Benefits of Having Marble Countertops

As we traverse this life in awe, wonder and curiosity, we often encounter things that seem wondrous to look at, but doesn’t really have much to it. The human eye can be tricked so easily that anyone, or anything can make it believe that he or she, and it, is beautiful and full of worth even though what they are hiding inside is but a pseudo representation of their best version. And yet, we, imperfect beings that we are, succumb to these superficial thoughts, digging our graves even deeper and harder to get out of. One thing is for sure, if we cannot change this habit, we will be vulnerable all our lives to worthless pieces of junk.

That is why when it comes to our homes, we must be wise enough to see through the web of despair and lies in order to meet full potential and satisfaction. Only the good things can make a household into a shelter of peace, tranquility and relaxation as well as a symbol of fortitude, strength and confidence. People tend to make the wrong choices when it comes to what they put into their homes and this will cost them bigger problems in the long run. I for one have made the same mistake, twice in fact, and it cost me a lot more than what I expected to spend for a house.

A great example of a good decision that I made was switching to Marble countertops. This is perhaps the best decision that I have made for my home in years and I am really satisfied with what I have done. Not only did it boost the appearance of my home’s interior, but it also gave me a feeling of accomplishment, worth and boost in confidence. Many people still resort to other stone, wooden and laminated countertops but for me, marble countertops are the best. That’s why those of you who still doubt that marble countertops are the right and best option for your home, here are some benefits that you may be taking for granted.

Before anything else here are the types of marble countertops:

  1. Carrara

This marble usually comes in white color, but also comes in blue and grey. It is usually best for bathrooms and kitchens and has veining patterns that are linear and have a soft or sometimes fine visual property to it. I love white marble countertops and for me this is one of my top choices.

  1. Calacatta

Calacatta is another white marble countertop that is regarded for rarity and beauty. Although it is in the expensive list, this marble countertop provides a more detailed and veiny pattern making it look more dramatic. It comes from the Apuan Mountains in the Carrara region of Italy and is highly renowned as one of the best materials for a marble countertop. I had one installed in the center of my kitchen countertop just to make things a little more feisty and melodramatic.

  1. Statuary

The Statuary is actually the cousin of the Carrara and is just as sophisticated and artistically good looking. It has a semi – translucent property to it and has gray, veiny patterns to it. It Is also more reflective than the Carrara and boasts a more glossy feeling to it. This is another good choice for kitchens with a modern yet simple look.

  1. Cream Marfil

The Crema Marfil is a colored marble that ranges from light beige to yellowish in color. It is a stunning marble from Spain and is regarded as one of the best choices for countertops especially if you are an artistic person. Though neutral in color, many praise it for its irregular vein patterns and adaptability to whatever theme you want.

  1. Nero Marquina

Lastly, the Nero Marquina is another wonderful marble from Spain and boasts a rich, black color that will give a different kind of ambiance to a home. It is unusual for a marble to have a black color so that is why it is a favorite choice among interior designers. It used to be limestone until it metamorphosed, that is why it denotes a different punch to visuals and feel.

Now, why should you switch to marble countertops?

  1. It’s Affordable!

Contrary to some belief, beautiful marble countertops are actually affordable! Yes, I am not kidding, you can buy it even if you are on a budget! Unlike other countertops that are made of other stones, marble is a variety that is budget friendly and will no hurt your wallet. Although there are also expensive ones, most marble countertop types are really a package deal waiting to be discovered.

  1. Resistant to Heat

Marble countertops are the number one choice for chefs and bakers because they are heat resistant. You can actually pull out a tray fresh from baking and put it on top of the marble countertop without any worries of burning it. You can now say goodbye to rubber insulators or pot stands that actually eats more space when you are preparing a meal over the countertop.

  1. Uniqueness

Marble Countertops will give a unique look to every piece that you install. Man – made ones actually do not get the patterns right because they will all give the same vibe to it, but natural marble countertops all have unique patterns, color and vibrancy to it because they are all naturally made. 

  1. It’s Very Durable

Having marble countertops will actually save you a lot of money because it is very durable and strong. Being a natural stone, it is embedded with natural scratch resistance and is less likely to crack than other types of countertops out there.

  1. Lifetime Warranty

Finally, having marble countertops will help you save again through its longevity. When it is properly installed and sealed, you can expect that even your daughter or son’s grandchildren will be able to use and enjoy them. Switch to marble countertops now and be satisfied for more than a lifetime!

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