Bathroom Vanity Tops

There are key areas of your home that can be updated and improve the quality of your property greatly. One area of your home is the bathroom. And within this small (or even large) space, you can spruce up your design with a simple vanity top upgrade.

It’s amazing how much a new vanity and countertop can enhance the style of your bathroom space. It’s why it’s one of the most popular areas of the home to update. This is especially true for homeowners who opt to have their counters updated with natural stones, such as granite, quartz or marble.

These options are readily available at KNC Granite, and they come from the best manufacturers in the business.

Here’s a consider your stone options for your vanity top remodel.

Why Redesign Your Bathroom Vanity?

Simply put, because it can help add style, functionality and value to your bathroom. It does this in many ways. For one, replacing your vanity and countertop is a simple process and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

The number of designs you can choose from between granite, marble and quartz makes it desirable for homeowners across the US. Also, the functionality it brings is also noteworthy. For instance, all three stones are known for their ultra-durability.

This means you’re making an investment that’ll last you for many years. The return on investment comes in the form of comfort for your own family. Or it can make your home easier to sell in the future. Home buyers particularly like properties with updated kitchens and bathrooms.

You can always choose between a prefabricated option or go with a customized version made just for you.

What Are Your Stone Options for Bathroom Vanities?

Now, the stone options available to you at KNC Granite are extensive. You have the option of choosing between quality slabs made from quartz, marble or granite. We have various color options to choose from in our showroom, which you can visit in person and select from firsthand.

Our professionals can also seal your granite and marble counters to ensure they last and maintain their beauty even longer.

Now, let’s review the pros and cons of each.

Marble: The Pros and Cons

You just can’t beat the beauty of marble stone counters. For centuries, it has attracted people from all walks of life. It has a natural appeal that makes it perfect for any place in the home. It will bring out the luxury in any bathroom design you decide to go with.

Marble is the perfect stone for warm climates, since it can stay cool even under heated conditions. It’s also quite durable and ages very well when taken care of properly.

Then upon installation, you can choose between having the stone being polished or given a matte finish. Whatever you decide to do with it, you’ll find that it looks good in any room it’s placed into.

However, for the cons, you have the price tag. The cost of marble can exceed that of granite, starting at around $125 per sq. ft. But for some homeowners, the look makes it worth it.

Also, the marble stone needs regular sealing to protect it from damage and enhance its longevity. Then the availability of marble is also limited.

Granite: The Pros and Cons

Likely, you know a few people who’ve decided to have granite installed into their homes. And it’s probably why you want it in your own home. Once you land eyes on this gorgeous stone, it’s natural to want it for yourself.

It’s made up of an igneous rock, so it’s tougher than marble stone. It’s the ideal addition for rooms with a contemporary feel. You’ll also find the patterns and colors to be exceptional. As with all-natural stones, you won’t find any two slabs that are identical. This intrigues homeowners who like having unique décor.

Granite is able to stand the test of time because of its resistance to scratches and stains. Plus, it holds up well under heat. So, you can set your hot pots and pans atop it without issues. And let’s not forget the price tag, which is lower than both quartz and marble. The starting price sits around $45 to $100 per sq. ft.

The only downsides associated with granite is that it may require sealing and there’s a limited amount available.

Quartz: The Pros and Cons

The beauty behind engineered quartz is that it’s practically always available. This is because a portion of it is engineered, so it takes less to manufacture it. This stone is made with a blend of 90% quartz and 10% resins and pigments.

This also means you get to choose the colors you want for your counters. The options are more extensive than that of natural stones. It’s a tough stone that’s harder than granite and marble. So, you can guarantee it’ll last for a quite a long time.

One reason for this is because it’s nonporous. So, no foods or liquids can stain its surface. There’s no sealing required like you’ll find with granite stone because of its resin. The surface is resistant to stains and scratches, further protecting it from damage caused over time.

The design and color options are available on demand, giving you more control as a customer. And to keep the countertop looking good, you only have to use basic daily maintenance using warm water and a mild soap. Choose between customized or prefabricated vanity tops for your home.

The downsides to quartz is that the price tag can be high. It starts at $60 per sq ft. And since it’s a heavier stone, you may need to have stronger support built for it to hold up well.

Updating the Bathroom Vanities in Your Home

So, you’ve decided to have your vanity tops updated in your bathrooms. Then you need to contact KNC Granite. Our licensed, bonded and insured contractors will fabricate and install it for you.

We offer free estimates to all our customers, so give us a call today!

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