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Quartz Countertop Brand Comparison

While granite still takes center stage, high-end quartz countertops are becoming a popular choice among homeowners and expert designers. It has parallel looks with natural stones like granite and marble, with less worries about staining and sealing.

Truth to be told, there are now several brands and types of quartz countertops in the market. This makes quartz natural stone highly accessible and more affordable than your precious natural stone countertops.

If you are eyeing for quartz kitchen countertops, then check out the best brands offered in the market today.

Basic Traits of Quartz Natural Stones

This amazing man-made stone is a marvelous work by Marcelo Toncelli from his Bretonstone Technology. Today, around 52 companies have acquired their licenses to use Bretonstone technology in creating their durable and luxurious engineered quartz stone.

You can visit our showroom to find out the best designs, colors, and textures of quartz stone countertops for your kitchen and bathroom makeover.

Chic and Modern Aesthetics 

Most modern homes feature quartz for their kitchen and bathroom surfaces because of the cool, modern, and chic appeal it brings into your home. Color and pattern consistency is highly achievable for your high-end quartz countertops. With the latest technology available, we can readily alter its design to suit your modern kitchen and bath.

Meanwhile, the trending material for countertops today are white and black quartz countertops. White quartz countertops exudes a neat and chic appeal in your kitchen and bath. Whereas, black quartz countertops is a great option to hide minor stains and scratches. Likewise, it creates a dramatic appeal in your kitchen and bathroom makeover.

Time-Tested Durability

Indeed, quartz natural stone has a better durability factor than granite. In the Mohs Scale of Hardness, quartz is around 7 while granite is on the 6th scale. Consequently, quartz is an exceptional choice for your high-traffic kitchen and bathroom.

It has sufficient strength that can resist any scratch, dents, and cuts from your regular tasks in your kitchen and vanity counter. Nonetheless, if cuts or chips are inevitable, you can easily repair that using a standard stone kit repair from any hardware store. Seams will be visible after the repair but it will not totally reduce quartz’s overall value.

Hassle-free Cleaning and Maintenance

Aside from its pristine looks, keeping the condition of your quartz kitchen countertops comes quite easy and straightforward. First of all, there are no more worries about stains as quartz has a very low porosity level. With that, stains and spills on your quartz countertop will no longer be a problem.


Unlike granite and marble, quartz will not require any sealing maintenance due to the resin polymers built into its composition. Likewise, in cleaning your quartz stone countertops, you will only need to use a mild soap solution and soft towel or microfiber for wiping down stains, spills, and food debris.

Top Brands of Engineered Quartz Stone

Here are the best brands of quartz countertops commonly chosen by lots of customers for their remodeling agenda.


Cambria quartz stone is commonly characterized with its fine mixture of colors and patterns. You can also see some quartz slabs having heavy streaks of veining patterns similar to natural stones. There are around 133 existing designs of quartz under this brand and you can find some of the best ones in our collection.

In terms of thickness, we have slabs having 1-cm, 2-cm, or 3-cm thickness. For modern kitchens and bathrooms, a thicker slab would be ideal as it is more durable and has better eye-catching features due to its thickness and the designs you will see on the sides and surface.

Further, the main office of Cambria is in Minnesota and it is the only American company manufacturing high-quality and affordable quartz stone.


One can fairly determine if it is a Caesarstone quartz if it has a smooth, satin, or matte texture. The headquarter of Caesarstone is located in Israel and they have around 53 different styles and designs of quartz natural stone.

In terms of slab thickness, the ones readily available are 1-cm, 2-cm, 3-cm, and 4-cm slabs. To make your quartz kitchen countertop a show-stopper, you need to go for thicker slabs (3 or 4 cm).


This Italian quartz brand has its headquarter in Spain. Silestone offers more design variations than Cambria and Caesarstone, with an average of 142 styles. If Caesarstone is known for its natural-like texture, Silestone is popular for its solid and vibrant appearance.

The polished and glossy surface of this quartz brand serves as the limelight of your kitchen and bathroom remodeling. It would be hard for any audience not to lay their eyes on the cool and modern feel from Silestone quartz countertops.

The slab thickness available in most suppliers are 1.2-cm, 2-cm, and 3-cm. Typically, price increases as your slabs become thicker. Nonetheless, many of our customers still go for the thicker slabs because of its stunning elegance.

Corian by Dupont

Corian also called Zodiaq is a flagship quartz brand made by Dupont. There are around 40 to 48 design variations you can find in our showroom and in other big box stores. It comes in different textures (smooth, matte, polished, and natural stone) which can fairly match up with other accessories and accents in your kitchen and bath.


These are just some of the best brands of quartz natural stones for you to choose from in our showroom. If you wish to find out more of the pros and cons of each quartz brand, you can contact us today.

By leaning on professionals, you are confident that your investment of remodeling your kitchen and bath won’t be put into waste. DIY method is good but if you want to avoid guesswork and ensure to have an accurate and stunning fabrication and installation of stone countertops, then call us today.

We always give our customers the best quality of stone countertops and top-notch service at a very reasonable price. Call now to get a free quote or consultation regarding your kitchen and bathroom remodeling.


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