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Kitchen Countertops and Other Trends for 2022

If you have remodeling your bathroom or kitchen in your sights for 2019, but unsure if it is the right move, you might find this HomeAdvisor homeowners survey reassuring. Nearly 40% of them planned the same thing two years running.

While this is all well and good, you do need to know something about what might be trending. This will help you make the most of your bathroom and kitchen remodeling. Here are some insights about kitchen countertops and other trends for 2019. You might want to consider one or more of them for your own remodel.


eco friendly
People started opting for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for their kitchens and bathrooms a few years ago, and the trend continue to flourish. So much so that manufacturers of quartz countertops have made a point of getting the proper certifications. Homeowners can rest assured that they can contribute their mite to saving the environment by selecting brands such as Silestone for their kitchen countertops. Of course, marble and granite are also eco-friendly, so they can choose those, too. You should do your research about other things for your remodel to find out if they are also eco-friendly, such as low-flush toilets or energy-saving refrigerators.

Floor deals

reclaimed wood
Hardwood flooring is unlikely to fall out of favor in the near future. However, following the eco-friendly trend, reclaimed wood is claiming some attention from some homeowners. Of course, some reclaimed wood are also hardwood, so you can have the best of both worlds. Another option that can satisfy your sense of style and social responsibility is natural stone flooring using granite or marble tiles.

Stainless steel storage

stainless steel cabinets
While it might not seem like the likely choice for cabinets, stainless steel storage solutions is making some headway in the remodeling market for kitchens. If you want an industrial or modern look to your kitchen, you might want to look into this trend. Take note that stainless steel cabinets are less versatile and more expensive than wood cabinets, and require professional skill to install, as they are quite heavy. You might want to let this one go in favor of birch or maple RTA cabinets.

Engineered materials

quartz countertop
People have begun to favor quartz countertops for their kitchens and bathrooms for reasons other than its eco-friendliness. And became the top choice for kitchen countertops in 2018. It is a reasonable development, as quartz countertops compare very well with granite countertops in terms of durability, versatility, and cost. Concrete countertops are also trending in 2019. But, this manmade material is unlikely to become very popular over time as it has issues with cost and maintenance.

Metal look

metal finished refrigerator
Manufacturers produce appliances in a wide range of interesting finishes, such as wood and leather. Most people still prefer a sleek metal look to their refrigerators as it is attractive, versatile, and easy to maintain. This type of finish goes well for many styles of kitchens, but a specific trend is pairing them with custom cabinets. However, since this can be quite pricey, it might not be a good choice for budget-conscious remodelers.

Safety first

induction cooker
You will find standard gas and electric burners in many homes in the US, with some people preferring gas burners because natural gas is affordable. The problem with gas burners is the risk of gas leaks and accidental fires. So, many homeowners are looking to address that issue when remodeling their kitchens.

A popular option trending in 2019 is induction cookers, typically built-in hobs for granite countertops and kitchen islands. Induction cookers are much safer than gas or electric burners as they are cool to the touch and shuts of automatically when not in contact with the right cookware. Most come with child safety locks, so it is safer for households with curious toddlers. The cookers is the no contact, no power feature. The sleek finish and lack of knobs also makes them easy to clean.

Table islands

table as a kitchen island
You might be surprised to learn that the kitchen table in lieu of a fixed kitchen island is coming back into fashion. This might be due to cost considerations, as you can use any table for this purpose, and easily take it out if necessary.
The issue with this trend is that is it is not as space efficient as a kitchen island as there is no storage space. You can make it more attractive by putting in granite or quartz countertops, and use it pretty much like any kitchen island. However, it is not as versatile as a full kitchen island, which not only extends your work and storage space. But can accommodate outlets, small appliances, and cooking and washing facilities.


The smart way to carry out a successful kitchen or bathroom remodel is to plan it with care. Kitchen countertops and other trends for 2019 can help guide you in finalizing your kitchen or bathroom remodel. It is also smart to choose a reliable countertop specialist to help you with designing and implementing your remodel.

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