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The contractor you hire for your countertop upgrade should be knowledgeable and renowned for their craftsmanship. They should also supply and fabricate the counters for your installation. This way, you know for sure the contractor is responsible for and knowledgeable about the material being installed.

Some homeowners in Laurel, Maryland overlook the importance of this and end up with a mediocre product and service. You can save yourself time and money by doing your due diligence using the internet.

The web is a great resource for finding details about a contractor or company and their products and services. So, put this to use to ensure you’re hiring a countertop company that’s going to give you great results.

The homeowners of Laurel know they can trust the products and services offered by KNC Granite. For many years, we have provided property owners with high-quality countertop installations. This not only improves their quality of living, but it also helps to increase the value of your home.

Home buyers tend to like properties that have countertops that are updated. So, we are helping to keep the properties of Laurel, MD desirable to prospects, as well as homeowners who decide to stay in their updated houses.

Many of our Laurel customers rate us highly because of our high-end stone countertops and meticulous attention to detail during installations.

Kitchen Countertops Laurel

The purpose of kitchen counters is to enable the owner to use the surface for prepping and cooking foods. If your counters aren’t capable of withstanding hot pots and pans or the sharp edges of knives, then you can to upgrade.

Stone counters are popular because they’re beautiful and higher quality than most materials you’ll find on the market today. When you update your kitchen countertops with a high-grade material, you’re increasing the value of your kitchen space.

We have a great selection of stone options available at KNC Granite, which includes granite, marble and quartz. These all come in a variety of colors, which can be used to match the décor of your cooking space.

Bathroom Vanity Tops Laurel

The bathroom of your laurel home needs to be designed functionally. When you have your bathrooms remodeled with new countertops, then it can help to increase the value of the space. But the counters must be made with a quality material, such as a natural or engineered stone.

The counters are used for various tasks in the bathroom. For instance, they’re used for holding all your cosmetics. And they’re used for setting your hot appliances upon. If you’re using counters made from vinyl or laminate, then they won’t be able to withstand these tasks.

You’ll end up with bathroom counters that are stained and burned. You will have to then continuously replace them to keep them looking like new, or you won’t be able to use them as you wish. To avoid both issues, you can transform your bathroom into a functional space with a stone countertop.

Granite Countertops Laurel

Granite stone counters are found in homes throughout Laurel, MD because of their beauty and endurance. They last a very long time, which makes them an attractive choice. You can find this stone in a variety of colors and styles. You can have it fabricated by our professionals to be placed in your bathroom or kitchen.

Granite is a very durable stone, so it’s able to resist burns from hot pots and pans, as well as the sharp edges of chopping utensils. This is perfect for kitchen settings.

Marble Countertops Laurel

Choosing a stone countertop for your home comes down to your own likes and dislikes. Some people find marble to be an exceptional choice because of its natural beauty. While like granite, it has a softer surface, which makes it easier to fabricate.

It also makes it more ideal for etching edge profiles into fabricators. The fact that marble is a natural stone means it needs to be professionally sealed regularly. The ability of stone to resist heat, scratches and stains is also appealing.

Quartz Countertops Laurel

Homes that have quartz installed gets to enjoy the quality and durability these stones offer. Although they’re engineered by man, they still have a natural appearance. The durability quartz offers are bar none. It can withstand heat, chips, scratches and stains. It’s very easy to maintain.

You can place quartz counters in your kitchen or bathroom to improve its functionality and value on the market. Living in a home with beautiful quartz counters can also enhance your quality of living.

Customer Says

My household is the home to two adults and three teens. So, you may have a pretty good idea of how the countertops in my home look. Many sandwiches, shakes and cookies made in the kitchen. And there’s always a hot styling tool on in the bathroom, being used by our teen girls.

The counters were made with a stone-looking material, but was papery, so they easily stained and ruined. This was a problem for the look of my home and it was embarrassing to invite guests over. I found KNC Granite online using Facebook and decided to go to their showroom and I was pleased with their courtesy and quality of products.

I selected the counter slabs I wanted, and they gave me a free estimate with a 3D design. The actual outcome of the counters is truly satisfying.

About Laurel

Laurel is a city located in Prince George’s County, Maryland. It’s nestled between Baltimore and Washington DC not too far from the Patuxent River. When this city was founded back in the early 19th century, it was nothing more than a mill town.

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