements.

If you need a kitchen countertop upgrade, then give KNC Granite a call today!

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