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The countertops in your home should be the centerpiece of your kitchen and bathrooms. If they don’t do your home justice, then why not consider upgrading them? This can be done using various materials, such as engineered and natural stones.

One homeowner in Alexandria decided to do just that, but wasn’t sure where from to purchase. This is a common issue in Alexandria, Virginia, where there’s a mix of quality and mediocre sellers. One reason to trust the products and serviced available at KNC.

This customer was looking to have their bathroom and kitchen upgraded with granite and quartz stones. But they ran into the issue of finding a reputable company to purchase from. They eventually connected with our professionals and could achieve the new look they desired for their countertops.

This isn’t the only customer we’ve helped with updating their countertops. For decades, we have worked together with property owners in Alexandria. Our goal, like there’s, is to keep Alexandria looking great from the inside out.

We’ve upgraded kitchen and bathroom countertops using quality stones shipped from top-grade brands. This includes natural and engineered stones, such as granite, marble and quartz. Our customers trust us with their countertop installations because they know our products are top-of-the-line.

Also, our professionals are known for always paying close attention to detail during installations. We will continue to provide our services, so Alexandria residents can keep their properties looking the best it can.

Kitchen Countertops Alexandria

Likely, you know people who have had their countertops remodeled in the kitchen. They can make a real difference for a cooking space, both visually and functionally. The luxurious look of marble and granite keep them at the top of most homeowners’ list when they’re looking for countertops.

The counters in your kitchen should be able to handle the different cooking projects you engage in. Whether it’s baking a cake, chopping fruit or blending ice cream. The counters should also be able to repel spills from liquids and foods.

Again, therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the materials you decide to place inside your cooking area.

Bathroom Vanity Tops Alexandria

The durability of the counters in your bathroom are equally important. In the restroom, your counters go through trials and errors, such as spills from cosmetics and heat from curling irons. You don’t want the wrong material installed in your vanity top or you’ll have to deal with all sorts of damage.

If you want to keep the counters in your bathroom looking great, then you need something that’s strong. Stones are a great option, both natural and engineered. They can withstand heat and aren’t easily stained, due to resins and sealants, and the fact they’re nonporous.

Granite Countertops Alexandria

Opting for granite countertops says a lot about your sense of style. It says you’re into the natural look, but also desire strength and longevity. Granite offers this and more. It is the ideal material to use for the counters you place inside of your kitchen for multiple reasons.

For one, it can withstand heat from pots and pans. Plus, it can keep bacteria from spreading, since it’s nonporous. You can find granite in a large array of colors and shades, so matching it with the rest of your décor shouldn’t be an issue.

If something does end up damaging the surface, you can have peace of mind in knowing that it can be easily repaired.

Marble Countertops Alexandria

One of the top reasons people choose marble for their kitchens and bathrooms is because of its ability to stay cool. It’s the perfect surface for baking enthusiasts, as well as those who like to use heat styling tools for their hair.

The heat resistance of marble stone makes it durable enough to withstand many of the tasks you perform in the kitchen and bathroom. Then the look of marble can turn out any room it’s placed in. It really adds a sense of luxury to kitchen and bathroom remodel in Alexandria.

The softness of marble also makes it desirable, especially for those who want edge profiles engraved in their countertops. All counters can have this done, but marble seems to be capable of fancier designs.

Quartz Countertops Alexandria

Quartz countertops are created by man, which means it comes with higher capabilities than natural stones. Engineered quartz has fewer imperfections and is a lot tougher. It also doesn’t require sealing, like with granite and marble.

It is combined with resin, which makes it tough and nonporous. Then there are pigments, which allow the manufacturer to turn it into just about any color or shade.

Customer Says

I heard of KNC from a close friend and saw the work done firsthand. I fell in love with her countertops right away and decided I wanted the same done for my home. So, I saved up money before contacting KNC.

I arrived at their showroom and selected the quartz stone I wanted for my kitchen. They scheduled for someone to come to my home to take measurements and to supply a quote. Afterward, I was given a 3D design, showing how it would look.

I was anxious to see the final product, which was better than I could hope.

About Alexandria

Alexandria is a Commonwealth independent city in Virginia. It is a modern community with lots to see and do. It’s the home to major employers like the U.S. Department of Defense, United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Institute for Defense Analyses.

But this doesn’t stop it from being called its nickname “Old Town.” This is because it’s still considered a historical town.

Need a Quartz and Granite Countertops Company in Alexandria

If you reside in Alexandria, VA and would like to have your property updated with beautiful stone slabs, then don’t hesitate to give KNC a call. We offer free estimates to all our prospects.

Swing by our showroom to pick out your slabs firsthand. Contact us now to start planning for your kitchen or bathroom upgrades!

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