How To Select The Right Bathroom Vanity Countertops

How To Select The Right Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Your custom bathroom countertops add beauty and dynamism in your bathroom space. Having the right design and material, your best bathroom vanities can become the focal point in your small bathroom makeover.

Unlike its cousin kitchen countertop, durability is not the main focus in choosing the right bathroom countertops. To learn more, below are some of the practical insights we share with our homeowners for their easy way of choosing best-made bathroom vanities.

Things You Should Consider In Choosing The Right Bathroom Countertops

Never be an impulsive buyer when it comes to shopping for bathroom vanities with tops. There must be a balance between aesthetics, functionality, durability, and price. Here are some of the variables you should consider before installing one in your bathroom.

Lifestyle Check

This means you have to re-think your purpose of having your bathroom vanities. You can link that to your present and future usage of your bathroom countertops.

Powder room or Master Bathroom 

If it is just for powder rooms, then you can choose those materials for your bathroom vanities that are not that expensive nor durable. Meanwhile, for a master bathroom, you can have popular durable materials like granite, quartz, and marble.

Family Size 

Rule of thumb, the more members in the family, the more will be the usage of your bathroom vanities and the higher will be the risk for stains and chips. To cater to this factor, you need to have a bathroom countertop made from tough material that can sufficiently resist stains and scratches.

Are you installing new bathroom countertops for your family’s consumption or your planning to resell the house in the future?

For this scenario, we recommend that you consult with our seasoned technicians and designers. They can give you the best advice and material for any purpose of your bathroom vanities with tops.

Size of Bathroom

Most modern bathrooms would go for neutral or light tones of bathroom countertops. The same holds true when you have a small bathroom makeover.

To create an airy and spacious atmosphere, you can install white bathroom countertops. They add more brightness and freshness in your space. A little installation of modern lights will greatly enhance the visual illusion in your small bathroom.

Bathroom Countertop Materials

The materials used for fabricating your custom bathroom countertops determine its aesthetics and durability. Below are some of the typical materials we install for our clients for their bathroom vanities with tops.

1. Granite 

The timeless natural beauty of granite captured the heart of most homeowners. It has sufficient strength to resist scratches and dents. In terms of anti-stain features, you need to perform annual impregnating sealing on your granite bathroom countertops.

Install white granite bathroom countertops for small bathrooms to create a larger space impression. Likewise, it increases the overall resale value.

2. Quartz

This engineered stone has impervious strength and anti-stain properties because of its polymer resin binders. White quartz for your bathroom countertops is a good choice in achieving that modern minimalist appeal.

3. Marble

The smooth and polished surface of marble provides a quick facelift in the overall aesthetics and elegance of your bathroom. It is an elegant material for your custom bathroom countertops, but you also need to embrace its vulnerabilities.

For instance, you need to perform annual sealing to cover its pores and avoid stains. Likewise, avoid using sharp objects and acidic solutions in its surface because it might cause etch marks.

4. Solid-Surface

This stone countertop is a great choice because it requires low cleaning and maintenance. It has good anti-stain and anti-moisture properties, so no need for periodic sealing.

Moreover, it comes in various classic and modern patterns and colors that can easily fit your preference and budget.

5. Concrete

This material provides extreme flexibility when it comes to different shape and color. Oftentimes, homeowners choose this material because of its versatility and practicality in creating your custom bathroom countertops.

Nevertheless, you need to ensure proper sealing of its surface as it can absorb moisture which later can degrade its structure.


We provide wide collections of affordable and expensive granite, marble, and quartz countertops in Maryland. For several years, we have serviced a lot of homeowners and business establishments in fabricating their customized kitchen and bathroom countertops.

To ask for a free quote, simply contact us today.

You can also visit our showroom anytime or check on us at Pinterest. Book appointments with us today.

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