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Getting Your Kitchen and Kitchen Countertops Holiday Ready

The holidays are fun, but not when you are playing host to a bunch of parties and get-together. That requires a lot of preparation, and frankly, it is very stressful.

One way to lessen the anxiety is to get ready ahead of time. You can plan for all the approaching festivities on your plate early in the season, so you will not have to deal with any major problems at the last minute. The one room in your home that is likely to see a lot of action is the kitchen, particularly your kitchen countertops, so you need to make it a priority. Getting your kitchen and kitchen countertops holiday ready should be on the top of your list even before the first trick-or-treaters come banging on your front door.

Take stock

The first thing you need to do is identify areas for improvement. Do you need a more reliable oven? DO you have enough plates and glasses for your guests? Are your baking sheets and serving plates up for the occasion? If you decide to stock up, do you have enough storage? Finally, are your kitchen countertops fit to be seen and ready for bear?

Add anything to the list that you think will keep you from enjoying the holidays. If your kitchen cabinets and countertops need replacing, decide to do it early enough, because that takes a lot of work. In most cases, your cabinets might only need a bit of work such as a new coat of paint. You might even go so far as to replace the cabinet fronts if the old ones are just too ugly to keep.
When it comes to countertops, however, replacing them might be the only option unless you already have granite, marble, or quartz countertops. If you do not, replacing them with these stone countertops will do wonders for your holiday spirit.

Make decisions

If you do decide to replace your countertops, you will want to choose the right one once and for all. Granite and quartz are the top picks for materials for kitchen countertops because they are durable and available in a wide range of colors.
Granite is natural, while quartz is man-made, but either one is a good choice for your kitchen if you want hardworking countertops. You will need them once you start preparing tons of food for your family and guests in the coming holidays.

Once you choose the granite or quartz for your kitchen countertops, you next need to decide on the color. Typically, designers choose the countertops first, and then build the color palette around it. In this case, however, the reverse is true. Your countertops have to match or complement the existing style and design of your kitchen.

For example, if you have a white kitchen, you can choose almost any color and design for your countertops because white provides a perfect backdrop for any color. However, if you have a country style kitchen with lots of different colors, you might want to go for a more neutral shade of stone such as white, brown, or beige.

After you decide on the color and design of your countertops, you have to choose an edge. For the sake of doing things quickly and cost-effectively, you might want to choose a simple edge such as eased or square. Countertop specialists often offer these free of charge. However, premium edges such as waterfall and ogee do add a certain flair to the kitchen, so if you have the time and budget, consider other options as well. If you are not sure, ask your countertop specialist for advice.

Get started

Now that you have done all your prep work, the next thing you should do is ask for quotes from local countertop specialists in your area. Reputable ones will give you free quotes or even in-home consultations free of charge and at no commitment to buy. You should choose from among those willing to give you their expert advice without compelling you to make a deposit. These companies are more likely to give you the kitchen countertops you want on time and on budget.

When you have two or three quotes that you like, make an appointment to look over the products they have to offer. The best countertop companies will have showrooms for their products, so you can look at actual slabs. This is important if you chose granite, because granite slabs are always unique. A sample might not be representative of the whole. You want to make sure there are no surprises when they deliver your countertops for installation.

Once you have chosen your contractor, make time to go over every detail of your countertops with them. Discuss the finer points of the project to get the final cost of your new kitchen countertops as well as the timeline. This is important, as you want a fully functional kitchen when it is time to prep for your first party. When you are satisfied with everything, sign the contract so the workers can get started.


Getting your kitchen and kitchen countertops holiday ready early in the season is the best way to make sure you enjoy the holidays. This year, make sure you plan for all contingencies, including replacing worn and outdated kitchen countertops to make your holiday preparations go smoothly and beautifully. KNC Granite can help you with that.

We have a large array of granite and marble slabs from which to choose. You can check actual slabs at our showroom in Lanham, Maryland. We service Washington DC, many areas in Maryland (Baltimore, Annapolis, Bethesda, Rockville) and Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington).
If you prefer quartz countertops, we can also help. Also we carry some of the top brands of engineered stone, including Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and MSI, all of which come with manufacturer warranties.

We do not only supply top quality natural and engineered stones, however. We are experts at fabricating and installing kitchen counters or bathroom vanities. Also we specialize in kitchen remodeling and bathroom upgrade projects, delivering on time and on budget.

Give us a call or email us for your free in-home consultation and quote for your holiday-ready kitchen countertops!

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