natural quartz countertops

Embrace the Unique Durability of Natural Quartz Countertops

If you think granite is the only one rocking the remodeling industry, you need to recheck as quartz natural stone is catching up. There is no question when it comes to durability of quartz as it is harder and denser than granite.

For more than a decade, different types of quartz countertops have captured a huge market share. You can never be wrong from choosing engineered quartz stone because of its pristine aesthetics and return on investment on your kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Unquestionable Strength Better than Granite

In the Mohs Scale of Hardness, the durability of any stone is measured in the range of 1 to 10. Typically, natural granite has a rating of 6 in the Mohs Scale while quartz is around 7. Knowing this trait, you can fairly have quartz kitchen countertops for your high-traffic kitchen.

With proper care and maintenance, your high-end quartz can exceptionally resist scratch, dents, chips, cracks, and cuts. We provide some of the best white quartz countertops with great hardness and designs for contemporary homes.

Exceptional Anti-Stain Properties

In making your engineered quartz stone, we mix around 3% to 5% polymer resin binders to the crushed quartz. These binders are mixed thoroughly with the natural quartz so that it seals off pores upon drying and molding into slabs. This in turn, contributes to the impressionable anti-stain performance of quartz countertops.

A simple test to do when checking the porosity of a material is placing a drop of water on the surface. If the water droplet forms a spherical shape and doesn’t get absorbed, then your material is non-porous.

In our showroom, you can check out some intricately designed quartz stone that can best spruce up your kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Parallel Beauty with Natural Stones

Because quartz is an engineered or man-made stone, we can readily alter and copy the designs and colors of some precious natural stones like marble and granite. If you love white color for your modern kitchen and bath, then our stark white quartz countertops is your best candidate for your kitchen and bathroom countertops.

White quartz countertops blend well with metallic accessories or wooden cabinetry. Likewise, you can also opt for white cabinetry with your white quartz kitchen countertops. Overall, this creates a bright and neat atmosphere in your home.

We can fairly modify as well the thickness of its veining patterns and the speckles of colors running through the slab’s background. Meanwhile, if you are worried about stains, then choosing black quartz countertops is an alternative option. You can expect solid black or a black background with sparkling silver or white streaks across the background.

Some Precautions About Quartz Natural Stones

Indeed, quartz has an amazing durability to withstand the sharp objects and heat inside your kitchen. However, quartz is not a perfect stone so you can expect some setbacks from this elegant engineered stone.

Avoid Long UV Ray Exposure 

Unlike other natural stones, quartz natural stone cannot be ideally used as outdoor countertops. The plastic resin binders of quartz reacts and discolors when exposed for long hours under the heat of the sun. Similarly, you need to use trivets and hot pads when placing hot pans on top to avoid burning your plastic resin binders.

Seams will be Visible for Cracks and Chips

Because of the design and color consistency of engineered quartz, the seams of your repairs will be noticeable. This is not a huge problem but it will definitely alter the current beauty of your precious quartz stone countertops. Nonetheless, the value of your high-end quartz will not greatly depreciate with those visible seams.

If you want to minimize visible seams, you can opt for larger quartz slabs so you will have a continuous flow on your kitchen and bathroom vanity tops. Our stone experts can help you in choosing designs which match up with the existing theme in your kitchen and bathroom makeover.

Go For Professional Quartz Installation

Take note, quartz slabs are denser and heavier than granite slabs, so hiring a professional installer and fabricator is a good choice. Buying these high-end quartz countertops will cost you a fortune, so guesswork in DIY installation is never recommended.

Consequently, you have to lean on professionals so the customization and installation will be accurate and smooth. With that, you can readily give us a call so our licensed and bonded professionals can provide technical assistance.

We give reasonable prices for our services and products. Make that short call to get a free estimate from us. We totally value your investment and satisfaction in renovating your home and commercial properties.

Call us now or visit us on Yelp anytime!

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