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8 Gorgeous Colors of Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are so popular in US homes that you can hardly find a kitchen that does not have them. While granite is just as durable, unique and beautiful as it has ever been, you might be thinking twice about choosing it for your kitchen remodeling simply because it has become so popular. You might think twice about getting granite countertops for fear that you will find the exact thing in someone else’s home.
There is no chance of that happening, as each granite slab is unique. However, some granite colors and designs are rather common, so you might want to try to choose colors that are less common. Here are 10 gorgeous colors of granite countertops that will set your kitchen apart.

The Grays

gray granite kitchen countertops
Gray is one of the most common colors of granite, produced by the presence of feldspar. This mineral can also give granite other colors such as red, pink, and white, depending on the type of feldspar. While very common, gray can serve as the neutral background to other colors that give a slab a distinct look. Here are some gorgeous variations.


Costa Esmeralda granite
Green is not actually a common color in granite, but you might be able to find gray granite with greenish overtones, such as with Costa Esmeralda granite. The green streaks are intermingled with gray and white streaks, giving your kitchen countertops a muted sylvan look. If you have a modern kitchen design and can find one of these granite slabs with your local granite supplier, grab it! For fantastic results, put up a full backsplash in white subway tile.


Blizzard granite
The most common gray granite is speckled, but streaky is not. Blizzard granite is one such variety of gray granite with dramatic gray streaks or veins on a white background that might catch your fancy. It is much less busy than speckled granite, so it is a good choice for kitchens where you want your countertops to shine but not distract. It is an excellent choice for a transitional element such as on a kitchen island. Use black for perimeter countertops and white for cabinets for the best effect.
You can use streaky gray granite slabs to neutralize stronger colors such as blues and reds and take them down a notch. Some blues will need a bit of leavening, so pair it with this type of gray countertops and white subway tiles for the backsplashes. This combination can brighten the room without overpowering the blue palette. Streaky gray granite countertops go particularly well with appliances in a stainless-steel finish.


Soft gray granite
Granite is typically a robust stone with bold colors and busy patterns. Occasionally, however, you find gray granite that is neither bold nor busy. Granite with its feathery gray veins has a softness often associated with marble or soapstone, but without the actual weaknesses of these stones. These will go very well in a cottage or rustic style of kitchen paired with wood cabinets. They are just the right level of neutral.

The Whites

White granite is not as common as gray, although a good proportion of them do have white backgrounds obscured by other colors. When the mix is just right, white emerges supreme in the following types of granite.

White Princess

white Princess Granite
White Princess granite looks very much like marble, which is a good thing for homeowners wanting the look of marble in their kitchens. Marble countertops will do just as well, but perhaps granite has an edge when it comes to durability. At any rate, you can choose this type of granite for your all-white kitchen and pair it with hardwood flooring. You have muted elegance and beauty.

White pockets

Delicatus white granite
Some granite types such as Delicatus white granite is dominated by gray veins, but the pockets of white are so striking that it shines through. This makes it an excellent choice for traditional kitchen designs to add a touch of drama and flair. You can tie in the rest of the room in an open floor plan by putting this granite on your dining table, coffee table, or fireplace.

The Blacks and Gold

Granite has substantial amounts of mica and feldspar in its makeup, which contributes to the range of colors in granite. When there is enough of them, the granite is mostly black or gold, or both. Here are some of the most striking examples.


Black Pearl granite
Black granite is a natural choice for black and white kitchens, especially because black granite is seldom solid black. In most cases such as with Black Pearl granite, they feature dramatic shots, streaks, or clusters of white that appears luminous against the dark background. It is a gorgeous granite that can easily overwhelm a kitchen, so use it carefully. Aside from black and white kitchens, it looks fantastic in black and white bathrooms as well as transitional kitchens with Shaker-style cabinets and a neutral color palette.

Speckled colors

Ubatuba granite
One of the most sought-after type of granite is Ubatuba from Brazil. It is a speckled granite, but instead of just one color, it has gold, black, gray, and green. It has a shimmery look to it that is unique to this stone and works well with rustic and cottage styles of kitchens with lots of warm tones.


Gold Cosmos granite
There are quite a few variations of gold granite, but one of the most gorgeous the is Gold Cosmos granite. The background is black interspersed with gold, white, and gray threads. The gold appears to float above the other colors, and the result is a very dramatic stone. This goes very well with wood cabinets, hardwood floors, and moss green walls.


Granite countertops might be common, but these 8 gorgeous colors make them striking and unique. Take your time to choose your granite slabs and avoid going for the popular choices. Your countertop specialist can guide you in your choices.
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