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Inexpensive DIY Kitchen Remodeling Options

Wouldn’t it be great to have a kitchen remodel done without breaking your budget? If your kitchen needs an uplift, you may be able to give it one affordably. There are a number of ways you can spruce up your cooking space without hacking down walls and gutting out the kitchen. All it takes is some careful planning and creativity. There are key areas of a kitchen you want to focus on when making it over.

Remodeling Options

The following ideas can be done yourself, so check them out and consider giving them a try!

Makeover Your Cabinets

A bit of paint and switching out the hardware on your cabinets may be enough to give your kitchen a new look. Maybe you recently spent money on brand new countertop installations. If your cabinets no longer suit the kitchen design, you can try giving them a paint job rather than ripping them out and replacing them. Cabinet refinishing is another option for cabinets that are rundown and shabby. You can find many tutorials online that go over how to do this yourself. Or you can just hire someone to do it for you at the fraction of what it would cost to have new ones installed.

Put In Your Own Backsplash

There’s a big difference between ripping up the floors in your entire kitchen and laying down tile over the wall between your countertop and cabinets. Backsplashes continue to be a favorite among homeowners because they’re very versatile. You can choose whatever colors and patterns that go best with the rest of your décor. Some people even match their backsplashes with their countertops and/or floors. Some of the materials you can choose from include marble, granite and quartz.

Attach Fabric to Open Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinet doors aren’t a must, and in fact, a lot of homeowners are doing away with them altogether. You can have an open kitchen cabinet design, which will give your cooking space a unique feel. To give your open cabinets some flair, you can attach patterned fabric to the backs of them. Try to select something that vibes well with the rest of the décor in your kitchen. This can either be attached with staples or some type of adhesive. It’s an easy project you can probably complete in a day!

Refinish Your Wooden Floors

Old wood that is scratched and scathed can bring down even the most luxurious of kitchens. If your wooden floors look outdated and beaten down, you can revive them by refinishing and waxing them. Visit your local home improvement store to find refinishing products for your type of floors. You can also find plenty of products online.

Install Faux Butcher Block Counters

If you’re looking for a different touch than the usual stones, why not go with a faux butcher block? This is a something you can easily slide over your current counter setup. Most people opt for faux counters in between remodels, until they can afford to get the real deal. Faux would tends to have a better look to it than faux stones, but it’s completely up to you!

Install Snap-In Floors

If you’re tired of your shabby flooring, why not replace them with simple snap-in tile or wood? This is a new thing a lot of homeowners are doing to save money, while giving their décor a boost. It’s not cheap having actual hardwood floors installed, so try this cheap alternative route instead. You can find a lot of different varieties of materials and colors. This can be used throughout your home and even in outdoor spaces. Just make sure you get the measurements right, so that you have enough to go around. You’ll need other supplies like saws to cut off at the areas where it’s too long.

Paint Your Laminate Cabinetry

Another option for reviving your cabinets without throwing them out is to simply paint over them. This is a suitable option if you have cabinets made of laminate, or even wood. This is a great way to change the look and feel of your kitchen, especially if you’ll be switching the color palette. Before you whip out the paint, brushes and rollers, you’re going to need to acquire other supplies, like a sander. Make sure to get all the products needed to make your paint job look professional (paint, primer and so on).

Buy New Furniture

Your countertop seats, chairs, tables, rugs, water fixtures and lights can all be replaced. So why not do it to give your kitchen design an uplift? There are a variety of sinks and faucets you can buy, such as farmhouse, porcelain or stainless steel sinks. The faucet can be made of stainless steel, chrome or bronze materials, adding unique appeal to your dish area. There are many different faucet styles to elect from as well. The overhead lights over your sink and cooking area can be changed to hanging lights, chandeliers or recessed lighting, among others.

A new kitchen set, such as a larger red oak table or even a smaller country style table can give your kitchen a completely new feel. Hang up curtains to match the vibe you’re going for and voilà!

Paint Your Walls

While you’re at the paint store, why not pick up some extra colors to paint your walls with? If you’re really feeling decorative, you can apply a paper border around the kitchen to add appeal. Maybe flowers to represent the spring or a solid color to accentuate another color you decided to use for the kitchen. Make sure you cover all of your kitchen countertops, cabinets, floors and furniture to keep accidental splashes of paint from falling on your items.

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