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The Best Granite Countertop Edges: Latest Options

Once you have chosen the right material for your kitchen and vanity countertops, your second endeavor will be selecting the right edge profile. Well, most homeowners tend to forget or undermine this feature, yet it affects the safety and overall appeal of your granite kitchen countertops

In this read, we are going to share with you the best edge profiles for your expensive and cheap granite countertops this 2020. Read further to learn more about it.

In line with this, we at KNC Granite offer flexible prices for your granite countertop installation today. Enjoy reading!

Straight Edge: Good for Thick and Thin Slabs

Going for this edge profile works best when you want to emphasize a certain accent inside your kitchen, like your subway tile backsplash, the veining patterns of your granite bathroom countertops, modern kitchen appliances, or your newly finished cabinets. 

Technically, a straight edge countertop doesn’t literally mean to be a sharp edge, rather it is slightly round. It works well when you aim for a streamlined modern theme in your kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Square Edge: Sleek and Modern Appeal

Another contender for your sleek and modern kitchen countertop will be the square edge profile. It can seamlessly fit your slab or granite tile countertop. Take note, even if it’s a square edge, it is never sharply square for safety purposes. 

The center face is flat square, yet the bottom, top, and side edges are slightly round finish to avoid cuts. You can choose this edge profile for all kinds of stone countertops, and leaning on professionals is a wise choice to ensure the accuracy of craftsmanship.

Eased Edge: Safe and Standard

If you want to reinforce the thickness of your granite slab countertops, then going for an eased edge style is great. Similar to a square edge profile, it is angled at 90 degrees, yet its edges are softly eased out to avoid cuts.

Furthermore, this edge countertop style is the best you can have when you want to give your black or white granite countertops a thicker appeal. With that, it becomes the center of attraction inside your pantry and powder room.

Beveled Edge: Angled Contemporary Looks

The flat edge (angled cut at 45 degrees) of this edge countertop enhances the flashy mirror appearance of your white or black granite countertops. When you have a hanging pendant light above your kitchen island, the chipped flat edge reflects light which enhances its brilliance and elegance.

Besides that, it is easier for you to wipe down food crumbs and spills on your countertop because of its flat edge cut profile. You can also tell our technicians what you like, so we can directly incorporate that into your countertop’s edge style.

Double Beveled Edge: Greater Impact

Meanwhile, if you are already mesmerized with the impact of beveled edge style, how much more if it’s double-beveled? With that, we will have a beveled edge cut on the top and bottom edges of your stone countertops.

Through this customization, we are reflecting more light from your kitchen island and bathroom vanities with tops, making it the focal point of your space. Moreover, you can always talk with our technicians if you want to change the angle cut for the beveled edge.

Pencil Edge: Safe and Clean Looks

When you want to inject coziness and safety to your sharp edge countertops, then we can create a pencil edge profile for it. A slight radius as large as a pencil will give your granite countertops a flair of elegance and intricacy.

Moreover, this edge profile works well with various granite countertops colors for your upgrade kitchen island and vanity tops. 

Waterfall Edge: Seamless Connection with Your Floor

Meanwhile, if you want to have a seamless flow in your modern kitchen, then choosing a waterfall edge countertop is an excellent choice. There is a half-round pencil edge on top, then everything continuously flows down to your floor.

With that, there seems no starting or ending point with this countertop edge style. For smaller kitchens, it is great that you consider this style.

Half Bullnose Edge: Cozy Warmth

The slight half round edge on top gives additional curve and natural warmth to your kitchen and home. Likewise, it emphasizes the thickness of your stone slab countertops, as it becomes the center of attraction.

The main setback for this edge style will be the flow of drippings as it falls flat straight to the floor because its bottom edge is flat. There will also be an emphasis on the veining patterns of your natural stone with this edge profile.

Bullnose Edge: Versatile Style

The soft and round edges both on the top and the bottom projects greater versatility in form and fashion. When you have a stone slab countertop, it will make it look thinner, making it appear fancy and sleek.

Moreover, when there are spills on top, it will not directly fall straight down to your floor, because it’s going to follow the curved edge form. In contrast, when you have a wooden base cabinet, it will not be that advisable to have this edge style, as water can trickle toward it due to the curved edge.

Ogee Edge: Classic Beauty

The S-shaped edge style of this profile depicts Renaissance architectural beauty in your stone countertops. It is highly intricate and the veining patterns of your natural stone completely blend with it.

Also, an ogee edge style suits well for commercial spaces as it brings out a more professional and stunning appeal to your office countertops. With its complicated form, it is highly recommended that you let a professional work on this.

Looking for a Reliable Stone Countertop Contractor?

At KNC Granite, we combine our passion, experience, and modern technology in sprucing your stone countertops. All our technicians are well-trained, licensed, and insured for fabricating and customizing your granite and stone countertops.

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