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KNC is the leading supplier of marble, quartz and granite countertops Alexandria VA. If you have a need for high quality kitchen countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds. tub decks, bathroom vanities, or anything that has to do with stone surfaces, we are the specialists you need. Our clients include homeowners, interior designers, and general contractors.

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Our products are cut from first rate natural stone, with an eye on design, functionality, and durability.
However, we are not pushing you to go for granite if you would rather consider other types of stone countertops.
We can offer you a wide variety and range of the best stone countertops that fit your taste and budget. This includes:
Our products are cut from first rate natural stone, with an eye on design, functionality, and durability. However, we are not pushing you to go for granite if you would rather consider other types of stone countertops. We can offer you a wide variety and range of the best stone countertops that fit your taste and budget. This includes:

Essex, MD Homeowner Refurbishes Kitchen with New Countertops and Sinks

The community of Essex is unincorporated and can be found inside of Baltimore County, Maryland. In 2010, the recorded population was just under 40,000 people. In the past, this city was only ten blocks long, which ran from Marlyn Ave to Mace Ave. The community was created in 1909 by Taylor Land Company. The people who moved here were from Baltimore and were looking for a place to stay outside of the city. This enabled them to do things not possible in urban areas, such as growing a garden and other rural activities.

At this time, the land was very cheap and sales increased due to a promotional pamphlet that was created. The first store was built in the city of Essex in 1910 by Henry Guttenberger. It was located on Eastern Ave and Mace Ave. Lots of land were donated to St John’s Lutheran and Essex Methodist churches between 1911 and 1912. The local volunteer fire station was also built on donated land. A permanent firehouse was built in 1921.

As the population started to grow, grade schools were opened in 1925 to accommodate 400 elementary students. Then there was the Essex Community College that was built in 1957. A major fire in 1957 ended up destroying a lot of the businesses on Eastern Ave. Since then, the business district has yet to fully recover.

Things to Do in Essex, Maryland

Essex is a vibrant community with lots of things to see and do. There are beaches, parks and attractions throughout the city, making it a great place to live and play. For instance, those who enjoy a thrill can go to the Autobahn Indoor Speedway. Families and couples can enjoy the water at Rocky Point Beach and Park. Others can spend their time teeing off at the Rocky Point Golf Course. Then for some food and drinks, folks of Essex can head over to Laidback Lenny’s Pub & Grill, Friend’s of Tempo Lounge, Amber Lounge Essex, River Rat Saloon & Liquors or Woodalls.

KNC Granite Upgrades Essex Kitchen and Bath with Stone

A homeowner in Essex, MD decided to contact KNC Granite for a quote on installing granite countertops in the kitchen and bathroom. They decided to purchase the slabs from our showroom, so we came to their property to take measurements and provide a free no-obligation estimate. The homeowner was delighted with the quote and hired us right away to get started with the fabrication of the stone. He came to our showroom to review the different colors and styles of granite stone we carry.

Once he chose the slabs he wanted for the kitchen and bathroom, we put in the order to have it cut to the specifications we took down. Our professionals do all the fabricating to ensure the stone counters are a perfect match.

Happy Essex Customer

When the customer saw our final result, he was ecstatic with the outcome. Our contractors make sure to provide lots of attention to the design and craftsmanship. This is why many of our customers like our services – they’re meticulously done to ensure the most satisfaction with our clients. This homeowner was pleased with both the quality of our skills and the quality of our products. We installed granite stone counters in the bathrooms and kitchen, along with new sinks from our line of products. We obtain our goods from high-quality manufacturers to ensure our products are unsurpassed.

Installing the Counters and Sinks

When our professionals arrived to the property, we began moving the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms right away. The home was a large farm style house, so the kitchen was massive. There was also a butler’s pantry area which needed the counters updated. Once all the counters were removed, we got to work on installing the new ones. The customer chose a light colored granite stone, which looked very appealing with the contrasting dark colored cabinets. The old counters were made from wood and were chipping pretty badly.

In the bathrooms, the counters on the vanity had been worn down by water and old age. There were two bathrooms, and both had countertops with the same signs. We quickly removed the counters from the bathrooms and replaced them with a granite stone slab. The one in the master bathrooms was quite large and had to accommodate double sinks. Our professionals did an amazing job at cutting and installing it. The sinks were installed last, adding the final touch the rooms needed. The entire project took one day to do.

Having Your Countertops Upgraded

If you’re thinking about upgrading the countertops in your home, then trust none other than KNC Granite. We have a variety of stones and slabs available for you to choose from. We invite you down to our showroom, so you can identify which colors and styles you want implemented into your home design. The great thing about natural stones is that they look good just about anywhere.

The stones we have available include granite, marble and engineered quartz. The brands we carry slabs from include Silestone, Zodiaq, Cambria and Caesarstone. These are all high-quality, deriving from parts of the world where they are well-known for its quality.

All of the professionals on staff at KNC Granite are licensed, bonded and insured. We have decades and decades of combined experience, which really shines through the work we perform. We take pride in all of the projects we work on. We always make sure our customers are satisfied with the services and products we provide. This is how we were able to stay in business for so long.

If your bathroom, kitchen or other areas of the home require new stone slabs, then don’t hesitate to give us a call. We can help you decide which stones are the best for the job. Some people use stone for floors, fireplace surrounds and bathroom walls, so the options are virtually endless. Ready to get started planning your kitchen and bath remodel? Give KNC Granite a call today!

About Essex, MD

This city has a safe and friendly dense suburban vibe, where you can walk alone at night without any fear of getting robbed. Despite the homey and historical appeal of Essex, it is still home to 40,480 residents. 

There are also a few local shops, restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops to unwind and spend time with friends and family. When you want to tour around town, you can either drive your own vehicle or ride their public transport.



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