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Modern Ideas For Your Kitchen Countertop This 2020

There are different kitchen countertops in the market for you to choose from for your small kitchen makeover. Choosing the right kitchen countertop can make a huge difference in the overall curb appeal in your kitchen.

There are a hundred options for your most durable kitchen countertops and we are here to help you arrive at a concrete decision on its design and material. Nevertheless, we are one of the leading suppliers of the popular kitchen countertops used in kitchen remodeling.

Dramatic Granite Kitchen Countertops

Your glossy or honed granite kitchen countertops is a top pick among homeowners. It’s fine natural veinings and color transitions exhibits a dramatic feel which is suitable for modern, transitional, or classic theme.

The impervious strength of granite proved to be useful as well for the extreme conditions in the kitchen. It has high resistance against heat, scratch, and cuts. Likewise, it requires a low cleaning regimen.

The main gripe about granite would be its tendency to be stained because it is innately porous. However, our professional stone experts will apply impregnating sealants that deeply coats those mineral pores.

Sleek and Modern Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Granite is not the only one rocking the remodeling industry, for quartz have also dominated the market. If you want a minimalist and contemporary look, then choosing white quartz kitchen countertops is a good choice.

Quartz, like granite, also requires very little cleaning and maintenance. Unlike granite, quartz has good anti-stain properties because it is naturally non-porous due to its resin binders.

In contrast to natural stones, engineered quartz stone comes in many variations for color and patterns. This is due to modern equipment which can customize quartz appearance to look parallel with any popular natural stone countertops.

Striking Patterns for Kitchen Countertops

When you say contemporary theme, that usually means having a minimalist and modern appeal in your kitchen makeover. If everything seems to be sleek and plain in your kitchen, you can make your cheap kitchen countertop as the center of attraction.

You can do that by having unique and interesting patterns in your modern kitchen countertops. Geometric patterns can fit well for contemporary appeal but curved designs will do good as well.

Go for Thicker Slabs

If injecting creative patterns is not your thing for kitchen countertops, then go for a thicker slab. The typical thickness of kitchen countertops is 2 inches. To make your kitchen countertop the center of attention, install slabs that are 3 to 5 inches thick.

A thicker slab creates more emphasis on the patterns and colors of your stone countertops. In doing this, make sure to adjust the height and strengthen the structure of the cabinetry supporting the thick stone slab countertop.

Versatile Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Concrete, unlike natural stones, is more available in supply while also being versatile in function and aesthetics. Similar to granite and marble, you need to secure its surface to cover all pores and avoid staining and growth of molds in between pores.

Cabin-Inspired Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

For those who love the design of natural wood grain in their kitchen countertops, then butcher block is for you. This material pairs well with your hardwood floor in the kitchen.

Likewise, installing hardwood or MDF shaker style cabinets would add more warmth in your modern kitchen design. Meanwhile, white cabinetry would also blend well with butcher block kitchen countertops.

Industrial Touch of Metal Kitchen Countertops

Aside from concrete, you can also go for an industrial appeal in your modern kitchen makeover by installing metal kitchen countertops. Inline, you have three options- stainless steel, copper, or zinc metal.

Stainless steel can pair well with white kitchen cabinetry. The pendant lights reflect on the metal surface and enhance the brightness of your kitchen and cabinetry. Likewise, it complements the chrome-plated finish of your appliances.

Meanwhile, zinc metal is a good option when you want a blueish patina appearance over time. As its patina develops, it somehow looks like a natural stone countertop. In terms of texture, matte is a good choice.

Lastly, copper mimics the natural warmth of butcher blocks. It creates a polished and modern feel in your kitchen redo.

Sleek Two-Tone Modern Kitchen Countertops

Technically, we can divide your kitchen working space into two – cold and hot kitchen. Two create an aesthetic distinction between these two sections, you can choose two colors for each kitchen countertop.

Literally, you can have a blue-colored kitchen countertop for your cold kitchen working area, while a red-colored kitchen countertop for your hot kitchen area. This idea strikes a balance between functionality and increasing curb appeal in your kitchen.

Spontaneous Wrapped Kitchen Countertop

This idea entails wrapping the sides and top sections of your kitchen cabinetry with the same material or color used for your kitchen countertop. The end result creates a seamless appearance for your modern kitchen makeover.


If you need further assistance regarding your most popular kitchen countertops, don’t hesitate to contact us today. KNC Granite is one of the go-to suppliers and installers of high-quality and affordable stone countertops.

For many years, we offer state-of-the-art collections of quartz, marble, and granite countertops in Maryland and Virginia. For your free in-house estimate, call now.

Let our stone experts help you materialize your stunning custom kitchen countertops. Book appointments with us today and check us on Linkedin

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