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Design Ideas for Marble Countertops in the Kitchen

Marble might not be the ideal material for kitchen countertops because of some maintenance issues, but you would not know it if you see the hundreds of marble countertops posted in Pinterest and Instagram. It is undoubtedly a beautiful stone, and seeing it laid out in all its countertop glory is just wonderful. However, it is also true that it takes a bit of TLC to keep it in top form, so if you go into it knowing about the etching and staining issues, then you should be fine.

It helps that marble is actually not as delicate as some people might lead you to believe. It is much more resistant than tough-as-nails quartz countertops, for one, and it is not likely to crack or chip because it is malleable. Marble countertops are a good investment over time, provided you choose one that will not look outdated in a couple of years. Here are some design ideas for marble countertops in the kitchen.

Honed gray marble

honed Pietra gray marble countertops in rustic kitchen
Most homeowners choose a polished or glossy finish for their kitchen countertops because they look more attractive. However, if you choose marble for your kitchen countertops, you will have a better experience with them if you choose a honed finish. It hides tiny scratches better than a polished surface and gives marble a more mellow look.
This honed dark gray marble island, for example, adds an elegant touch to this rustic kitchen. It also looks ready for bear in terms of food prep and service.

White marble

white marble countertops in modern kitchen
Most people associate marble with white, probably because it is the most common color for marble countertops. It would be reasonable to avoid white marble for your kitchen to keep it from looking too ordinary, but sometimes, white marble is the best choice. This is particularly true when you have a blue palette.

This modern kitchen prominently features blue tile for the floors and backsplashes, and white cabinets. Anything other than white countertops would be jarring. Using white marble only adds elegance to the modernity.

Blue and gold marble

blue and gold marble island and white quartz perimeter countertops
True blue marble is actually quite rare, more so if it has gold veins. If you have a white kitchen and you have the chance to use blue and gold marble for your kitchen countertops, grab it. It is guaranteed to be a showstopper. You can choose to use it for all your countertops, or you can limit it to the island and “frame” it with white marble or quartz perimeter countertops. Make sure you give it proper lighting with appropriate pendant lights to pick out the blue and gold tints. It will be simply gorgeous, and you will be the envy of your peers.

Shaker style simplicity

white marble countertops in no-frills kitchen
If you want simple but not stark, white marble and off-white Shaker style cabinets is the way to go. The faint veins of the marble give just right hint of color to keep the countertops from looking too sterile or boring. Off-white cabinets and white subway tiles complete a nicely neutral and simple look.

Sky blue marble

sky blue marble countertops
Certain shades of blue such as sky blue have a calming effect, so it is a good color for the kitchen or bathroom. What is a better way to bring that home than with sky blue marble countertops and backsplashes? The coolness of blue keeps the room airy and bright without overwhelming it, and providing a good foil for warmer colors such as dark wood cabinets and floors. These countertops also go well with metal accents, such as the faucet, sink, and appliances.

Marble and wood

marble countertop with butcher block
Most people would say that neither marble nor wood make good candidates for kitchen countertops. Yet the esthetic of these two materials in combination is fantastic, especially if you choose neutral color for the marble. In this kitchen, the perimeter countertops and backsplashes are Carrara marble, while the solid maple takes center stage as the surface of the kitchen island.

White contrast

white marble in a black kitchen
A black kitchen is not easy to pull off without an Addams Family vibe for the whole house. However, you can try an all-black kitchen, complete with ebony cabinets and black tile floors, and introducing white accents by way of the countertops, window treatments, and dishes. The white elements leaven the black ones in a fun way, almost like the negative of a black-and-white-photograph. You can also add metal elements such as the faucet, cabinet pulls and pendant lights to add some color.

Black with stripes

black marble with stripes
Another interpretation of the black kitchen is keeping all the major elements in the kitchen black and frame it with white walls and ceilings. Black striped marble countertops and backsplashes provide the transitional and stylish element, elevating the basic black and white kitchen to elegance. Add some retro glam with plush bar stools and Hollywood style light fixtures, and you can almost imagine yourself back in time.


Marble countertops might not be a good idea from a practical perspective, but it is definitely a great idea from a design viewpoint. These design ideas for marble countertops in the kitchen should inspire you to take a leap of faith with this beautiful natural stone.
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