The Ultimate Granite Countertop Buyer’s Guide in Washington DC

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When it comes time to choose the best granite countertops for your home, there are a few myths and legends to wade through to come to the truth. There are so many granite countertops in Washington DC that it is best to get a little help with your decision.

One of the most important parts of buying granite countertops is finding the best countertops ideas and design in Washington DC. Buying from a granite countertops service in Washington DC you can trust makes the process much easier and pain free.

We have created this granite countertop buyer’s guide in Washington DC to help make sure you get the best product available at the right price. You can guide to granite kitchen countertops in Washington DC to help your search.

Granite Washington DC

There is a lot of granite around in Washington DC, most famously at the many monuments that tell the colorful history of the nation’s capital. You can have a stone just like those famous ones in your kitchen so that you can feel connected to your town.

Granite has been used for as long as people have been smart enough to start shaping rocks into tools. It is an abundant stone that forms into many different colors, patterns and shapes all around the planet earth.

It is a particularly hard stone, which makes it an excellent and durable addition to your kitchen as a countertop. No amount of chopping or dropping pans will harm granite, so you will never have to worry about it while in your kitchen.

Factors That Affect The Price Of Granite

Different pieces of granite will have a different price based on some characteristics of the stone. Some of the factors that affect the price of granite include:

  • Color- The least expensive colors of granite are beige, green and brown. The most expensive colors are red, purple and blue.
  • Size- The width and the length of a piece of granite will have an affect on the price, with bigger pieces costing more.
  • Availability- The demand for granite in Washington DC is pretty high, so the popular colors might not be in stock or could cost more.

Granite can cost anywhere from $50 per square foot up to $400+ per square foot. The raw material is part of the cost, then there is also the labor to install in and to cut it to the right size.

Granite’s Durability Makes It Exceptional

Granite is an incredibly hard stone, and you can count on it to last for a very long time. It scores a number six on the mohs hardness scale, which makes it one of the harder materials that is commonly used for countertops.

To compare the hardness of granite, we can look at a chart with the different stones and their hardness:


As you can see from the chart, granite is relatively hard compared to other types of countertops. This is why so many people choose granite as their favorite countertop.

Which Granite Finish To Choose

The appearance of your granite countertops will largely depend upon the type of finish you wish to have applied. There are several different finishes out there that could suit your needs, so you should have a look at each one to make your choice.

Many people want a glossy finish that looks shiny and seems like it could be easy to clean. A glossy finish is achieved by polishing the granite and then sometimes a sealer is applied, although a granite countertop doesn’t always need a sealer.

One popular finish right now is a leathered finish, which has a matte appearance. This makes your kitchen look a bit different than other kitchens and might not be as affected by smudges, so you might not need to clean it as often.

Granite Edging Styles

The edge of your granite countertop can come in many different styles and choosing the right one for your kitchen design is critical. You might go for a rounded edge, and on the other hand a more square edge might be the look you need.

You can also choose something like an ogee edge that has a little lip and then falls off with a round swoop. This could be the look for your kitchen if you want a more classical look, but it works with a few other design goals as well.

A beveled edge is what many designers could choose to complete a modern kitchen. It is a simple edge finish, but it also has some of the characteristics of modern design.

How Granite Countertops Are Installed

When you purchase a piece of granite for your countertops, the place you buy it from will cut it to the right size and deliver it to your house. It will take a team of at least two people to lift the heavy granite into your home and place it in the correct place in your kitchen and bath Washington dc.

The installation team will glue down your countertops so that they will stay in place forever and you won’t have to worry about them falling off. When they have to join two pieces, they have special technique to make the seams almost invisible to the naked eye.

An installation should take just one day, but there might be some follow up work to do after the adhesive has had time to dry. You should speak with your installer about how the installation day will look so that you can be prepared for everything that will happen.

Granite Countertop Maintenance

One of the wonderful aspects of granite is that it requires very little maintenance. You simply have to wipe it down every week or so with a mild detergent, and it will keep looking like its beautiful self for many decades.

Unlike marble, granite doesn’t easily etch when you spill acidic food like tomato sauce or lemon juice. You won’t have to be constantly on the lookout for spills that could alter the appearance of your countertops.

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