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Our products are cut from first rate natural stone, with an eye on design, functionality, and durability. However, we are not pushing you to go for granite if you would rather consider other types of stone countertops. We can offer you a wide variety and range of the best stone countertops that fit your taste and budget. This includes:


These are all excellent alternatives to granite, and give you a wider choice in design and color without sacrificing quality. We guarantee that countertops from us will not let you down. Each and every slab undergoes rigorous quality inspections so you will not get any nasty surprises.

Wood Counters Replaced for Dundalk Home

The census-designated place but unincorporated community of Dundalk is located in Baltimore County in Maryland. It was founded in 1856 and named for the town of Dundalk in Ireland. It is probably one of the first of the inner-ring suburbs surrounding the city of Baltimore. If you’re wondering how to pronounce the name, it is either “dun-dawk” or “dun-dok,” whichever you prefer. With a total area of 17.4 square miles, it was the largest of the unincorporated communities in Maryland in the 1970s.Dundalk,MD

The first explorer of the area where you will now find Dundalk was John Smith, who in 1608 came upon the Susquehannock Indian tribes that had inhabited the area for many years. However, it was in 1856 that Irish immigrant from Dundalk, Ireland Henry McShane built the McShane Bell Foundry near the Patapsco River, just outside Baltimore. McShane was tasked with naming the Baltimore and Sparrow Points Railroad depot that serviced the foundry, and he chose to name it for his birthplace. The foundry made three moves since then, to Patterson Park, then to East Federal Street in the 1940s when the Patterson Park facility burned down, and finally to Glen Burnie in 1977, its current location.
The community was not much of one until the Bethlehem Steel Company bought 1,000 acres of land near the foundry in 1916 to develop housing for the workers. By 1917, there was a proper residential community in an open grid which favored pedestrians with 62 two-story homes with pitched roofs, a post office, and two stores. It was also on the telephone exchange.

Today, Dundalk has a total population as of the last census in 2010 of 63,597, with a racial mix of 75.2% white, 10.8 African American, 5.5% Hispanic, and 3.7% Asian. The median household income (estimated as of 2015) is $50,673, considerably lower than the Maryland median at $75,847.

Among the notable people that lived in or around Dundalk include sports writer Nestor Aparicio, MLB pitchers Mike Bielecki and Dave Johnson, NASA astronaut Robert Curbeam, Kentucky Derby jockey Ron Franklin, and professional skateboarder Bucky Lasek. You also have Hellyeah guitarist Tom Maxwell and The Go-Gos drummer Gina Schrock. In the field business and scientific fields, there is businessman Greg Ottensmeyer, who was one of the founders of the flat-rate long distance calling service innovation, and Henrietta Lacks, the source of the HeLa cell line, one of the most important discovered in medical history. For the arts, you have jazz musician Tony Sweet, jazz pianist Jessica Williams, illustrator Bernie Wrightson, and journalist Todd Allen Williams.

Things to do in Dundalk

Dundalk has a historic district listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so there’s that. There are also a total of nine parks in the area, including the Merritt Point Park, Turner Station Park, Lynch Cove Park, and Stansbury Park.

If you happen to be in Dundalk in the latter part of June, be sure to check out the Dundalk Heritage Fair, a three-day community celebration for the community. You will experience a real small-town fair complete with carnival rides, music, hundreds of vendors of food, arts and crafts, pig races, petting zoo, and a lot more.

Wood counters be gone

The client had planned to move to Dundalk from Baltimore with her two teenaged children once school lets out to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, and still be within easy commute to her workplace. She bought a newly renovated traditional-style home built in 1957 with three bedrooms and two bathrooms at a good price. She knew from the start that she would need to do some additional work on the place, including replacing the wooden countertops, an original feature of the home. She had worked with us before, and contacted us to get a quote for replacing the counters with a similar one she had installed in her Baltimore home three years before. Upon consulting our records, it turned out she had chosen granite slab, a popular design that we still carried, so it was not a problem. We offered her our all-in Silver Package which was $1,399 for up to 30 square feet an included a free sink. She asked for a quote for full backsplashes. She agreed to the final quote and sent in a deposit for the stone so we could get started.

Post installation

The project was accomplished in five days. It took the crew the whole day to demolish the existing backsplash tiles and carefully remove the wooden counters, which were high quality and still in good shape. The client may have some use for it in the future. The backsplash took two days to install. The client came to visit the site just as the installer was putting the finishing touches to the counters, and she was very pleased with the results. She said it was good to have the same stone in the new kitchen as her old one because it would make her feel more at home.

Home sweet home

Many of the projects we undertake at KNC Granite is to improve the esthetics and function of the home, usually in the kitchen and bathroom. In some instances, the purpose is to make the homeowner feel more at home, and that was the case for this project. The client knew the benefits of granite from previous experience, and wanted the same look and feel in her new home.

We are expert in the fabrication and installation of granite and other stones for the home, and service many areas in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. Our aim is to maximize customer satisfaction by giving them the best possible service and product through continuous improvement and implementation of Total Quality Management principles.
Granite and other stone countertops give any kitchen or bathroom a distinct “coolness” factor. If you want to make your house feel like home sweet home, contact us for your NO OBLIGATION free estimate and consultation so we can make it happen.



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