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Top 6 Tips for Adding a Blend of Natural Materials to Your Bathroom

Whoever decides to overlook their bathroom for a makeover are shooting themselves in the foot. Not only does it decrease your odds of selling your home at the price you want and as quickly as you want. But it also reduces your comfortably.

The bathroom is much more than a place where you wash up and get ready for work or school. Since you spend a great deal of time here, it’s essential that you make it a place of comfort. And if you frequently have guests over, then showcasing your sense of taste is also a must.

But whatever your reasons for wanting a new bathroom design, you’ll find the following tidbits interesting. Let’s get into one of the biggest trends of 2017.

Blending Natural Materials

Bathroom with a mix of modern and natural design – tech bathroom with wood and stone

If there’s one trend we witnessed in 2017, it would be the push towards organic and natural décor. More homeowners are going back to their roots, looking for products that are clean, natural, yet sophisticated.

Therefore, you’ll find modern and contemporary designs blended with organic materials. For instance, you may have a Jacuzzi style tub with oak wood floors and granite countertops.

If you’re considering following the same trend for your bathroom project, then continue reading for some tips.

1. Ensure the Continuity of Your Design

Bathroom with a blend of gray, white and black tile and solid wall color that matches one of the colors

Designing a bathroom with colors and materials that are different is more seamless when they all mesh well together. It’s essential to choose materials and colors that match together.

For instance, you can go with gray and white stone floors and tile walls that are all gray. Some may even have one half of the bathroom with tile patterns and the other half a solid stone color.

Continuity in design is the goal here. Also, make sure to select materials that are easy to maintain. You want your new bathroom design to be dynamic and playful, so don’t shy away from your creativity.

It’s all about simplicity and playfulness in 2018.

2. Be Bold with Your Style

Bathroom with bamboo and stone materials

This trend alone makes a bold statement about your design skills. Walking into a restroom with bamboo floors and stone or tile mosaic walls can look amazing when done correctly. The warmth of the wood helps to tone down the coldness of materials, such as ceramic, marble and quartz.

The blend of wood and stone or tile is an excellent way to make this trend work for your home.

3. Create a Seamless Balance that Shows Precision, Not Obsession

Half of bathroom with wood floors

You want to implement various styles into your bathroom, but you don’t want to overdo it. There should be a nice balance between the décor you’re implementing.

For example, you may have one half of your bathroom with bamboo floors, wooden see-through doors for the shower stall and mosaic tile for the shower wall. Then on the other half a solid stone floor with a solid white wall and a black and white wall with small mosaic tile. The tub and sink can match, being all white or another simple color.

In this design, you have harmony between both sides. If your bathroom turns out chaotic, then it will defeat the concept of a cozy, warm bathroom design.

4. Consider Adding Clay into the Mix

Bathroom with clay water fixtures

Old organic materials are coming back to the bathroom design scene. More homeowners are turning their heads towards the likes of clay and water. Therefore, you’ll find some bathrooms with clay water fixtures. These are typically crafted with unique designs.

It’s a breath of fresh air for anyone looking to get away from the usual ceramic and porcelain appliances. With the clay varieties, there are no borders to the fixtures, which makes it feel free.

5. Bring Life to Your Design

Bathroom with living wall or lots of green plant

We’re not just talking about beautiful colors and textures, but life itself. You can implement living plants into your restroom to add ambiance and allure. For instance, you can include a living wall of vining plants.

Or you can opt for a mini garden of leafy green plants near your bamboo tub and stone standup shower.

6. Install a Wooden Bathtub

Bathroom with a wooden tub

If you really like the look and feel of wood in your bathroom design, why not go all out with a wooden tub? You can have your pick of the wood type, such as bamboo, oak and cherry.

There are also many different styles and designs you can use for the tub. For instance, you can opt for a large bowl look or one with a deep base and oval shape. Etched designs can also appear on the sides of the bathtub.

Find Natural Materials at Unbeatable Rates

If you’re intrigued by the concept of blending together organic and inorganic materials in one setting, then we can help. At KNC Granite, we have a grand selection of natural and engineered products you can use for your bathroom.

This includes natural stone countertops, such as granite countertops, marble countertops and quartz countertops. These all make for exceptional additions to your bathroom vanity.

The bathroom counters we have in stock come from leading brands, such as Cambria, Silestone, MSI and Caesarstone. All of our products are backed with warranties to ensure you get the coverage you need.

If you’re looking for licensed, bonded and insured contractors to update your bathroom vanities, then don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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