How Thick Should Your Granite Countertop Be

How Thick Should Your Granite Countertop Be?

When people think of countertops, they think that picking one is as easy as picking the material they want to use. In reality, there are many aspects that make a countertop great and picking one boils down to many decisions you need to make. The very important one of course is picking which type of countertop should your kitchen have.

There are two primary types of countertops to choose from – synthetic and natural stone. Synthetic materials are the ones made out of man-made ingredients. They are a lot cheaper than the other option but they are superior in terms of quality as well. On the other hand, natural stones are more expensive but they are an upgrade in every aspect.

Of all the natural stone countertops out there, one of the most popular ones to choose is granite. It used to be at the top of the chain when it came to countertop popularity. It’s a durable and beautiful countertop but it’s not as expensive as other natural stones out there. As such, it’s one of the best options currently.

There are a lot of things to consider when picking a granite countertop. Aside from the brand, you should also consider the color, the shape, and the overall finish of the countertop. What many don’t know is that you should also take note of the thickness of the countertop as well. In fact, this is one of the most important aspects to consider.

Picking a thickness for your granite countertop matters heavily and it’s not a decision you should rush. It’s very likely that this is the first time you’ve heard of granite thickness but luckily, you are in the right place. We’ll be talking about the thickness of your granite countertop and what you should pick for your kitchen.

2CM Granite Countertops

This is the average thickness of granite countertops and it serves as the standard of today’s industry. Although no longer as popular because of the emergence of other thicknesses, 2cm granite is still a good option for many reasons. One is that the thickness is perfect for homes going for a minimalist design.

The common misconception is that the thinner the granite is, the easier it is to handle because it weighs less. That isn’t entirely true though. While 2cm granite does weigh a lot less than other thicknesses, it is a lot harder to handle. This is because 2cm granite is thinner and this means it’s generally more fragile as well.

For granite thickness like these, it’s often best to have some form of reinforcement during the installation process. This can prevent sagging or breaking of the countertop which is very common in cases like these because the thinner granite is, the more fragile it is. Even the most careful installers will cause this granite to break if they aren’t careful.

In terms of functionality, this thickness of granite is not recommended for heavy duty kitchen prep work. This involves chopping meat and using too much pressure. Even when installed, keep in mind that the granite might still chip or crack. That being said, it’s best to avoid dropping heavy objects on this countertop too.

3CM Granite Countertops

It used to be that 2CM granite countertops were the most popular in the industry. However, 3CM granite countertops have become the gold standard nowadays. Now, you’ll find more and more home owners picking 3CM granite countertops and you’ll also find more fabricators making this the readily available choice too.

One of the primary reasons why this is more preferred nowadays is that 3CM granite is more appealing to the eyes. While 2CM countertops offer that minimalistic appeal, 3CM granite countertops offer a unique appeal too. It stands out inside the kitchen or bathroom but it doesn’t entirely get the attention of the people.

For fabricators, 3CM granite countertops are a lot easier to install as well. Due to their thickness, this type of granite is a lot more durable and easier too. Fabricators no longer need to reinforce the countertop with plywood during installation as it doesn’t break as easily. That extra 1CM goes a really long way.

In terms of durability, 3CM granite countertops are far more durable than 2CM. That means they are also fit for heavier work and it’s a lot better to have for kitchens where the chefs are more active. 3CM is basically the perfect thickness of countertop if you are considering style, functionality, and price.

4CM Granite Countertops

Last but not the least, you’ve got 4CM countertops. These are the thickest that granite countertops can be without being too excessive. Not many people choose this for their home because aside from being way too expensive, this kind of thickness really doesn’t serve much in terms of functionality. 

All 4CM granite is good for its style. Since the countertop is on the thicker side, it is a lot easier to see the veining on the countertop. If you are looking for a more rustic appeal in your kitchen, then 4CM granite countertops are the best options out there. That is if you can afford the step price range though as it really does get expensive.

In terms of installation, 4CM granite doesn’t require reinforcement at the bottom too. This is because the countertop is already thick enough to hold its own. That being said, a 4CM granite countertop is very heavy so it usually takes more people to have this granite countertop installed inside the house.

In terms of durability and functionality, 4CM is the strongest. However, many would say that the durability is already a bit of an overkill. That being said, 4CM isn’t really a necessary thickness unless you are really going for a countertop inside your home that stands out. Still, it might be worth the consideration.

Which One Should You Choose?

Now this might be the question on your mind right now. Again, there are many aspects that can help you make the decision when it comes to picking a granite countertop. In reality, it all boils down to what you want and what you need. Of course, each of the countertop thicknesses offers their own form of pros and cons.

Picking the best thickness of granite countertop for your kitchen is just one step towards getting the perfect countertop for your home so it really does matter that you weigh your options well.

Thinner granite is of course cheaper than the thicker ones. If you are on a budget, it’s best to go for this but keep in mind that there are downsides to thin granite as well. For one, it’s far less durable than the other thickness so you need to be extra careful with it especially if you’re going to use it in the kitchen.

In terms of style thin granite slabs are very beautiful and they add a touch of simplicity to your kitchen as well. Most people think that granite slabs that are too thin aren’t exactly good for the home but in reality, it offers a unique touch to your home’s overall design so it’s still worth getting as well.

Thick granite countertops aren’t exactly necessary. In fact, they aren’t really the best choice all in all. Some people only use this if they want to add a unique touch to their house but other than that, 4CM granite countertops are not really a practical choice. To cap it all off, they are rather expensive as well.

Personally, we believe that 3CM granite countertops are the perfect options. These are the gold standard thickness of countertops for a reason and that’s because they are the best of both worlds when it comes to the benefits of a countertop. They are in the mid-price range, they offer the perfect durability, and they offer a lot of style as well.

Some people opt to have the thickness of their granite countertop customized. Keep in mind that you aren’t limited to these options. Fabricators can create a customized thickness of countertop for you so keep that in mind as well. In fact, this is a great option because customized thickness means you are getting exactly what you need.

The thickness of your granite countertop does matter, Be it for budget, design, or functional concerns, picking the right thickness can make or break your kitchen countertop. Hopefully, this guide has provided you with great insight on what to pick for your home, be it your bathroom or your kitchen countertop.

Remember, this is a countertop that’s supposed to last you for a long time, it’s only vital that you pick one that fits all of your needs. Make sure to take your time and pick your granite countertop properly, it’s better to take a long time in picking than regret your decision later on as it’s going to be a major headache for you.

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