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How to Choose the Right Color for Kitchen Countertops

Choosing the most appropriate material for your high-traffic kitchen is important because it has to be durable and lucrative to make your kitchen makeover standout. However, it is a fact that the color style of different kitchen countertops dictates the mood and ambiance in your space.

Oftentimes, we tell our customers that choosing the correct hue for your kitchen counter is influenced by the underlying color tones around your kitchen and cabinetry. Likewise, it would look best if the color of your cabinetry and accents would repeat the secondary color tones in your elegant and popular kitchen countertops.

Below are some guides we usually share with our clients that you can try in selecting the suitable color tone for your kitchen countertops.

Finding Complementary Colors for Kitchen Countertops

To find an appropriate complementary color style for your kitchen countertop, you can find clues lying on the undertones of your cabinetry. For instance, your cherry or mahogany kitchen cabinets have red secondary colors which can be of great contrast with your sage or blueish gray kitchen countertops.

This is one practical way of getting the right color style to set the mood in your newly renovated kitchen and countertops. Oftentimes, our customers would go for pale or neutral colors for their island. They opt for this one because it provides a clean and modern curb appeal in their contemporary kitchen.

Adjacent Hues on Color Wheel Exudes Warmth

To strike a balance in your cool and contemporary kitchen, you can bring out natural warmth and glow when you choose adjacent colors for your kitchen countertop and cabinetry. For instance, if you have a red-orange color tone for your cabinetry, then selecting an orange or red color style or undertone for your kitchen countertop exudes natural warmth.

Streamlined Kitchen Color Tone

Most contemporary kitchen remodeling goes for a minimalist and streamlined design. Currently, the trending color tones for kitchen include white, gray, black, and sage. To create a streamline effect in your kitchen redo, the color of your kitchen counter and cabinets must be monochrome. If you opt for white kitchen countertops, then your upper and base cabinetry can be in white or off-white tones.

This idea helps you seamlessly achieve a minimalist and modern appeal in your upgraded kitchen space. Likewise, we always recommend our customers to go for durable and stylish countertop materials like granite, marble, and quartz.

Trending Kitchen Countertop Color Style to Adapt

Meanwhile, if you are still unsure of what color style to adapt for your upgraded kitchen counter, then below are trending options in remodeling.

1. White Kitchen Countertops with Fine Veinings

Any shades of white can be a perfect candidate for your kitchen counter color style. May  that be creamy white, beige, off-white, stark white, feathery white, and others, still it brings out a great flair of modern minimalist appeal in your kitchen.

One can truly appreciate the refreshing, serene, and clean ambiance of white kitchen countertops. Likewise, it pairs well with white or neutral undertones for your kitchen cabinetry. We usually recommend this color tone when you have a transitional kitchen theme, small kitchen footprint, and less visibility for minute food crumbs.

2. Warm it Up with Wood Kitchen Counters

Most homeowners and remodelista goes for a contemporary kitchen theme with pale tones or white kitchen cabinets. If you want to have a natural glow and warmth in your modern kitchen, then going for wood color tones in your kitchen countertop is an exceptional decision.

What other benefits can you enjoy from installing wooden kitchen countertops?

  • A flair of intimacy and coziness in your kitchen
  • Rustic and homey ambiance
  • Earthly accent in your lucrative contemporary background

3. Harmonizing Effect of Gray or Midtone Kitchen Countertops

Gray, beige, sage, and creamy white are some of the popular midtones or neutral color styles you can have for your popular kitchen countertops. These color styles are an excellent option when you want a harmonizing tone to balance out bold and vibrant hues in your kitchen.

Some of the instances which best calls for this color style include:

  • Black and white color tones in your kitchen
  • Vibrantly colored kitchen cabinets
  • When you want the shiny stainless steel finish in your kitchen to stand out

4. Jaw-dropping Dramatic Kitchen Countertops

Do you have a wide kitchen footprint? Do you want your kitchen countertop to standout and mesmerize your audiences? How about a good color style to balance and blend with your dark-toned cabinetry? All these scenarios can be sufficed when you opt for kitchen countertops with dramatic veining patterns.

Dramatic tone entails the presence of heavy veining patterns in your kitchen stone countertops. When you choose this style, you need to decrease captivating patterns from other surfaces inside your kitchen. Why? So that the dramatic aura in your island becomes the focal point in your kitchen.


One can never undermine the influence of color for the overall aesthetics and appeal of your durable kitchen countertops. When you have chosen the right color tone, you can easily match that with a suitable material that fits your requirement and finances.

Our professionals have a solid track record and training when it comes to remodeling residential and commercial spaces. If you need assistance with your kitchen countertops, you can call us anytime.

Visit our showroom today so you can select the best design and color for your affordable and modern kitchen countertops.

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