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The Lowdown on Integrated Sinks for Kitchen Countertops

A sink presupposes a countertop. Technically, you can have a standalone sink, particularly in the bathroom. However, assuming this is not the case, anytime you consider replacing your bathroom or kitchen countertops, you will probably have to replace your sink as well. If you do have to, you might want to consider an integrated sink.


workers installing granite countertops
An integrated or integral sink is trending nowadays for both bathroom and kitchens. It is actually a sink and countertop of the same material, and in most cases, in one piece. In other cases, especially with natural stones, the sink is a separate piece that the installer joins with the countertop onsite. In either case, the whole setup is clean and sleek.

If this sounds like something you want in the house, you would not be alone. Many homeowners are opting for integrated sinks when remodeling their kitchens or bathrooms, and there is a lot to like about it. However, it is not a win all the way. Below are the advantages and disadvantages of integrated sinks.

Advantage: Lots of options

photo of showroom with stone slabs
Integrated sinks are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes. The most common materials are marble, granite, and quartz stones, and they are available in polished, honed, leather, and antique finishes. Other materials include stainless steel, which is ideal for industrial-type kitchens. You also have solid surface such as Corian, terrazzo, and concrete.

Advantage: Customization

different shapes of integrated sinks
Putting in an integrated sink is a good opportunity to express your personal style because you can customize it in any way you like. Aside from the material and finish, you can also personalize the size, depth, color, shape, and bowl style. You might have seen an integrated sink in some bathrooms where it is nothing more than an inclined plane and no visible drain. The sky’s pretty much the limit when it comes to style and design of integrated sinks.

Advantage: Adds cohesion to the space

integrated sink with matching backsplsh
Choosing a sink that blends into the countertop makes it a cohesive unit, which simplifies the design of the bathroom or kitchen. All you have to do is decide on what, and you skip several steps trying to match sink and countertop. An integrated sink might inspire you on the choice of color and style of the appliances or backsplash.

Advantage: Easy clean up

hand wiping a counter with an integrated sink
One of the best things about an integrated ink is doing away with pesky nooks and crannies associated with regular sinks. Whether rimmed or undermounted, there are always spaces for gunk to take up residence. That is not the case with an integrated sink, so cleaning up the counter and sink is a breeze.

Advantage: Unique and simple

quartz countertop with customized integrated sink
Because integrated sinks are customizable, you can make a strong and unique design statement without sacrificing simplicity. It is the best way to be minimalist without looking boring.

Advantage: Look of luxury

marble countertop with integrated sink in bathroom
The streamlined look of integrated sinks makes them instantly elegant. Add to that the fact that you can choose high-end materials such as marble, and you have the look of luxury you’ve always wanted.

Disadvantage: Costs can be prohibitive

granite countertop with integrated sink
Whenever you choose something that looks luxurious and elegant, you usually have to pay for it. While some integrated sinks can be quite reasonable, high-end ones are big-ticket items. If you choose a natural stone like granite, the sink and often the countertops comes from a single block of stone. The depth, size and shape of the sink will have a big impact on the cost. Add to that installation and sealing costs, and the final bill might make you blink.

Disadvantage: All must go

quartz countertop with integrated sink
If you need to replace your sink or countertop for any reason, it is usually not a big deal. However, if an integrated sink or the countertop sustains some damage, it will not be a simple matter replacing it. You will probably have to replace the whole thing.

Disadvantage: Stain and scratches might be a problem

marble sink and countertop in bathroom
With a regular sink, you will usually have no problems with stains and scratches, as they are usually non-porous or have a thick seal against moisture. An integrated sink may stain easily if it is a porous material such as concrete or marble. You will have to do some serious sealing and maintenance to keep your sink looking pristine.


An integrated sink and countertop is trending today, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages if you can afford it. However, it may not be the right choice for you. You can find out more by consulting with a reputable countertop professional.

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