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Do Granite Countertops Add Value to a House?

Before, the kitchen was an undermined high-traffic area in every home. However, when you ask homeowners today about how they choose their new house. The first thing they would look into is the kitchen, followed by the master bathroom.

Times have changed, and the kitchen is considered the heart of every home today. If you want to increase the curb appeal and value of your property, you can surely start with your kitchen countertops.

Among the various materials for kitchen countertops, granite is the number one choice. Together, let us uncover the reasons why this igneous rock has totally dominated the field of stone countertops.

Throwback from History of Countertops

During the 90s, the in-demand material for kitchen countertops were laminates because of its economical price and versatile designs. Alongside, the demand for luxurious stone kitchen countertops, have flooded the market, and granite was on top of the list.

There was a time, when you say countertops, it is directly coined with granite kitchen countertops. That is how this mineral has become a strong flagship in the remodeling industry.

Approximate Value Added Feature of Granite Countertops

The pristine looks and impressive strength of granite kitchen countertops have encouraged many homeowners from installing one when they renovate their kitchen. So far, most homeowners who have upgraded their kitchen countertops with granite stone have increased the overall value of their property by 50% to 80% of its overall renovation cost.

Benefits of Granite Countertop Installation

Are you planning to install expensive or cheap granite countertops for your kitchen and bathroom renovations? Before doing that, have a better understanding of the benefits of granite stone so you won’t regret installing one in your home.

1. Classy Curb Appeal

Granite slabs seems like a canvass which is naturally painted through time. There are plenty of design and color variations for granite countertops. It’s fine veining patterns and specks of colors naturally flows over its pale or rich deep background.

When you have a skimpy kitchen, we advise that you opt for white granite countertops. This type fairly increases the visual space in your narrow kitchen. Likewise, the fine gray and silver veining patterns suits well with wooden tones of your kitchen cabinetry.

Meanwhile, if white isn’t your thing, then going for black granite countertops can be a good choice. In our showroom, we have a few variations of black granite such as absolute black, Andes black, Black Galaxy, Black Meteorite, and Black Pearl. Likewise, your black granite kitchen countertop will totally pop out when you choose pale or light hues for your kitchen wall and cabinetry.

2. Sustainable Strength

When you have a medium to high-traffic kitchen, the durability of granite will never fail you and a lot of our clients can attest to that. The strength of granite is fairly above that of concrete, so light scratch and dents will be fine.

When cracks or chips are inevitable, you can readily repair this using a DIY repair kit found in any hardware store. Compared with quartz, the seams will be slightly invisible for granite because of its veining patterns and grains of varied colors.

3. Hassle-free to Clean

We understand you want to shy away from the trouble of breaking a leg when cleaning your kitchen countertops. In that case, your cheap granite countertops best fits your need. 

Cleaning your granite island will only require a soft towel and mild soap solution. Spray a mist of your soap solution on your countertop and wipe down with using your soft towel. Just make sure you rinse it with water to avoid soap residues on your granite countertop.s

For hardened stains, simply use a plastic and flexible scraper to avoid heavy scratch marks. Overall, most of our clients have a worry-free cleaning experience with their high-end granite countertops.

4. Remarkable Heat and Stain Resistance

Take note, granite came from igneous rocks, so there is innate heat resistance from this mineral. Unlike quartz, you won’t see any burnt marks when you place hot pans on its surface. Nonetheless, we still advise our clients to use trivets and hot pads to avoid peeling off the sealant coating.

Granite slabs are naturally porous so its stain resistance is not totally at par with quartz. However, we resolve that by impregnating sealants around the entire body of your precious granite. This sealing maintenance reinforces the anti-stain properties of granite, so there will be less worries with spills and food stains.

Cost of Granite Kitchen Countertops

We have the latest technology when it comes to accurately customizing and cutting the dimension of your desired granite slab. Likewise, the cost per square foot of granite varies depending on quality.

Typically, the average cost of granite ranges between $50 to $110 per square foot. There is additional expense when you do edge styling and finishes on your granite slab. Nonetheless, for your 30 square foot granite countertop, we can give that to you at $1,399 with some freebies that includes free fabrication and installation, free sealing application, and a sink.

You can check out our showroom to view our extensive collections of granite and other stone countertops.

If you wish to ask for a free quote for your countertop installation, feel free to click the “EZ Quote” button or call us today.

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