Top 9 Latest Trends in Kitchen Countertops

Top 9 Latest Trends in Kitchen Countertops

Having a kitchen countertop is every home owner’s dream which is why many people save up for such a home upgrade. Getting one isn’t a small deal too as aside from being expensive, there are a lot of considerations you need to make for your kitchen countertop once it gets installed in your home.

If getting a kitchen countertop is one of your goals this year, then there are many things that you need to consider. For starters, you need to keep in mind that kitchen countertops are a big investment and that you shouldn’t easily skip out on making the right decisions for it. There are so many things that can affect your kitchen countertop.

When the time comes that you finally have to choose your countertop, you need to be set on the decisions that you are about to make. Ideally, a kitchen countertop is something that’s going to stay in your home for a really long time. As such, getting a kitchen countertop should be well-thought-out.

The best way to go about getting a kitchen countertop is to simply understand the latest trends and design choices there are when getting one. There are new trends that appear each year and they become popular for a reason. Whether it’s the aesthetic or functional purpose, these trends are going to help narrow down the choices you make for your countertop.

If you’re having trouble picking out your countertop then you’ve definitely come to the right place. These design choices that we’re about to show focus on the latest trends in the kitchen countertop industry and they are here to stay for a long time. Hopefully, you find the perfect kitchen countertop once done.

Dark Colored Countertops

It used to be that people preferred picking light-colored countertops because it added a whole new depth to the aesthetic of their kitchen. This isn’t a good practice anymore though as light-colored countertops are slowly fading out of the trendy list. What’s trendy now are dark-colored kitchen countertops.

Dark-colored kitchen countertops are trendy because they can make a kitchen look more modern and simple. Some perfect samples of dark-colored countertops include red, black, and shades of blue. These match well with various colors which is why people really prefer getting dark-colored countertops nowadays.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Who wouldn’t want a kitchen outdoors? Homeowners with extra room to spare in their backyard now create patios that include a dining area and a kitchen through which they can enjoy dinners outside. As such, more and more people are buying kitchen countertops for their patios and backyards as well.

When buying a countertop for your backyard or patio, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. For one, it’s important that you understand that the countertop will be exposed to the elements. As such, it’s often best to pick a countertop that’s made out of synthetic material as these usually last longer when exposed.

Engineered Stone

For the last couple of decades, natural stone countertops have continued to dominate the market. However, as the price of marble and other natural stones continues to rise, homeowners are forced to buy other cheaper alternatives for their countertops instead. This led to the increasing popularity of engineered stone.

Engineered stone countertops are basically natural stone countertops that have been crushed or manufactured along with the binding resin. This results in a non-porous countertop material that looks and feels like natural stone but since it isn’t made out of pure stone, it’s much cheaper as well.

A good example of an engineered stone countertop is quartz. It’s made from crushed quartzite and it is currently the trendiest countertop material you can get. Quartz countertops are not only cheap, they are also strong and durable – and of course, very pleasing to the eyes as well.

Granite Back On Top

Granite used to be the most popular countertop material on the market. So, what happened?  Its decline from fame doesn’t have anything to do with the quality In fact, granite is one of the best countertop materials out there to this date. However, the rise of marble and cheap alternatives sort of put granite a step back.

However since the popularity of granite has declined considerably, fabricators have now made granite a lot cheaper. Because of this, homeowners had the prime opportunity to buy granite for a lot cheaper than its regular price, thus boosting it to become one of the trendy countertop options in the market once again.

Honed vs. Polished

When it comes to the overall finish of the countertop, people are now looking towards two options, honed and polished. Which of these two is more popular? Each has their own benefits. Polished countertops are finished with a coat of shiny resin which makes the surfaces smooth and bright. On the other hand, honed finishes give the countertop a matte finish and a natural look.

Currently, people prefer honed countertops because it gives their kitchen a more natural look and feels it. That being said, you should also consider picking honed countertops. What’s even better is that honed countertops are cheaper as compared to polished ones as there are fewer materials used for fabrication.

Countertops With Character

People don’t like plain-looking countertops anymore. They prefer countertops with a lot of character. What this refers to are countertops that have veining and a variety of colors. These features make the countertop look amazing overall and it’s a far cry to the plain styles that people have been used to way back when.

The good news is that fabricators are now able to deliver a lot of countertops with character. This is something that every homeowner should look forward to as it results in a more defined countertop for your kitchen and your bathroom. Veinings are typically gold and black too so it’s a good combination of colors.

Sustainable Materials

The problem with natural stone countertops is that they aren’t sustainable materials. They have to be sourced from quarries which means the resource isn’t infinite. As such, a new trend in the countertop industry is picking sustainable materials for the countertop instead of natural stone.

Good examples of sustainable materials for the kitchen include wood, recyclable bottles, and even concrete. What’s good is that aside from being sustainable, these materials are also cheaper than natural stone which is why they’re a favorite in the industry now.

Another countertop material that’s being received well in the countertop industry currently is concrete. Yes, this is the same concrete that you see on the sidewalk but of course, it’s treated and enhanced to become a perfect countertop material for the kitchen. It’s cheap, durable, and most importantly, sustainable.

Due to its benefits, people have come to love concrete more so than ever. The overall look of the countertop is simple and minimalist which makes it the perfect addition for any home. Instead of going for natural stone, it might be wise to consider these synthetic options instead.

Sink Blending

Nowadays, people love it when their countertop blends well with their sink and other kitchen fixtures. This provides a more natural look to the kitchen and it’s something that you should consider as well. What it looks like is that the sink  is installed on the countertop itself, thus making it blend well with your kitchen in general.

This requires a lot of skill for fabricators to do which is why it’s more expensive than most kitchen countertop work. Still, it’s definitely worth it.

Countertop Islands

If you want to make your kitchen more fancy, then you might want to follow the trend of installing countertop islands inside your kitchen. Basically, these are countertops that are separate from your kitchen. Since they are separate, they add more surface to your kitchen as well.

The problem though is that these countertops are not fit for every kitchen. If a kitchen is too small, such an addition might make the kitchen feel a lot smaller than it already is. As such, we suggest consulting with a fabricator first before you pick this countertop option for yourself and your home.

These are just the most popular trends in the kitchen countertop industry currently. If you are hoping to get yours done this 2021, then these design and functional choices might just be what you are looking for. Hopefully, you consider one of these options for your kitchen as these are just very great design choices to have.

Remember, these choices are popular for a reason. They are made popular not just by kitchen countertop owners, but also by fabricators and makers of countertops themselves. Hopefully, you see the merit in these countertops as they can make your kitchen more functional and beautiful. Who knows, you might even be able to start a trend of your own.

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