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Is it Time for a Kitchen Makeover? Here’s the Top 11 Trends for 2016!

Spring is right around the corner – what plans do you have for your kitchen this year? If you’re like most homeowners, you’re looking to do something a bit different than the previous years. But what are some designs you can implement into your kitchen decor? You’ll find that there are many different trends kitchen countertops this year, some of which we expect to see increase in popularity.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top kitchen design trends

You can jump on the bandwagon, or use the following ideas to get your own creative juices flowing.

Out with the White, In with the Gray

You’ve seen white dominate a lot of kitchens over the past few years, but now we’re starting to see a switch from science lab white to tinted gray. According to cabinet manufacturers, white cabinetry continues to be a top pick among homeowners and contractors, but gray is also gaining in momentum. Some are even betting that gray will take the top spot pretty soon. You may find soft-toned gray cabinets featured with wood stained the same color.

Give Kitchen Functionality a Boost

The colors and décor you use in your kitchen makeover helps with appeal, but how about functionality? After all, you still have to use the kitchen, so why not make it as seamless as possible? You will find many manufacturers implementing drawers and cabinet doors with better functions, such as hydraulic, easy-close doors that old up and out of your way – just by clicking a button. If space is a concern in your kitchen, then this is a function you’d want to consider implementing into your new design. You can also look into other functional additions, like ladders and shelves.

Black and White Combinations

We still have people going with the classic black and white look for their kitchens. The overlook look and feel of these settings are evolving, but the typical black and white palettes remain. Imagine a modern or contemporary kitchen with black appliances and chrome fixtures. There’s nothing traditional about the kitchen décor, but the colors offer a warm classic feel. To top it off, you can include rustic hardwood floors.

Colored Sinks

No one ever said sinks had to be white or metallic-looking. So why not test your creativity by painting them refreshing hues? You can find this being done in kitchens around the world. The colors selected for this trend are sometimes bold colors, like lime green, sky blue or even black. It’s a great way to add color and even accent other colors throughout your kitchen design. If you want to create a focal point, try including a backsplash with the same color as your sink.

Be Bold with Your Fixtures

Make your fixtures stand out by going with larger, bolder designs. For instance, you can purchase over-sized light fixtures that have black fabric shades surrounding them. These are about two feet in diameter, making them the focal point of any modern kitchen. Some say this would had depth perception in a room with a low ceiling. Your kitchen cabinets can accent this fixture with near-black stain.

Play Around with Light and Shadows

This can be done in a variety of ways, but one designer decided to create a dramatic scene with blizzard white countertops, glass mosaic backsplash with a combination of white and eggplant colors, which mirrored the floor tile. Then the cabinets were kept a darker hue. At first thought, people may think this would make the space appear smaller, but the contrasting colors give it nice appeal.

Enhance Your Storage Space

Some kitchens just aren’t built with enough storage space. You don’t have to settle for this – just add additional space. There are savvy ways you can pull this off, such as by installing customized kitchens with multi-tiered drawers. You can also implement shelves to maximize your wall space. If you have a corner of unused space, then you can have it remodeled into a closet or pantry to store your food and cleaning items.

Install Automated Fixtures

Technology has come a long way, especially for home appliances. We have smart ovens and dishwashers, as well as sensor-activated lights and faucets. There are even meat thermometers that alert you on your smartphone when it’s done. You can add a variety of newer technologies to make your kitchen more functional. The hands-free faucet is a great place to start, which can be found by brands like Moen. It’s ideal for homes with the elderly, handicapped and small children who can’t reach or operate the faucet.

Consider Commercial-Grade Additions

Some people are ditching the typical residential décor and are going with an industrial-style look. Some are opting for stainless steel everything, including appliances, sinks, fixtures and countertops. Others are going with granite slabs for the counters, backsplashes and floors. Engineered stones are another option, such as quartz, which can be used for backsplashes and kitchen islands.

Opt for Different Color Quartz

The great thing about engineered stones is that they come in a wide array of colors and patterns. Caesarstone, for one, just recently introduced a new line of durable quartz countertops that have six neutral colors. The options are non-porous, so they’re not easy to stain or become scratched. It’s the perfect material for families and others who cook a lot.

Mix&Match Countertop Materials

You don’t have to stick with just one material for your countertops. Switch things up a bit by having a two-toned counter with two different materials. One side can be made of wood, while the other side is granite countertops, quartz or laminate. It’s easy to get creative with the variety of options on the market. Wood can be used to add warmth to any stone slabs you choose.For more information you can visit our yelp page!…

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