8 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa Retreat

Your bathroom should be a space you can retreat to when you’re looking to relax after a long day at work. This is especially true during the winter months when you need a warm place to relax.

But most bathrooms are basic and don’t come with any special features that can provide this type of atmosphere. So, if you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a space that’s spa-like, then this guide is for you.

We’re going to get into some of the ways you can enhance your bathroom, so you can get this spa treatment.

Let’s look.

1. Relaxation is All in the Paint

Bathroom with nature colors – brown, green and blue

The colors of a bathroom can really help to bring relaxation to all who enter. For this reason, you should go with a color palette that consists of browns, greens and grays. Colors that offer an organic feel to the equation.

Smaller bathrooms will do best with neutral and lighter colors, such as pale green, light gray and beige. The idea is to create an atmosphere that is tranquil. So, avoid dark and bright colors.

2. Install Light Dimmers

Bathroom with recessed lights

When you’re taking a bath or late-night shower in bright lights can really mess up a tranquil mood. One way around this is to install recessed lights with a dimmer switch. This way, you can control the brightness of the room.

If you have a window in the bathroom, you can install a shade that blocks out the sun well. So, if you’re trying to have a relaxing mood midday, you can do so.

3. Get Rid of All the Clutter

Bathroom with stone vanity that’s clean and free of clutte

A cluttered space is stressful wherever it lies. In a restroom, it can ruin a relaxing atmosphere, which is why you should make it, so you have a place for everything.

For instance, you want to have spot for all your toiletries and other products you like to keep in the restroom. The problem is smaller bathrooms typically lack storage space. One way to make up for this is to have a vanity with cabinets and racks inside the doors.

Consider also using the vertical space with open shelving. In the shower, you can have a built-in storage for your shampoos, conditioner and soap.

4. Install a Deep Soaking Bathtub

Bathroom with deep set-in tub

There’s your typical bathtub, then there’s your deep set-in bathtub. The latter will give you a sense of being inside of a spa. Soaking in water up to your neck is key to relaxing every muscle in your body.

You can have the surround of your tub designed with beautiful stones like granite, marble or quartz. The good news is you don’t need a large bathroom to make this work. You can find models that are scaled down to fit inside of a space with less square footage.

5. Install a Massage Shower Head

Bathroom with large shower head

There are many different types of shower heads you can invest in for your bathroom design. This too can help make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Installing a shower head with massage features will give you the option of using various pulses to ease up your tense muscles. You can opt for a large rainfall style shower head or go with one that detaches, so you can direct the stream wherever you’d like.

6. Add Seats in the Shower and Bathroom

Bathroom with wall seats in the shower

Having a place to sit down to relax is helpful when you want to enjoy your shower without standing. You can install seats in the walls of your shower stall. Plus, you can opt for one or two benches in the bathroom, so you have a place to rest.

You can use these seats for steaming up your bathroom to create an at-home sauna as well.

7. Mount Speakers into the Walls and Ceiling

Bathroom with speakers in the walls/ceiling

When you visit a spa, you’ll notice just about all your senses are engaged in some form or fashion. Besides making your bathroom look and feel like a spa, you can make it sound like one as well.

With built-in speakers, you can play relaxing music and soundscapes to really set the mood for your spa day (nor night).

8. Go for Natural Stones

Bathroom with granite or marble countertop,

Stones and rocks play a big role in the décor and function of spas. They’re used to relax and set the tone for the space. You can do the same by having granite or marble stone installed for your bathroom vanity.

Or you can even use the material for your floors, border of your shower or an area of the wall. Natural stones look amazing as part of the décor and will really help complete the spa look.

Finding Natural Stones for Your Bathroom

You can place granite and marble throughout your bathroom design. But you first need to find slabs that are high-quality. At KNC Granite, we have a showroom filled with beautiful stone countertops. The materials we have available include marble, quartz and granite.

Our licensed and insured contractors will fabricate the stone, so that’s ready for the installation and application it’s being used for.

Buying your granite from us sure beats ordering from big box stores that take forever to deliver your products. The brands of stone we carry from are all leaders in the industry. This includes Silestone, MSI, Cambria and Caesarstone.

Brand warranties come with each of the stone products we sell to ensure your ultimate satisfaction.

Call us today to get started with your free estimate for new granite countertops!

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