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Things To Think About When Choosing A Bathroom Countertop

One of the best things you can do for getting a fresh brand new bathroom space is by installing a custom bathroom countertop for the best price guarantee. In line, durability will not be your top priority, rather it is beauty, so gives a cool and crisp ambiance.

In choosing your lucrative bathroom countertops, you need to bear in mind these six factors for consideration. With that, you have a higher chance of selecting the most elegant bathroom vanities with tops

Nevertheless, KNC Granite can be your best supplier and contractor for your vanity installation on a budget.

#1 Design and Hue

In determining the appropriate color for your vanities without tops, you need to look into your existing home decor, remodeling theme, and lighting. If you want a cool and modern appeal, then selecting white bathroom countertops or other neutral tones is most suitable.

Besides white, other in-demand colors are beige, taupe, light pink, sky blue, light gray, and more. By choosing these hues and pairing it with your modern lighting, it boosts the spacious oasis ambiance in your newly finished bathroom.

#2 Requirements for Cleaning and Maintenance

Your master bath or powder room is constantly exposed to water, moisture, and cosmetic products, so you will have the daunting task of cleaning it. To avoid the burden of stains and molds, it is best to choose those with a non-porous surface, so that it has excellent resistance from those elements.

Always bear in mind, that the best bathroom vanities can withstand excess moisture and stains without losing its premier beauty and luster. You can talk to our seasoned stone experts for great advice and service on sealing your bathroom stone countertops.

#3 Type of Finish

Typically, you have three main choices for your countertop finish: honed, polished, and leathered. Considering the usual condition inside your bathroom, a polished or glossy finish suits well because it can seamlessly wick off moisture anytime. 

Even if your best made bathroom vanities are made from an innately non-porous material, still opting for a glossy finish enhances its anti-stain and anti-microbial properties. 

#4 Countertop Material

You have a wide range of options for the materials of your modern bathroom vanities, and we can offer you the best types of bathroom countertops that meet your finances and design quality. 

At KNC Granite, we offer a premier quality of countertops that fits your home decor, budget, durability, and elegance. We have tons of collections available in our showroom that you can choose today. Nevertheless, here are the top countertop materials for your vanity tops.

  • Engineered Quartz Stone

When you want a stark white appearance or streamlined theme, then our engineered quartz stone is your best option. Most of our customers go for light-colored and white quartz for their newly installed bathroom vanities. 

It efficiently lifts the airy and spacious appeal of your small bathroom space. Moreover, installing modern lighting will spruce the brilliance and curb appeal of your walk-in shower and tub.

  • Granite

It is considered the Rolls Royce of the countertop arena, due to its classic and homey ambiance in your space. Natural granite has a porous surface, yet we treat your granite slabs before installing them for your bathroom countertops. 

Granite is known to appraise the economic value and beauty of your bathroom and kitchen. 

  • Marble Stone

Unlike granite and quartz, natural marble is a soft mineral with a porous surface. Despite its vulnerabilities, a lot of the locals still go for this stone because of its pristine elegance and cool nature.

No worries about being porous because we can seal your marble slabs before installing in your kitchen island and vanity tops. Meanwhile, just remember to periodically seal your marble countertops to keep its excellent resistance against stains and moisture.

  • Solid Surface

Solid surface or quartzite is your second great choice for engineered stone countertops. It can copy the veining patterns and hues of natural marble and granite, without the worries of being porous. 

So far, the in-demand brands of solid surface are Coriander, Gibraltar, Staron, and Avonite. At KNC Granite, we can seamlessly customize the style, veining pattern, edge profile, and thickness of your quartzite slabs. Moreover, we can efficiently match its design with your home decor or desired renovation theme.

  • Soapstone

Meanwhile, if you like an excellent alternative to granite without paying too much, then soapstone is an ideal choice. Its milky white appearance gradually brings out a soft patina as it ages. 

You are making an excellent decision of selecting a soapstone to achieve a homey and cozy appeal in your kitchen and bathroom. In terms of durability, it’s a few notches lower than granite, yet its heat resistance is efficiently reliable.

If there are any dents or scratch marks, you can quickly resolve that through sanding or buffing. You can also add putty or filler that matches the design and color of your soapstone countertops.

#5 Hardness

Compared to your kitchen island, your bathroom vanities are in a less harsh condition, so durability will be less prioritized. Nonetheless, it is still worthwhile to go for a countertop material that can sufficiently resist light scratches and dents.

#6 Veining Styles

Typically, you have two choices for selecting the veining patterns of your vanity tops: fine or bold veining designs. For the former, you will have a more contemporary minimalist appeal, because of the subtlety of its design. However, seams will more likely be visible for those with finer veining patterns like for quartz and solid surface.

On the other hand, slabs with bolder veining designs project more excitement and emphasis in your bathroom space. Likewise, it projects an eye-catchy contrast with metallic finishes.

Looking For Credible Local Countertop Supplier

At KNC Granite, we always ensure that you get value for money for your countertop installations. All year-round, we offer very reasonable rates for all countertop installation and customization that fits your renovation theme.

For your free estimates and appointments, call us now or visit us on Yelp anytime!


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