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How to Care For Your Natural Stone Countertops

You can never be wrong from choosing natural stone countertops in sprucing your kitchen, bathroom, and basement renovations. It has exquisite veining patterns, texture, and color combinations that will give a fresh and classic look in your home.

With our experience and training in this field, we can share with you insightful tips to help preserve the appearance and construction of your affordable stone countertops without breaking the bank.

Practical Care Tips for Stone Countertops

Here are the quick and easy methods that you can adapt to preserving the curb appeal and hardness of your precious natural stone countertops. 

1. Periodic Sealing Maintenance

The main gripe of these elegant natural minerals will be its porous surface which makes it susceptible to stains and water. Consequently, the best solution for this will be impregnating a sealant to your stone countertops (e.g., granite and marble). 

Technically, we treat or seal the pores of your granite or natural stone before installing them as your kitchen island or vanity tops. Further, you need to schedule periodic sealing maintenance to keep the anti-stain and moisture resistance of your stone countertops.

2. Always Use Mild or Neutral Stone Cleaning Products

Not all natural stones have excellent resistance against acidic or basic solutions, so it is safe that you only use neutral cleaning products for removing stains and dust on its surface. You can search hundreds of commercial stone cleaners online, just make sure to read the label.

Meanwhile, only use soft microfiber in wiping off your stone countertops, to avoid any scratch marks and dents. You need to take note of these things to avoid any discoloration or damages on your kitchen island and bathroom vanities.

3. Quickly Blot Stains When You See Them

One common mistake among homeowners is letting spills and stains linger for long hours in their kitchen island and vanity countertops. You need to make it a habit to blot stains immediately when you see them, to avoid letting them penetrate underneath your stone’s pores.

In line, only use soft fabric or cloth in blotting those stains over your countertop surfaces.

4. Use Coasters, Hot Pads, and Trivets

Remember, your natural stone countertops are highly porous, so you need to prevent moisture and water from touching its surface. When you place cold drinks on your kitchen island, use coasters that will catch those droplets and liquid dripping on your glass.

Meanwhile, to protect the sealant coating of your stone countertops, use hot pads or trivets when placing hot pans, casseroles, and bowls on your kitchen island.

5. Consider Hiring A Stone Expert Near You

There is nothing wrong with your DIY basic stone care and maintenance practices. However, some things only can be done by a stone specialist in fixing small or major stone damages.

At KNC Granite, we provide a full range of stone repairs, customization, sealing, and maintenance at a flexible price range. We are one of the authorities when it comes to versatile stone care and maintenance packages for the locals.

Reasons To Choose Stone Countertops

Whether you are choosing quartz, granite, marble, or soapstone countertops, all these minerals provide a timeless elegance in your outdated kitchen and master bath.

Technically, it is quite daunting to choose which among these natural or manufactured stone countertops best suits your renovation and budget. However, when you hire a professional contractor, we can seamlessly assist with you starting from the planning phase until installing and maintaining it.

Nevertheless, here are the main benefits of stone countertops and why several homeowners and remodelers are cravings for these natural and engineered stone countertops.

Unquestionable Beauty

These stone counters have various palettes and pattern combinations that can flexibly match your desired theme and budget. For the natural stones, you will enjoy its randomness and striking appearance that mesmerizes the eyes of your audiences.

Meanwhile, for cultured stones, you will have fun with its color and pattern consistency that is highly present in most modern kitchen and bathroom space. If you like a modern and cool theme, then we recommend white, light gray, beige, and other neutral hues for your stone kitchen island and bathroom vanities with tops.

Dependable Strength And Heat Tolerance

When it comes to durability, some of the popular choices are granite, quartz, solid surface, soapstone, and marble. The last two stones have a lower hardness than the first three, yet with proper care and maintenance, it can flawlessly work in your busy kitchen.

Meanwhile, the top choices for excellent heat resistance are granite, soapstone, and marble stone countertops. With that, it becomes a great choice for your high traffic Kitchen island.

Nevertheless, we still recommend that you use hot pads and trivets when placing hot pans and casseroles on top of these stone counters, so its sealant film won’t be destroyed.

Appraises Your Property’s Value

Besides sprucing the curb appeal of your kitchen and bathroom, these stone countertops also elevate the economic resale value of your home by 50% to 70% of its overall cost.

In line, a professional remodeling contractor like KNC Granite has the expertise and experience on what stone to install for your kitchen island and vanity tops. With that, there is zero error in upgrading your countertops to increase the resale value of your property.

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If you need technical assistance for the cleaning and sealing maintenance of your natural stone countertops, contact us at KNC Granite. For your free estimates, you can fill out our online request form and wait for our response to come within 24 hours.

You can also schedule an in-house inspection at a nominal service charge which we can waive or write off from your total cost.


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