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New Silestone Lines Redefine Quartz Countertops

Most people would agree that the fierce competition between quartz and countertops as the top option for homeowners is a draw. Quartz countertops are amazing, but it is not a natural stone. A good many homeowners find that unacceptable, and turn to granite instead. However, manufacturers of quartz countertops continue to develop new designs to keep the scales from tipping in favor of granite.

One of the most recognized quartz stone brands reinvents quartz countertops as alternatives to natural stones. Silestone by Cosentino has been very busy coming out with new lines that almost manages to look more natural than the originals. If you are looking for more durable, lower maintenance versions of granite, marble, and other natural stone countertops, here are a few varieties you may like to consider.


Silestone Calypso image
Part of the Nebula series, Calypso has the milky sophistication associated with soapstone without the headaches of that particular stone, and carries it quite well. Soft and pale veins sprinkle across a deep gray background makes it an ideal stone for bathroom vanities. It is available in polished as well as suede finish. A suede finish will add an elegant flair to the room as it hides fingerprint smudges.


Silestone Helix image
There is no reason to keep twisting in the wind about wanting the look of marble countertops but not its flaws. The Helix is an impressive alternative, looking enough like natural marble with large repeats of vines spaced wide apart to fool most people. It makes a subtle statement in your kitchen or bathroom design, and it does so in different colors.


Silestone Lyra image
It is the classic conundrum. You firmly believe Carrara marble would be the perfect stone for you but feel that you are not the best person to protect it from the realities of scratches and stains. If that is the case, consider Silestone Lyra instead of marble. It has all the typical elements that define Carrara marble, particularly the vein patterns, without the inherent issues. It is the elegant option for pragmatic homeowners.


Silestone Zirix image
If granite is more to your taste than marble or soapstone, you might find the Stonium series particularly interesting. This includes Zirix, a design that looks like classic granite with its beige-brown base intersperse with intriguing flashes of blue. It is particularly good option if you have a hard time looking for that exact shade in the granite slabs currently available, which is one of the biggest problems with natural stone. Zirix brings it any time, every time.


Silestone Zynite image
Zynite provides an interesting choice to granite lovers with flamboyant tastes. It has a typical brown base with a rich tapestry of a wide range of light and dark crystals that appears almost gold-tinged in some places. The colors are all neutral in nature, but a definite statement in its entirety. It is definitely a top contender for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities if you want a seamless look.


Silestone Pulsar image
A great design has a good mix of counterpoints. If you are planning a kitchen with many points of interests, you want to make sure the eyes have a good place to rest. The Pulsar design can provide that with its calm expanse of white intermittently shot with subtle steaks of yellow and gray to give it some feature without overwhelming the space.


Silestone Arctic image
If you are looking for light-colored granite to cheer up the space, the Arctic might be a good choice for you. It looks a lot like white granite, but it is actually one design in the Silestone Ocean quartz stone series. Silestone Arctic is not completely white, of course, but the vein patterns and crystal groups are quite pale, so they only serve to make it look even more cheerful and bright. It is the ideal material for black-and-white kitchens, providing an excellent counterpoint to dark floors and cabinetry. White granite would do just as nicely, if you can find one.


Silestone Halley image
If you want a subdued neutral or earth color for your kitchen countertops of bathroom vanities, the Halley design might just give you what you need. It has a predominance of browns with shots of gray that looks a lot like granite, but with a more consistent pattern. This consistency can come in handy when it comes to seams, as it lines up quite easily when joining two pieces together for a more seamless look.
Quartz countertops are becoming more and more the countertop material of choice over natural stones for its availability, consistency, and breadth of choice. However, these are manmade materials, so the quality of the product will depend on the manufacturer.


To be on the safe side, you will want to look at recognized brands, and Silestone is one of the best in this category. Cosentino offers one of the widest ranges of quality quartz stones in the industry. You can purchase their products from reputable companies such as KNC Granite.
KNC is a countertop specialist serving the areas of Baltimore, Annapolis, Bethesda, Rockville, Alexandria VA, Arlington VA, and Washington DC. We carry Silestone as well as other top brands of engineered stone, including Cambria, Caesarstone, and MSI. All these companies offer manufacturer warranties for their products, so you are in safe hands.

KNC Granite also caters to purists with its large inventory of granite and marble slabs from which to choose. These slabs are available at our showroom in Lanham, Maryland for your inspection and selection.
We do not simply supply quality natural stones and quartz countertops, however. We are experts at fabricating and installing them on kitchen counters or bathroom vanities. Also  we can give you some expert advice on design and related issues.
We specialize in kitchen remodeling and bathroom upgrade projects, delivering on time and on budget. Give us a call or email us for your free in-home consultation and quote.

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