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Makeover Tips for Your New Kitchen

Kitchen makeovers are among the top things on any homeowner’s wish list. After all, it is where family members spend most of their time when at home. A kitchen makeover is going to disrupt your whole life for several weeks, however. You want to make sure it is worth the trouble. You can start design for kitchen countertops.

Here are some simple tips to help make a great kitchen

Add open shelves

A really easy way to improve the look of your kitchen is to add open selves. Open shelves right under your kitchen cabinets gives an illusion of lightness. It breaks up the solid look of kitchen cabinets, and makes your kitchen feel more airy. It is easy enough to add them without taking out existing cabinets by adding a shelf inside and retooling the doors to reveal them. Paint the backs of the new shelves the same color as the wall to preserve the illusion of an open shelf. To keep open shelves from getting dusty, put stuff in there you use every day.

Think backsplash

A backsplash is functional as well as decorative, so if your old kitchen didn’t have one, you should make sure you have it in the new one. A simple design will do, because it is all in the color elements that you can really make it pop. You can use it to tie in different elements in the kitchen while giving your imagination free reign. Choose a color that matches the floor or the countertops. If you are using tiles instead of a solid slab, use white grout. A backsplash is particularly handy for adding drama to an otherwise plain or neutral kitchen.

Choose an undermount sink

The sink serves an important function in the kitchen, yet it doesn’t really cost all that much. Go for the one that you’ve always wanted, and make sure it is the undermount type. You have to make sure your countertop guys have the information they need for the proper cutout. An undermount sink eliminates the annoyance of food and dirt being stuck around the rim of a sink. It also makes it easier to wipe down your countertops.

Get a nice faucet

Match your nice new sink with a shiny new faucet. There are many designs from which to choose, but standard models are blah. Go for a unique one to add a bit of richness to an otherwise functional kitchen. Make sure that the faucet you choose has the right number and spacing of holes to match your new sink. Choosing a swivel faucet is usually a good idea. You might also consider an extendable head for more flexibility.

Consider new lighting

A well-lighted kitchen is functional, but sometimes you want the option to make it look a little more interesting. You can install colored LED bar lighting along the lower cabinets. Keep it on at night to keep you from stumbling along when you get a little midnight snack. It also looks quite dramatic. You have the option of laying down wiring to connect it to a light switch, or you can simply get bars that plug into a standard outlet. You may also want to consider other types of lighting that can add interest to your kitchen, such as droplights or area lights.

Pay attention to details

In light of the major work going on in your kitchen, it can be easy to overlook details like drawer pulls and cabinet knobs. However, these little details can change the character and style of your kitchen in surprising ways. Cup pulls or half moon bins says “cottage,” while fancy handles or ceramic pulls conveys “tradition.” If you are going for a more modern look, slim, not-there metal handles can really help streamline the look. Putting dark hardware finished in espresso, bronze, or black with light-colored cabinets can provide balance to the space.

Rack up the pots

You can save space by hanging up your pots and pans on a rack. It also eliminates the need to shift and move stacked pans in a cabinet to get at the one you want. You can use wall racks, but if you have a kitchen island, you can also get a hanging rack to put over that. It will make a fantastic centerpiece to kitchen. Of course, it wouldn’t do to display your old and banged up pots and pans in such a prominent place. Choose to hang your nice and shiny stuff there, and keep the rest in a more obscure area of the kitchen.

New appliances

You don’t have to, but new appliances can definitely update your kitchen big time. If you have the budget for it, try to get matching major appliances. If you’re going to buy new appliances anyway, get the energy saving ones like an inverter refrigerator. It is a bit more expensive, but you will get that back over time. Stainless steel ones are also popular, so you might want to consider those, too.

Kitchen island

One of the best things you can add to your kitchen is a customized kitchen island with a stone countertop. If you like to bake, get one in marble countertop for great pastries. You can also choose granite, which is more durable and more maintenance efficient. A kitchen island can also add a lot of new storage space (such as a hanging pot rack), and you can even design it to serve as a bar. You can make your kitchen island match the rest of your kitchen, or you can give it a distinctive look of its own.


These tips are to help you up the ante of your kitchen makeover. You can consult with your contractor about your plans for adding these elements in your kitchen so they can incorporate it into the work order. You may also want to make a checklist of any additional materials you need to get in addition to the materials for your basic kitchen makeover.

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