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Color Palette Tips for Bathroom Countertops

Are you considering a remodel of your guest bathroom? You can consider a minor upgrade such as replacing your bathroom countertop with marble, quartz stone, or granite, and that will make a great impression right off the bat. However, if you are going for impressive, you might want to go whole hog and make major changes in the color of your bathroom to match your bathroom countertops. Use these color palette tips for bathroom countertops in upgrading your bathroom to help you choose the slab.

Ocean deep

bathroom with blue-and-white tiles and sandy floor
People find the combination of sand and blue ocean an attractive one, so you can use that to redo your guest bathroom for a tropical or Mediterranean look. Put in walls using white and blue tiles, sand-colored floors, and open up the vista for a brighter and bigger-looking bathroom. Add a touch of fun by carrying the ocean theme into the choice of accents and accessories such as seashell-shaped guest soaps, an anchor mirror, or a pail-and-shovel motif for your guest towels. You might actually believe you are on vacation.

Blue, blue, my world is blue

Navy blue bathroom
If you are fortunate enough to have a large guest bathroom at your disposal, this will give you a larger range of options when it comes to color. Navy blue is dark, so it is not a good choice for small bathrooms. With a larger one, however, navy blue walls can make your guestroom look elegant, especially when paired with white marble or quartz countertops framed with a mosaic backsplash I shades of blue. Add in an elegant mirror and black vintage wall sconces for lighting, and you have a winner.

Pretty flamingo

flamingo print wallpaper
Pink flamingoes might seem a bit much for a bathroom, but they certainly make a lasting impression when used in a guest bathroom. Since the term for a group of flamingoes is flamboyance, use that as your inspiration. Call up your inner fabulousness and convert your guest bathroom into a work of art!

You can easily find wallpaper in a variety of flamingo-inspired designs, so the choice you make will depend on your personal preference. Pink goes well against a dark background, so be ready to temper the strong colors with a quartz or marble countertop in a neutral color. You might be able to get pink marble for this project, but white will work just as well. Make sure to pick out plain mirrors and fixtures to balance out the flamboyance of your wallpaper.

One voice

bathroom in a solid color, not white, with matching vanity
Monochrome designs usually work really well with bathrooms, although most people tend to go either white or black. This will work with guest bathrooms as well, but try to move a bit more into other colors, such as purple or orange for maximum effect. Choose shades of your chosen color that will match or complement your bathroom countertops, and add accents that will tie them together. A good combination is black countertops with orange walls, and brass fixtures to tone it down.

Black gold

bathroom with black tile backsplash and gold walls)
A classic combination is black and gold, and these work for guest bathrooms quite beautifully. In most cases, you can choose a black vanity with quartz or marble countertops, and have golden walls and/or floors. The effect is that of glittering gold against black velvet, especially if you choose a matte finish for your vanity tops and brass and chrome fixtures.

Out of the woods

bathroom with wooden floors
Wood floors are not generally a good idea for bathrooms, but they are safe enough for guest bathrooms with no bathing facilities. This is an excellent opportunity to bring in wood and other natural materials into your bathroom without the fear of water damage. Wood goes well with granite, so strive for a sylvan setting with wood floors, green granite, and nature-inspired accents and fixtures. You should choose LED lights and low flush toilets to make it even more eco-friendly.

Earth song

bathroom with earth tones
Earth colors used to be popular in the 1970s, and in many cases, homeowners choose it to tone down a color palette. However, a predominantly earth-toned bathroom could be very attractive, especially with the right granite countertops. If you can find it, choose a granite slab that is predominant brown, rust, mustard yellow, or avocado green, and build your color palette around it. You could choose wall paint and floors that will reflect or complement the colors in the slab, and carry this over to your choice of accents and accessories.


Color palettes often depend on the choice of bathroom countertops, but there is no reason why the other way should not work just as well. These tips should be able to help you determine which way you want to go for your guest bathroom.

The most important thing, of course, is to choose a reliable countertop specialist in your area with a wide inventory of granite, marble, and quartz stone slabs. KNC Granite has a large array of eco-friendly granite slabs from which to choose. You can check actual slabs at our showroom in Lanham, Maryland and we will walk you through how we can meet your social consciousness and budget, and still give you affordable and attractive granite countertops for your home.

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