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KNC is the leading supplier of marble, quartz and granite countertops Alexandria VA. If you have a need for high quality kitchen countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds. tub decks, bathroom vanities, or anything that has to do with stone surfaces, we are the specialists you need. Our clients include homeowners, interior designers, and general contractors.
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Our products are cut from first rate natural stone, with an eye on design, functionality, and durability.
However, we are not pushing you to go for granite if you would rather consider other types of stone countertops.
We can offer you a wide variety and range of the best stone countertops that fit your taste and budget. This includes:
Our products are cut from first rate natural stone, with an eye on design, functionality, and durability. However, we are not pushing you to go for granite if you would rather consider other types of stone countertops. We can offer you a wide variety and range of the best stone countertops that fit your taste and budget. This includes:

New Bar Counter Entertains Beltsville Homeowner

The census-designated place or CDP of Beltsville, Maryland is home to a mixed race population of more than 15,000 residents over a total area of 7.2 square miles. The hot, humid summers and generally mild winters make it a great place to live in, and a good portion of the population are foreign-born, more than the average for Maryland. The median age of residents is 37.6 years old, nearly half (50.2%) of whom are married

Beltsville was once part of land granted to Richard Snowden and his family by Cecil Calvert, 2nd Baron of Baltimore from England in 1649. Snowden established tobacco plantations in the rich, fertile soils that shipped its produce to England. In 1910, the USDA started to acquire land for its research arm, Agricultural Research Service, in the Walnut Grange. Today, the  Henry A. Wallace Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC) is the world’s most prominent and largest research facility for agriculture.

The discovery of iron ore in the area in the first part of the 1700s brought industry to Beltsville, and the Scottish brothers Andre and Elias Elliot established the Muirkirk Iron Furnace, which supplied pig iron to the US Army. However, the community only started to really grow when the B&O Railroad established a depot on land bought from a farmer called Trueman Belt in 1835, hence the name Beltsville. In 1891, the Beltsville Land Improvement Company began to build roads and sold parcels of land. There was a ban on selling land to African-Americans at that time, although today, the biggest racial group in Beltsville is African-American (34.4%).

The first homes built in Beltsville was a mix of Victorian and Colonial Revival styles, and some are still standing today. In fact, the oldest house in the area was built in 1773. Modern residences have a median value of $238,148.

Beltsville’s most distinguished native is Brigadier General Rezin Beall, who was born in 1723 on one of the plantations established by Snowden and given to the Beall family, lately from Scotland. As a captain of the Maryland Regulars, he was credited for stopping cold the invasion of British troops on St. Mary County via Plum Point on July 16, 1776, during the Revolutionary War, with just 100 men under his command. He was supposedly the reason why Maryland managed to stay out of the war zone.

Other celebrities that called Beltsville home at one point include comic book illustrator and writer Frank Cho (known for his illustrations of Marvel’s Hulk), internationally-known scientist and inventor of the bug bomb Lyle Goodhue, 2016 Summer Olympics gold medal winner (1500 meters) Matthew Centrowitz Jr., and NFL player Cameron Wake.

Things to Do Around Beltsville

There isn’t much to do in Beltsville if you’re not into history. If you are, however, you’ll probably get a kick out of visiting the Orme-Shaw House built in 1780, which is a rare example of an intact 18th century log house. A decade later, in 1886, the local physician Dr. Charles Fox built what is now known as the Dr. Charles Fox House. It is also known as Coffin House, not because people died there, but because it was where the Coffin family later took up residence. You may also want to go to another historic site, St. John’s Episcopal Church and Cemetery with its Stick style bell tower typical of the designs of architect John R. Niernsee.

If you get hungry, you should definitely try the crab cakes and cream of crab soup at the Old Line Bistro, reputed to be the best in Maryland. You can also check out what’s happening at the AMC Center Park 8, browse through the Spicknall’s Farm Market, or play a round or two at the Cross Creek Golf Club.

Homeowners Look to Have Guests Over

The clients owned a small two-bedroom house near the University of Maryland built in 1932. Many renovations have already been made, mostly to maximize the space in the 700 square foot home. However, with their only child off to college, the couple decided to entertain more, and  had a bar built in the space between the kitchen and dining room to create an entertainment area and additional seating.

The clients contacted us asking about getting a granite countertop for the newly-built  bar that would match the existing granite countertops in the main kitchen area. We scheduled an ocular the following day to inspect the granite and give our suggestions for the bar, which had provision for a small sink on the left corner on the kitchen side.

The existing granite countertops were very similar to the Blanco Romano granite we had in stock. We used our kitchen visualizer to show the clients how the bar would look with the Blanco Roman granite. We also showed them other complementary colors using Baltic Brown and Desert Dream to make the bar the focal point of the two rooms. It would still match the espresso colored cabinets and look well with the much lighter main kitchen counters. The couple was intrigued by the idea of complementary colors, and asked for an image file of the visualization for all three stones.

We heard back from them the next day. They decide to go with the Desert Dream granite, and asked for a cost estimate. We were able to quote them a good price for the granite because the size requirement coincided with a partly used slab we had in the warehouse. They were very happy when they heard the news, and came down to look over the slab, choose a sink from our selections, and to put a deposit for the stone. We scheduled for the fabricator to make a template for the new bar countertop the next day.

Installing the bar countertop

The fabricator came with the contractor that would install the sink to make a wooden template for the bar. It was a quick job, and since we already had the stone available, we were able to send the installer to the clients the next day with the fabricated slab and the fixtures that went with the sink. He had the countertop installed and sealed within an hour, and he warned the clients not to use it until the next day to allow the seal to dry completely. 

Post Installation

The contrast of the vibrantly hued bar top against the light-colored countertops of the main kitchen was startling, but attractive, which is what we were going for. The clients were very happy with the quality of the stone, and commended the speed of our workers in getting the project done so quickly. They said that they were seriously contemplating replacing all the other countertops to the same color as the bar, but while we were more than happy to oblige them, we pointed out that the existing countertops were in excellent condition, and did not really need replacement. We advised them to wait a few weeks to see if they still felt the same way.


The clients contacted us again after three months and said that they had decided to keep the existing countertops as we had advised. However, they wanted us to put in granite top on the bathroom vanity because they were so happy with the quality of our work. They asked if we had any scrap granite we could offer for that purpose. Of course we did!

We make it our priority to be sensitive to the needs and wants of our clients in order to give them the quality products and service they deserve. Kitchen and bathroom stone countertops can add considerable beauty and value to the home, which is why we give the same amount of attention to all our projects, big and small, and guarantee the lowest prices for stone countertops in the Commonwealth of Virginia and Maryland.

About Beltsville, MD

It is one of the best cities to reside and grow your career in Prince George County. The rich culture and dense suburban feel in Beltsville is home to around 17,589 residents. Also, the best traits of this city is its beautiful core, colorful culture, and historical background. 

There are also plenty of coffee shops, shopping centers, and parks to spend time with your family, friends, and colleagues. Driving your own car is workable in Beltsville, yet you can also use their public transport.



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