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My Thoughts on Marble Countertops

Marble has always been one of the most common choices when it comes to installing countertops. It is widely known for its timeless elegance and exquisite finish. Nothing could be as stunning as the appearance of marble countertops. This premium stone brings out a wondrous extravagance in every place where it is. 

However, despite its luxurious appearance, a lot of people are still doubtful about using it for their countertops. Even workers in showrooms would highly discourage you from purchasing marble slabs as countertops for your kitchen islands. There are multiple reasons to point out why some people just could not love marble as countertops. As you read further, you will discover why. 

Meanwhile, several people still strongly trust their guts about using marble as countertops. These people took the risk and eventually discovered that this premium stone is not that bad at all. If you are interested about how to effectively utilize marble as countertops at home, feel free to contact us for your inquiries. 

Essentials of Marble Countertops

Marble countertops are made out of marble, a metamorphic rock. Metamorphic rock is defined as a product of intense heat and pressure. For this reason, marble countertops tend to have low tolerance to heat. This is why it is never ideal to put hot pans directly to marble countertops as it could crack easily. 

Marble, as a material for countertops, is also porous. This means that it allows any stain to easily seep through the stone and make it last there for a lifetime. It is softer compared to other stones such as granite and quartz that is why it is more prone to scratches and chips. 

These qualities about marble make it highly discouraging to be used as countertops at home. It is known to be of high maintenance and requires extensive care. But why are there still quite a lot of people who insist on using marble countertops? 

The main reason is it adds a touch of luxury in a place. Many have fallen in love with its beauty. In fact, those who have marble countertops have testified that at the beginning, it feels crazy to deal with stains and etches. However, as time goes by, you will discover how these marks become part of the beauty of the stone. The marks fade, although not completely since you can still see them in selected angles.

Actually, sealing your marble countertops can be a solution in preventing stains and etches. Other solutions include mixing baking soda and water until it becomes a paste and leaving it on the countertops overnight. Call us so we could further guide you in protecting your marble countertops. 

Stylish and Neat White Marble Countertops

White marble countertops are considered to be the most attractive marble countertop. It perfectly complements any shades in your kitchen or bathroom. You can always have the option to repaint your walls and cabinets and still look best with your white marble kitchen countertops.

White is also a timeless color. It softens your place, giving you a fresh and serene environment. For this reason, white marble can also be ideally used in bathroom walls and counters and even in vanity countertops. We can show you many ways to utilize white marbles in your home interior. Feel free to contact us now. 

Types of Marble Countertops

One precious characteristic of a marble stone is that it comes in unique texture and color. In fact, you will never find two slabs of marble alike. With this, there are several ways to classify types of marble stone but usually, it is more ideal to classify them according to colors.

Marble stones are available in hues of white, black, red, brown, pink, green, and gray. But the most commonly used color is white especially for countertops. There are two very popular types of white marble countertops. These are the Carrara marble countertop and the Calacatta marble countertop. 

The Carrara marble countertop is a white surface with heavily grey veins. It appears soft since the veins show in thin and feathery lines. Sometimes, its veins run closer to blue. Meanwhile, the Calacatta marble countertop is bright white with thicker veins that run from shades of beige to gold. It is smoother compared to Carrara marble. 

In terms of cost, the Carrara marble countertop is far more affordable than the Calacatta. This is because Calacatta marble stone is rarer than Carrara marble. However, there is not much of a difference when it comes to appearance. Both give a touch of class and luxury in your counters. 

Engineered marble countertops

Since the main concern of people about using marble countertops is its low resistance to stains and etches, the engineered marble countertops could be a great option. Engineered marble is made out of recycled natural stones put together with a small amount of resin. It is a man-made product which is non-porous and more affordable than the original marble. 

Since it is non-porous, it is highly resistant to stains and etches and can work equally well as the original marble in terms of durability. It is eco-friendly and brings a great deal of elegance in your countertops. We offer great deals in our engineered marbles. Just give us a ring! 

Most expensive marble stone

The most expensive marble stone ideal for countertops is the Calacatta marble stone simply because of its rarity. It costs up to $250 per square foot, that is double the price of a Carrara marble stone that costs around $100 per square foot. Calacatta marble countertops are undeniably high-end pieces in your home. Call us and we will give you a free quote of our precious marble stones. 

Marble countertops for kitchen

Many would say that marble kitchen countertops are only ideal for kitchens with less traffic. Perhaps, little did they know that doughs and pastries work well on marble because of its soft and cold surface. Likewise, many have testified that stains and etches in marble countertops all add up to its beauty through time. 

Actually, stains from coffee or red wine can easily be wiped off with water, although you still have to be extra careful about stains from turmeric and other spices. Using white marble countertops are also less likely to reveal marble imperfections. It brightens up your kitchen too.


Overall, marble countertops are timeless, sophisticated pieces in your home interior and there is nothing to worry about keeping its beauty through time.

Our team will gladly assist you from choosing the best marble countertops in your home to installation and proper maintenance and care. Don’t hesitate to call us now or visit us on Facebook!


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