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All The Pros And Cons Of Marble Countertops

Even before the 21st century, marble stone has captivated the hearts of the locals, and you can see them on sculptures and infrastructures. A slab of marble depicts a luxurious feel in your place.

Despite its pricey cost, a lot of homeowners are running after this because of its unparalleled beauty that lasts for a lifetime. In line with this, we made this article to share some wisdom about marble countertops – talking about its pros and cons.

Continue reading to learn more about it, and so that you can appreciate it even more. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a reputable contractor for your natural and engineered marble countertops, then call us KNC Granite

Best Benefits from Marble Countertops

Are you blown away by the elegant strokes and palettes from this high-end stone? Wait until you see the best benefits you’ll enjoy from installing it to your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

1) Pristine Appeal for Modern and Classic Homes

The glossy finish and subtle colors of white marble countertops is a true winner for your home renovations. If you aim for a sleek white contemporary kitchen and bathroom, then going for white or any neutral tones is best.

Moreover, it becomes the center of attraction in your area, especially when you choose thicker slabs and place overhang pendant lights on your kitchen island, peninsula, and vanity tops. 

Make use of marble’s innate beauty by installing one in your home today.

2) Green Material for Your Countertops

Compared to other natural stones, marble has sufficient supply around the globe. Likewise, all manufacturers impose an energy-efficient process of producing your magnificent slabs for your different types of marble countertops

3) Adds Monetary Value To Your House

Whether you are planning on selling your house in the next few months or years, upgrading your kitchen island and vanity tops with marble stones is a great investment.

Why? Because it is known to increase the saleability and value of your property. Typically, around 40% to 60% of your overall cost for installing marble countertops for the kitchen is added to the entire value of your property.

With that, it’s never a wrong decision to upgrade your countertops, floors, walls, and backsplash with natural or cultured marble stones.

4) Unique Designs and Colors

Unlike engineered quartz, natural marble has exciting and unpredictable hues and patterns that can spruce your kitchen and bathroom makeover. Typically, it has a subtle background with undertones or veining of black, gold, dark blue, green, and red.

The rich and depth of the cheapest and most expensive marble stone will efficiently create a fresher look in your space. In line with this, our stone experts and interior designers will help you find a good match with our marble slab collections and your dream renovation theme.

5) Cool Countertop for Baking and Pastries

Compared to granite and quartz, natural marble can effectively keep its cool surface even when your cooktop and oven are heating up already. With that, it is a perfect choice for your cool kitchen countertops.

If you plan to make the perfect dough and chocolates for your pastries, then installing marble countertops is a wise choice. Consequently, you get the right coolness you need to make your best cakes and fondants. 

6) Develops Natural Patina for an Earthly Warmth

Similar to soapstone, marble also has a rich creamy smooth finish which gradually develops a patina over time. The light tan brown appearance on your marble stone will seamlessly blend with your wooden accessories and brass fixtures.

Overall, you can expect natural warmth to flourish around your marble tile backsplash, countertops, and flooring.

Setbacks of Marble Countertops

On the other hand, marble stones also have some gripes which you need to accept so that you can 100% appreciate its beauty. Below are some of the notable setbacks of marble countertops.

1) Pricey

Marble is one of those countertop materials on the high-end spectrum, where its average cost can start from $2,000 to $5,000. Nevertheless, quality comes with a price so you need to financially prepare for it.

Fortunately, at KNC Granite, we can assure you that you will receive the best price offer for your marble countertop installation. We can adjust the price based on your requirements and the quality of the stone used.

2) It is prone to stains and dents

In contrast to cultured quartz slabs, marble is naturally porous so you can expect it to stain when drinks are spilled over it. However, we can seamlessly solve that by impregnating the sealant on your marble slabs before installation.

With that, your marble slab countertops are already resistant to stains, food crumbs, and mold infestation. Moreover, you can do periodic sealing maintenance every quarter or semi-annually to preserve its condition.

3) Requires Professional Installation

Just like granite, this stone is amazingly heavy and dense, so you need to have extensive experience and skills for installation and customization. With that, your safest choice is hiring a professional for installing your marvelous marble kitchen countertops.

We have the proper training, skills, and equipment for this task, so everything will be done safely and sound. For a reasonable price, you won’t tire yourself from this cumbersome work.

Looking for A Reliable Marble Countertop Supplier & Installer?

We at KNC Granite is one of the locally operated and owned remodeling contractor in Virginia, Maryland, and the Washington DC area. For your financial planning, you can avail of our free estimate service at zero cost and obligation, just call our office today.

You can also book an onsite measurement so you can get a detailed proposal for this effort. We charge a minimal fee for this, yet we can deduct that from your total billing. 

Call us today, so we can make your dream marble kitchen and powder room come to life, or visit us on Facebook!


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