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Reasons to Choose Granite Countertops For Your Kitchen

Getting an upgrade in your kitchen island and vanities will inevitably be part of your renovation agenda. In line, the available choices and buying factors will make your selection challenging, yet you can reach us for a quick assistance.

Consequently, granite countertop installation is highly included in your shortlisted options, considering this stone is a popular choice among homeowners and remodelers. 

If you are looking for quality and cheap granite countertops for your remodeling, then we have an array of collections for our granite countertops colors, and designs.

However, if you are still having second thoughts for your granite stone countertops, then here are the best reasons why it’s worth your time and investment. Continue reading to find out more.

1. Impeccable Strength

For your high traffic kitchen, it marries well with durable material for your kitchen island and sinks countertops. Fortunately, granite kitchen countertops are one of the go-to choices for this matter. 

Whether natural or cultured granite, it already has a strong construction that can efficiently withstand the harsh conditions inside your kitchen. Based on the Mohs Hardness Scale, granite is between 6 to 7, so you can guarantee its resistance from scratch, dents, and cracks.

Moreover, granite has excellent resistance against heat, so your hot pans won’t be a threat to your granite kitchen island. Nevertheless, we still recommend that you place hot pads or trivets before laying any hot objects on top of your stone kitchen countertop.

2. Timeless Classic Appeal

Elegance and beauty that lasts a lifetime is never a question for granite stone countertops. Its trademark appeal is the subtle designs and color combinations present in every granite slab

You will enjoy the mesmerizing specks of various palettes randomly scattered over your granite tile countertops. Moreover, granite has a thinner veining pattern than marble stones, so seams are less visible for this stone.

Typically, you will see the amazing curb appeal of granite in modern and antique homes.

3. Multitude of Designs And Patterns

Meanwhile, homeowners will always have varying tastes of beauty which can be met by granite natural stone. In our showroom, you will see our collections of different veining patterns and hue transition for white granite countertops.

This granite color is an excellent choice if you want a modern, clean, and vibrant ambiance in your newly renovated kitchen. Likewise, it is a great choice for those with smaller pantries, since white or neutral palettes can make your place look more spacious.

In contrast, we also have black granite countertops for those who love depth and drama in their kitchen countertops. You can choose absolute black, galaxy, and other variations of our black granite slabs.

Our interior designers and stone specialists will help you find the most stunning design for your granite kitchen island on a budget.

4. Requires Less Care and Maintenance

When you compare granite to other natural stones, it has the least requirements for cleaning and maintenance. In line, it is one of the main reasons why it is ideal to choose granite for your kitchen island. 

By using a soft microfiber and neutral cleaning solution, you can quickly get rid of the stains, dust, and food debris on your granite stone countertops. Nevertheless, you can shop online for the best brands of granite stone cleaning solution, to enhance its appearance.

On the other, granite is naturally porous (unless it is cultured) so it is prone to staining and bacterial growth. Fortunately, we always impregnate the sealants on your granite slabs before installing them to your kitchen island and granite bathroom countertops.

With that, we are increasing your granite’s resistance from stains, water, moisture, and bacteria. Also, you can schedule periodic sealing maintenance for your granite counters for an affordable rate with us.

5. Longer Lifespan

Besides beauty, customers invest in this countertop material because it can last for many years after being installed. You can link its longevity with granite’s strength and resilience from natural elements.

Further, when you observe proper cleaning and maintenance, it can extend the life of your precious granite kitchen countertops. With that, you will enjoy value for money in this investment.

6. Appraises Your Property’s Resale Value

Typically, most customers have two main reasons for upgrading their kitchen countertops: (1) changing lifestyle or (2) planning to sell their property in the next few years.

Regardless of your reasons, installing a granite kitchen island adds sufficient value to your home, around 50% to 80% of the total cost.

Moreover, it increases your chance of getting a sale when you have chosen the right granite-style to spruce your kitchen and master bath. Our personnel will be of great help to you when it comes to these situations. 

Looking For A Professional Contractor

We at KNC Granite is one of the most trusted locally operated and owned contractors providing granite countertops installation at a flexible price range. With us, all your customization and installation needs are addressed promptly and professionally.

If you are interested in a free quote, do not hesitate to fill out our request form or call our office.

You can also book for an in-house inspection and detailed quotation at an affordable cost, which we can waive or deduct from your overall granite countertop installation cost.

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