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2022 Best Granite Countertop Colors For Your Kitchen in Annapolis, MD

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Choosing the right granite countertop colors to complete your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you can make. If you can pick kitchen countertop granite colors that fit the rest of the space, you will feel much more satisfied.

Getting to know as many of the latest kitchen countertop colors in Annapolis, MD will help you to make the most informed decision possible. There are a lot of popular colors for granite slabs in Annapolis, MD, so you might feel a little overwhelmed at times when searching for the right one.

For this blog post, our experts on granite countertop colors in Annapolis, MD will explain the best granite countertop colors of 2022. These professional opinions on popular granite countertop colors will help you make the right choice for your kitchen.

Andromeda White Granite Countertops

This granite comes in a speckled beige and white with grayish veins. If you look closely at this stone it has small black streaks and black grains. This is a great addition to modern or traditional style kitchens.

The light color of this granite countertop makes excellent contrasts with darker colors to help you see what you are cooking in the kitchen. This stone can add some texture to your kitchen but doesn’t take away from a neutral design palette.

Colonial White Granite

More of an off white stone containing brown and rosy flakes. You might also find smokey patches with dark black speckles that make many people think of cookies and cream ice cream. 

Sometimes referred to as a vanilla colored stone, it works well in light or dark kitchens. For light spaces, it makes a warm and welcoming atmosphere, while in dark spaces it balances out the room. Combined with white or wooden kitchen cabinets, it creates a warmer feeling than pure white granite.

Alaska White Granite Kitchen Countertops

This type of white granite is the most dramatic of the white granites we have presented because it contains greater densities of Onyx. The Onyx patches look gray and make up about 40 to 50 percent of the stone’s mass. 

Alaska white gives off a cooler feeling that pairs well with black, white, blue, brown or gray kitchen cabinets. It takes on an eclectic modern feeling with its uneven white and silver patterns and big swirls of gray and black.

Nordic Black Granite Kitchen Countertops

This is a pure black stone with light refracting crystals just below its surface. It often has impressive tightly interlocking metallic grains and white veins. This black granite looks amazing on top of dark or light cupboards.

Many designers pair Nordic Black with golden or copper accents to great success. It is a sophisticated stone with low variations and a shallow depth that can blend with other types of granite countertops. In terms of class and sophistication, you need to know how much the cost of kitchen remodel will be. 

Desert Dream Granite

This premium granite screams opulence and luxury. It contains golden, burnt orange, cream, gray and black patterns to make it one of the most stylish granites on the market today.

For a stunning and exuberant look, choose golden and copper finishes around the rest of your kitchen. It works well as a centerpiece in a neutral kitchen, but can also blend in with a moodier or more subtle atmosphere.

Black Galaxy Granite

This stone has a high content of bronzite which gives it golden, copper and white flecks that shine especially radiantly when exposed to bright lights. You can use this stone throughout the house including for stairs, flooring and countertops.

You might notice some greenish- black shading in the deep black background. This granite looks great with a glossy polish or even a matte finish.

Amadeus Granite Countertops

This medium grained blue granite also contains gray, black, dark red and green shades. It has dramatic veining swirls that flow across its surface giving it an almost river-like appearance.

This granite color could make a statement countertop in a smaller kitchen. Amadeus adds flow and splendor to larger spaces with its kinetic sweeping blues.

Blue Pearl Granite

This granite has distinct markings that resemble short brush markings. You might notice a higher amount of duck egg blue blotches on top of a dark gray to black background.

With a coarse grain structure and feldspar crystals that reflect light to create a mother of pearl effect that can be magical. This is a more creative alternative to black or white granite. It is a captivating stone that is not for the faint of heart.

Brass Blue Granite

If you look at this stone from far away, you might mistake it for a wave on the sea. Its dark background with white patches give it that nautical feeling and it has smaller swirls of gray and black on closer examination.

Brass Blue can work with most interiors, but is especially conducive to pairing with brass fixtures which bring out its natural tones. It will contrast well with golden or copper kitchen fixtures. This is a great choice for folks who enjoy blue countertops.

Almond Gold Granite

This granite stone has amber tones accented with rich umber and nut brown. This golden granite has the chunk effect as opposed to waves or veins. This is a great choice for a more traditional kitchen and pairs well with wooden fixtures and warm interiors.

The golden speckles don’t override other elements and even have a softening effect on metallic spaces. Almond Gold can boost the energy in a kitchen and is one of the most popular stones lately with muted design trends.

Coffee Brown Granite

This type of granite really has the same color palette as coffee grounds. Its patterns remain relatively consistent throughout its slab. Coffee Brown is less severe than black granite, and can aid in creating a warm and friendly environment. This granite countertop color works best if you want a vibe of warmth in your kitchen. 

You can find great deals on this type of granite compared with other browns. It matches well with medium or light wood or even cream colored kitchen cabinets. Don’t be afraid to choose this granite color to make your kitchen a cozy space that you can relax in.

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