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How to Make Your Kitchen Countertops Look Pretty

There is so much hullaballoo over choosing the right kitchen countertops that most people give little thought to making them look pretty after installation. True, granite, marble, or quartz countertops are already beautiful on their own, but there is still much you can do by way of finishing touches to make your kitchen countertops look fantastic.

It can be tempting to put out all the beautiful things you have in the kitchen on display on your countertops. However, you need to keep in mind that countertops are workspaces, so beauty and function have to go together.

If you have a traditional kitchen, you might be able to get away with displaying two or three of your vintage cookware or gadgets if you use them at least once a week. If you have a modern kitchen, you will want to display only items that will not break the visual continuity of your kitchen.
Some people feel that clear countertops are efficient countertops, but you can still decorate them without making them less efficient. You need to know how to make your kitchen countertops look pretty without creating clutter. Here are some items you can put out on without feeling guilty.

Matching glass canisters

Glass canisters are a great way to combine the functions of display and storage, and few people will argue against placing them on your kitchen countertops. You can use them to store different types of pasta, sugar, flour, rice, oatmeal, dried beans, candies, and so on.
Clear canisters are particularly appealing as the different colors of the content can make any kitchen look more welcoming and homey. You can also choose what colors you put on display depending on your overall kitchen style. For example, if you have a black and white kitchen, you can choose to put only white and black items in these glass canisters.

Knife blocks

high quality knife block
Some people prefer to put their knives in the drawer or on a strip of magnet to keep them out of the way. However, a nice set of knives deserve some airtime. A knife block can give you that chances as well as easy access to knives you use every day. You get bonus points if your knife block is particularly attractive, although even ordinary wood knife blocks already look nice in general.

Cutting Boards

different shades of cutting boards
Many homeowners take to heart the fact that you can cut directly on granite countertops, and there is no need for cutting boards. However, for easy maintenance and better food safety, you should use cutting boards at all times. It makes sense to put it on display, as you will need it on a daily basis.

Cutting boards come in all shapes and sizes, so you have quite a few options. You can god for the traditional wood cutting boards, or you could try color-coded silicone mats for all types of food. You can display them prominently or discreetly. The things is to choose cutting boards that look great, but you can actually use.

Utensil repository

You use cooking utensils all the time, so you need to keep them accessible. A good way to display them is to use a decorative jar, basket, or pot that is tall enough to keep spatulas and stirrers upright. You can choose to keep them all in one container, or use separate ones for metal, wood, and plastic implements.
You have to keep in mind that the number of utensils you want to keep out will depend on the size of your countertops. Generally, you only want to keep one of each kind of utensil out to avoid making your kitchen countertops look too messy. You can keep duplicates in a handy drawer near the cook top.


A little green is always a good thing in the kitchen, especially if you have a modern kitchen. You can choose to put one or two living plants or floral arrangements on the kitchen countertops. Too many and you will run out of space to work. One exception is a kitchen garden, which serves a practical function anyway, so you can justify putting in a group of plants. You usually keep these on a window ledge anyway.

Additional tips

• You can keep small appliances such as a toaster or coffee maker on the countertops if you use them daily. You just want to make sure they look attractive and display-worthy. You can also keep a heavy stand mixer out on the countertops if it is pretty, but put it in one corner. Bring it out only when needed. Keep the small appliances on your countertops to 5 or fewer for large kitchens, and just two for small ones.
• Invest in a cabinet lift to appliance garage to stone small but heavy appliances that you use occasionally. These special types of cabinets have shelves that go up to countertop level when needed, giving you access to the appliance you need.
• The amount of stuff you can keep on your countertops will depend on the total amount of countertop space you have. Generally, you want to keep your kitchen countertops 75% free.
• Keep fruits in a basket or bowl on the countertops. These look nice, but since they are consumable, they are unlikely to become a permanent fixture.

Avoid keeping these items on your kitchen countertops:

  •  Purely decorative items
  •  Disposable containers
  •  Paper towel holder
  • Dishes
  •  Bottles of medicine and vitamins
  •  Documents
  •  Television
  •  Easels for pictures or chalkboards
  •  Lamps
  • Other non-kitchen items


Putting in new granite or quartz countertops is a great way to upgrade the kitchen, but you can make them even more attractive if you know how to make your kitchen countertops look pretty. Here are some tips to get you there.

If you need help with choosing your new kitchen countertops, you will need something more than a few tips. Consult with a reliable and local countertop specialist for best results. KNC Granite services Washington DC, many areas in Maryland (Baltimore, Annapolis, Bethesda, Rockville) and Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington). We have a large array of granite and marble slabs from which to choose. You can check actual slabs at our showroom in Lanham, Maryland.

If you prefer quartz countertops, we can also help. Also we carry some of the top brands of engineered stone, including Cambria, Caesarstone, Silestone, and MSI, all of which come with manufacturer warranties.

We do not only supply top quality natural and engineered stones, however. We are experts at fabricating and installing kitchen counters or bathroom vanities. Also we specialize in kitchen remodeling and bathroom upgrade projects, delivering on time and on budget.

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