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KNC is the leading supplier of marble, quartz and granite countertops Alexandria VA. If you have a need for high quality kitchen countertops, bar tops, fireplace surrounds. tub decks, bathroom vanities, or anything that has to do with stone surfaces, we are the specialists you need. Our clients include homeowners, interior designers, and general contractors.

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Our products are cut from first rate natural stone, with an eye on design, functionality, and durability.
However, we are not pushing you to go for granite if you would rather consider other types of stone countertops.
We can offer you a wide variety and range of the best stone countertops that fit your taste and budget. This includes:
Our products are cut from first rate natural stone, with an eye on design, functionality, and durability. However, we are not pushing you to go for granite if you would rather consider other types of stone countertops. We can offer you a wide variety and range of the best stone countertops that fit your taste and budget. This includes:

Hyattsville Property Manager Decides to Upgrade Single-Family Home with Marble Stone

The city of Hyattsville can be found inside Prince George County, Maryland. It’s considered an urban suburb not too far from Washington D.C. As of 2010, the population here was over 17,500 people. The founder of the city was a man named Christopher Clark Hyatt. He was the first person to purchase a parcel of land back in 1845.

Afterward, he decided to open up the first mail delivery shop. Then he named the community Hyattsville when he applied to become a postmaster in 1859. It became a popular place to develop after the Civil War because of its intersection between Ohio and Baltimore railroad and the Baltimore and Washington Turnpike.

Once the Civil War was over, local property owners began subdividing their land into lots and sold them to the incoming population. In 1886, the city was officially incorporated. Today, you can find the historic district, which is filled with Victorian style homes that were built during the latter 1880s. There are also Arts & Crafts houses and Sears bungalows found in the same area. These were built in the 1910s and 1940s.

The community today is made up of mainly leafy, semi-urban neighborhoods, many of which have lots of trees. The homes are small to medium sized with small front yards.

What You’ll Find in Hyattsville Today

Hyattsville is a wonderful place to live and visit. It features a variety of historical sites you can visit, along with a number of other attractions. For instance, shoppers can go to The Mall of Prince George`s. Or you can head to the Regal Hyattsville to see a blockbuster hit with the family.

If you’re on a dinner and a movie date, why not take your special someone to Lees Restaurant and Bar? You can also take your own tour of the city, visiting the landmarks and sites that revolve around the Civil War.

Hyattsville Property Manager Hires KNC Granite

One property owner in Hyattsville was referred to KNC Granite by one of our other customers. We had performed an installation job for another client a year before. The work we did for them was great and they decided to spread the word about our products and services.

Thankfully, the customers had kept us in mind all those years. We met with the property manager in Hyattsville to see how much work was really needed. The property manager decided to visit our showroom to take on a more hands-on approach.

So he reviewed our various stone slabs, which come in an array of colors and styles. He decided to have a marble stone installed in the bathrooms and a quartz stone installed in the kitchen area. These were excellent choices, given the locations of the stone slab. He chose marble slab for the bathrooms and  quartz slab for the kitchen.

Based on the selection of stones he chose, we were able to come up with an estimate. This was based on the measurements taken by our experts. Once the customer agreed to the quote, our professionals started fabricating the pieces.

Happy Hyattsville Customer

The professionals at KNC Granite did a great job at installing the counters in the kitchen and bathrooms. The customer was appeased with the work involved and with the speediness of our skills.

Remodeling the Kitchen and Bathrooms

The job of renovating a kitchen and bathroom is a big one. One the contractors at KNC Granite are willing to take on at any time. After we finished fabricating the stone slabs, we scheduled a day and time to come to the Hyattsville home.

We arrived on site early in the morning. The first place we went was the kitchen, where we removed the old countertops. This was made from a laminate material that resembled stone.

In the kitchen, we installed the quartz countertops, then sealed it. We recommended that the sealant be renewed once a year. There was a lot of cutting action and baking to do in the kitchen, so engineered quartz was the pick of choice. It can withstand the daily beating of a homeowner that loved to cook and entertain guests in the kitchen.

The bathrooms were then remodeled, removing the old warped countertops that were inside. Once the counters were removed, we implemented the new marble slabs.

The project here took us only two days to complete. It was an in and out situation, which the property owner was very pleased about.

Remodeling Your Kitchen and Bath

It doesn’t take rocket science to spruce up your home with a new kitchen and bathroom. All you need is the right materials and skill set. Since some people lack the skills needed to upgrade their properties with natural and engineered stones, then hiring the right help is key. You can work together with the contractors at KNC Granite to have your home remodeled using our selecting of stones.

Besides stones, we also carry a line of sinks, which come in double bowl and single bowl sink options. These sinks are made with stainless steel to ensure they withstand the whatever that occurs in the kitchen during meal and prep times.

The stone options we have available in our showroom include quartz, granite and marble. The engineered variety is the quartz, which is known to be very durable. We always make sure to seal the countertops, so their life is extended. You can have the countertops resealed each year to ensure they last as long as possible.

It’s time to start planning the remodeling of your home kitchen and bath. Contact us today to get a free quote and to schedule an appointment for the installation!

About Hyattsville, MD

This city is featured as the 12th best cities to reside and work in Prince George County Maryland. Its mixed urban and suburban vibe is home to 18,209 residents. In general, it has a very peaceful and progressive society. 

Their public schools and local businesses are gradually improving, so you can expect above standard service. Also, Washington DC is just a mile away from the core, and you can reach there by various means like driving your car, or riding their two metro rail public and MARC station.



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