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Basic to Deluxe: The Costs of Remodeling a Kitchen Based on Your Budget Class

Figuring out the cost of your new kitchen remodel will vary depending on your budget, style and desires. It’s the first thing most property owners want to know, but the answer isn’t that simple. There are many things to factor in when calculating the cost of your kitchen remodel. The material costs alone for cabinets, kitchen countertops and floors can fluctuate, making it difficult to run numbers off the top of your head. Research is required and having professional help at this phase can be helpful in speeding up the budgeting process.

But if you’re still on the market for a new kitchen renovation, but want a quick estimate for different types of kitchens, then see which budget classes your funds fall under.

Remodeling for a Basic Kitchen Design

Not everyone is looking to overdo their kitchen remodel with high-end appliances and kitchen islands. A basic kitchen design doesn’t mean low-end. The contractor you hire will determine how great it turns out. The attention to detail still plays a part in the overall look of your cooking space.

A basic kitchen remodel would normally run you between $20,000 and $30,000. In this plan, the structure of your kitchen will stay the same. This means your appliances and fixtures won’t be relocated, which also means there will be no electrical or plumbing work required.

The lights you choose will be pretty simple, but nice, such as hanging decorative light fixtures. Forget the high-priced recessed lights and opt for these when sticking within a basic kitchen design budget. Another area that will remain simple is the appliances. This means no built-in fridges, wine coolers, warming drawers or microwave drawers.

If you decide to have any backsplashes, like the floors, it will use inexpensive materials like vinyl or ceramic tile. The cabinets don’t have to be replaced either – these can be refinished instead. As a final touch, the countertops can be replaced with laminate. This is an inexpensive way to spruce up your counters, especially since today’s models come with better edge designs.

Remodeling for a Mid to Upper-Range Budget

If you have a little more to spend, say between $40,000 and $75,000, you can do a bit more.  You can implement a kitchen island to have more cooking space.

In your budget, you would be able to take care a full rework, which would include the sink and it’s plumbing, electrical, air ducts and other components being relocated. The appliances found in these renovations are more professional, such as 48-inch built-in stainless steel fridges and 48-inch stovetops or 30-inch double convection ovens.

A custom island doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg either. You can just put a table in the middle and decorate it with a nice tablecloth.If you make it tall enough, you can include stools.

Cabinets with a custom stain and glaze can be installed as well. You can install nonstandard sizes if you’re looking for a bit of additional storage space. These cost a pretty penny, but are really worth the addition! Then the hardware you install on them and kitchen drawers can be designer, adding a touch of sophistication and style.

The floors can be made of either porcelain tile or wood. If you have enough left over, you may even be able to venture over to stone materials. But be prepared to pay much more than you would for a vinyl tile or sheet.

Your countertop and backsplash still need an upgrade – with this budget, you can go with a glass tile backsplash and stone counters made of quartz or a natural stone like granite. Sure, this will cost you much more than a laminate countertop, but for the look you achieve, wouldn’t you say it’s worth it? Especially since it lasts a great deal longer.

What You Can Do with a Deluxe Budget

If you’re one of the fortunate who gets to splurge $100,000 on your new kitchen remodel, you have bought yourself tons of leeway. In a deluxe kitchen, you can have it all – a built-in refrigerator, La Cornue range and all the other luxury necessities you’ve dreamed of. Deluxe kitchens are for avid cookers, so if you enjoy being in the kitchen making meals, then you’ll really love the experience of this kitchen.

This is the time to implement crown moldings, beadboard finishes, new windows, authentic casing and baseboards and other architectural details worth noting. Here’s an opportunity to make your kitchen feel like the rest of your home. The floors can be made of wood or even stone to match your granite or marble countertops. A beautiful oriental rug in the kitchen and chandelier can really make a deluxe kitchen design pop.

The area you cook can feature a La Cornue stove, which is custom designed and handmade to your liking. It’s stylish, beautiful and highly functional. Choose between a large or small one to accommodate your cooking style. This is the perfect idea if you are going with large appliances.

It’s really all in the details, when it comes to deluxe kitchen designs. A lot of the money goes into the best materials and craftsmanship. Just make sure you hire a contractor who can provide great installs and that plays close attention to detail! If you want to know more information you can visit our facebook page!…

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