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Kitchen countertop trends for 2016

If you have ever watched TV shows focusing on what it takes to sell a home for what the market can take, the one thing that is constantly a problem is an outdated look. As a homeowner, you probably think your home looks just perfect because it is familiar. It may even be an accurate reflection of your personality, and you would not change a thing. However,  you want a house that looks modern and up-to-date, especially the kitchen design. When deciding on what will give you the most return on your investment during a sale, build, or renovation. You should know what is trending.

Here are The Kitchen Cuntertop Trends for 2016

Quartz countertops are in

This is not a recent trend. Natural stone and re engineered stone countertops have been leading the pack in kitchen countertops for more than a decade. You might say that quartz countertops have become a standard in kitchen countertop materials, and for several very good reasons. One is beauty. Nothing compares to the richness and depth quality of stone countertops, and quartz countertops have the benefit of being readily available in a wide range of colors and designs. Another is durability. For the best return on investment (good quality stone countertops range from $39 to $155 per square foot so that is a considerable investment), the homeowner wants something that will last. Popular brands of quartz countertops include Caesarstone and Silestone, but many other brands are just as good or better.

Tiles are out

A kitchen remodel in 2016 will likely not include the use of tiles, whether natural stone or ceramic, for kitchen countertops. The emphasis is on sleek and seamless, not grout.

Marble touches

Looks are great, but homeowners need to like the feel of kitchen countertops as well. Marble is gorgeously smooth and cool to the touch, making it a great work surface for many a budding baker. Honed finishes are the most popular type of natural stone countertops because of its tactile quality.

Granite still kicks it

While quartz countertops and stainless steel may be the choice for practical homeowners, granite countertops continue to lead the pack in premium kitchen countertops. Granite is equally smooth and cool as marble, and it has the added benefit of requiring less maintenance than the relatively softer marble. It is also slightly more affordable without looking any less gorgeous. While stainless steel is the choice for modern kitchens for its functionality and no-porosity, there is no question that granite is the more esthetically pleasing. The added cost of regular sealing is offset by the eye-candy value of gleaming natural stone.

Thin and curvy

The trend is for ½”-thick curvy countertops with no drop edges coupled with edge drops to make it look twice as thick. Partnered with tiled backsplashes and a granite or quartz countertop, this kitchen gives sharp nod for designers in 2016.

Granite look-alikes

Laminates that look like are also starting to become an acceptable alternative to the real thing for the purse-pinched homeowner. While it does not have the durability and value of real granite, laminates can duplicate the look at a fraction of the price as long as you do not look too closely.


Black and white has come into its own once again. Homebuyers are looking to sleek and clean rather than fussy and decorative when it comes to kitchens. Black granite countertops and white cabinets make a strong statement of starkness and utility that appeal to both modern and classic tastes. It also takes a lot of guesswork when it comes to choosing colors. Nothing is more basic than white and black.

Kitchen islands

Space saving and multifunctional, kitchen islands are becoming more of a design focal point than an afterthought in many kitchens. It is a must-have for its use as a catchall for non-cooking kitchen activities such as eating breakfast, entertaining visitors, and swapping stories of the day. In fact, the trend is for two kitchen islands, back-to-back or side-to-side. A floating kitchen island can also serve as a portable bar or wine rack for adult entertainment.

The kitchen island is often the first thing that catches the attention of a homebuyer or guest, and a frequent conversation piece. Store-bought kitchen islands may not start the right conversation, though. When choosing a kitchen island, make sure that it reflects the overall look of your kitchen. You can also refurbish an old, dated kitchen island by replacing the countertop to match the rest of the kitchen countertops for a seamless design.

Colored sinks

An interesting kitchen trend is contrasting classic granite countertops with a colored sink. Gone are the days when utilitarian stainless steel or ceramic white sinks were the only way to go. Colored sinks in light green and blue are adding an unexpected and exciting splash of color in what are otherwise neutral colored kitchen countertops. A wide selection of colored sinks is readily available for the asking.


Designers are increasingly inclined for pullout cabinets and drawers to go with stone countertops, which make perfect sense for any homeowner that has ever struggled to get at the stuff at the back of a deep cabinet. This modern and clever convenience should carry over for a long time to come.


The Internet has caused traditional spaces to evolve. Many kitchens also serve as a home office, so current trends demand easy access to technology with the addition of charging stations, LED televisions, and convenience appliances. You can easily convert a kitchen island with a durable granite countertop for office use for its versatility, mobility, and storage capacity, and many people do just that.

Your selection, remodel, or renovation kitchen can be a fun experience, and it can pay off in the end if you pay close attention to trends. You do not have to follow all of them if your personal preference rebels against them, but you should at least know what they are. Keep in mind what people want for 2016 when making your kitchen countertop decisions and you will do just fine.

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