Brand: Cambria

Minnesota Snow

A collection of minute dots and larger flakes on a wintery white background makes Minnesota Snow light in color with substantial appeal. Gensler product design consultant. NCS S 1000-N, NCS S 500-N


Luminous shades of gunmetal, steel and pewter sparkle like precious metals taken from the Minera Mines in the mystical land of Wales. 


Mersey is a deep, glassy black daubed throughout with white streaks that flash like lightning against a starless night sky.


Expansive and unsupressed, Menai features a base of the deepest black with reflective silver sparkles gleaming like stars in the midnight sky.


A sedate white-cream background with intermixed splashes of pale blue, navy, and gray is accented with a smattering of tan and taupe throughout.


Rich, warm walnut-brown, dark grays, and neutral creams swirl and coalesce into a dense medley of fascinating shapes and tones.


With a strong gray-brown monochrome design, Manchester makes a bold statement and provides a firm footing on which to build.

Mammoth Cave

Inspired by the dark expanses of the immense caverns in this American landmark, Mammoth Cave is laid with a dramatic, raven-black groundwork, crisscrossed with white streams, clusters, and veins that create fine etchings in a multitude of sizes and shapes. Gensler product design consultant. NCS S 1000-N, NCS S 9000-N


Malvern offers a delicate warm vanilla palette with small white splashes and ghosted gray accents that seem to float just beneath the surface to add depth and intrigue to this peaceful design.


Relaxing and idyllic, like the tiny hamlet of Linwood in southwest England. Conjuring images of fallen leaves on a mossy forest floor, Linwood’s warm, woodsy hues create an oasis of tranquility.