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Best Cleaners for Granite Countertops for 2019

Granite countertops require minimal care claims from cleaning companies that they require special products to keep them in top condition. While special cleaners for granite will not harm your kitchen countertops, they are not necessary.
That said, you could buy special products for granite countertops to do other things for you, such as remove stains or offer additional protection as they clean them. However, you have to make sure you get the right ones, or these products might create more problems than they solve. Here are some of the best cleaners for granite countertops for 2019.

Granite Gold Daily Cleaner

Some people consider Granite Gold Daily Cleaner too gentle, but that is actually a good thing for daily cleaners. It keeps granite countertops free from organic substances without causing any damage. The product contains no ammonia or phosphates, and it is pH neutral and biodegradable, so it does not leave a chemical smell on your kitchen countertops.

The great thing about Granite Gold Daily Cleaner is that it is a leave on product. You do not have to rinse it off as it is so mild. You just have to spray it all over the countertops, let it alone for a minute or so, and then wipe off the excess with a paper towel or clean, dry cloth.
This cleaner is available in a convenient 24 fl oz spray bottle at a cost of just over $5. You can also purchase 64 fl oz refills for $9.

Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner

While this is actually a product for cleaning grout, it is safe for use with marble and granite as it is non-acidic. It works quite as well in cleaning granite countertops as cleaners specific to that purpose. You might find this product useful for your kitchen countertops as well as your backsplashes, especially if they have grout lines.

Grout can become a real problem as it accumulates dirt, grime, and grease over time, and they are very hard to clean. The Black Diamond Stoneworks Ultimate Grout Cleaner can help dislodge these substances from your grout by spraying it on, letting it work its magic for a few minutes, brushing it to loosen the grime, and then rinsing it away with clean water. Note that it will not work with mildew and mold.
The product is available in one-quart spray bottles for about $8 each.

StoneTech Oil Stain Remover

The manufacturer of StoneTech Oil Stain Remover designed this product to remove stains from most natural stones, including granite, and not to clean them. You can use it to clean your kitchen countertops if you want, but it will probably be too much trouble.

The main benefit of this product is it will not change the color of the stone even as it removes the toughest stains. That is, if you follow instructions to the letter. However, you need to be aware that it contains some strong chemicals, so you should only use it in areas with lots of ventilation. You should also use protective eyewear and gloves to avoid irritating the skin and eyes.

The product is in paste form, and you can use it immediately upon opening. It comes in several sizes, depending on the size of the stain. A 3-oz can of StoneTech Oil Stain Remover will set you back $10 or so, and can clear a stain with a diameter of 10 inches.

Black Diamond Granite Plus! 2 Cleaner and Sealer

A combination product as the name implies, the Black Diamond Granite Plus! 2 Cleaner and Sealer can clean and seal your natural stone countertops in one application. It is safe for use every day as it is hypoallergenic, pH neutral, and streak free. As it seals the stone each time, this is a useful feature for marble countertops, although it is also a good thing for some granite types.
That said, you should not use it for areas with stains, as this will lock it in. Remove the stains before applying this product on your granite countertops.

Since a 32-oz container of this product costs about $11, you might want to use it a bit sparingly. Use it once a month or so to ensure protection of your granite countertops against stains. You can use a solution of mild dish soap and water to clean them on a daily business to save money.


These are just some of the best-reviewed products for cleaning and keeping tour granite countertops in good condition. Many more are out there if you choose to do your research. However, you should know that these products would cost you more than you need to spend for your kitchen countertops.

All you need to clean granite countertops is a bit of soap and water. You can prove this to yourself by trying it. If you do not have granite countertops yet, we can help with that.

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