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9 Steps to Getting a Kitchen Remodel You’ll Love

Wouldn’t it be great if every kitchen remodel turned out exactly how you imagined it would? This is something a lot of people wish, but fail to accomplish. The reasoning behind this dilemma has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with preparation. Planning out every detail of your kitchen remodel is key for getting a favorable outcome..

Tips can be used to Help

If you’re getting ready to renovate your home kitchen, the following tips can be used to help ensure everything goes smoothly

Identify Exactly What You Need

It’s easy to get carried away with your kitchen remodeling, especially when you are influenced by the HGTV channel and home decor magazines. Not going overboard with your renovation is sometimes easier said than done. The best way to sidestep this issue is to make a list of the things you NEED, not WANT.

In this case, you need to determine what will make your kitchen function more effectively. Think of how you already use your kitchen countertop and then conjure up ways to streamline your tasks. For instance, if you are into cooking big meals and lack countertop space, then maybe it’s time to install a kitchen island.

It’s best to prioritize your list of needs so that you get everything you really need first. This will save you the headache later, if you end up running out of money and sacrificing items on the bottom of your list. A scrapbook can be created to help you figure out the style and look you want for your new kitchen as well.

Begin the Research and Planning Phase

Now that you have some idea of what you want to do for your kitchen remodel, it’s time to start doing your due diligence. This is when you start looking for quotes for the materials and installation of the items you want implemented. Doing this will also help you to determine the budget for your kitchen renovation.

The first thing you need to do is determine the scope of the project, and go from there. This will likely change throughout the process as you find better deals and ideas.

Start Shopping for Remodeling Professionals

Now, is the time to begin your search for a great contractor to complete your project. The Internet is a great place to start. You can also go to local showrooms, where you can get referrals to reputable professionals in the area. Having a remodeling contractor at the beginning of your planning phase will help ensure you get everything right. There’s a lot that goes into planning, budgeting and shopping for materials. The remodeler can handle some of the ordering of materials and even get them at better deals, in some cases.

Hire a Designer to Sketch the Finished Project

A picture is worth a thousand words, and probably even more when it comes to kitchen remodeling. You can only explain but so much detail by mouth. You’ll need a professional designer to take your concept and get it down on paper. This will be more than just a pretty picture of your kitchen. It will be a schematic design that remodeling professionals can use to complete your renovation. You worry about the layout, spacing and cabinet sizes before you contemplate how the kitchen will actually look.

Once you have this squared away, you’ll know exactly how much square feet of each material you’ll need. This will also help you plan out your budget.

Go Over the Specs for Fixtures and Finishes

Here’s the fun part – figuring out the look and feel of your kitchen renovation. Most people collect images they’ve found in magazines and across the Web to help inspire the new design of their kitchen. If you’ve done the same thing, it’s time to pour over the things you collected to see what will make the final cut. The areas you want to hone in on include the countertops, cabinet style, kitchen water fixtures, floors, appliances, backsplash and decorative hardware.

Finalize the Floor Plans

Go over all the fine details to ensure you crossed and dotted all your T’s and I’s. Everything from the floor plan and elevations to the mechanical ad electrical plans needs to be double or even triple-checked. Once you and the contractor have gone over all the drawings, it’s time to get the final quote from the contractor. These will also be submitted to your local office to obtain the proper permits. The paperwork can only be finalized once you have found a licensed contractor, designer or architect.

Obtain At Least Three Quotes

If you haven’t already secured a contractor for your kitchen remodel, it’s time to start shopping around for estimates. You have everything already figured out, so all you have to do is get a quote from local licensed contractors. It’s best to get at least three estimates from three different professionals. Make sure to also check their references. Never settle for the first quote you receive. If you think you found a good deal, then reinforce this by searching around. If there’s nothing better – meaning great value, not just low price – then you’ve found a winner.

Prepare for the Demolition

This is an exciting time because it’s when you finally get to begin your project. The demolition is the first step to a kitchen overhaul, which can start once you’ve received your permits. It normally takes one to two months to get your permits. If you plan to live in the home as it’s being renovated, then consider setting up an alternate kitchen to use meanwhile.

Check the Final Product

Sometimes, kitchen remodels don’t go as perfectly as planned. There may be little items on your checklist that is missing or wrong. You may feel a paint touch up is needed or notice a scratch in your new countertops. Write down all of your findings so that they can be fixed accordingly. If you get everything down upfront, the contractor may only have to come back once, versus making multiple trips.

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